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Zac's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Zac Harper, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Zac Harper

    Zac Harper New Member

    IMG_0505.JPG oh, boy. Where to start. Let's go to around October of Last year, 2017.
    I've been eating Digestives in Milk almost every day for a few years, I saw it as like the hovercraft foodie the matrix, all a body needs. My daughter Kaya, also a cookie lover had developed a chronic cough going on a year. I started getting massive allergies all of a sudden after eating. Then myself, my wife and Achillezac all started to get purpura, purple bruises and spots, internal bleeding, like our capillaries were leaking, on the soles of our feet. That got scary for me. We don't have any medical problems, and now we are all breaking down at the same time.
    I research everything trying to discover the problem
    Then during a meditation one night it hits me like a freight train. Glyphosate. My mind was wandering on something Joe Rogan had talked about, how the the noodles in Italy don't kick in autoimmune symptoms, but come back to the states and they are full blown. I dive down that rabbit hole, and learn about glyphosates effect on tight junctions, hence the leaking in our gut and the capillaries on our feet. I am especially impressed upon by its mimicking of glycine, our body building proteins out of it, my God. And the practice of dessicating fields with glyphosate a few days before harvest. The next day, I toss out anything with glyphosate, including our chicken feed, dog and cat food, and anything with US corn, soy, wheat, or any other major crop. Basically threw everything away and Divyn, my wife, got busy finding organic food we could eat.
    So by December, we are pretty much organic or at least as little glyphosate contaminated foods as possible, and anytime we cheat, even a little, our autoimmune symtoms return, including the purpura.
    Quitting glyphosate was pretty amazing, sent us all into a luscious circle, everything got better and better pretty fast, health, mood, energy level, my addictions decreased radically....
    I must admit, I ran across Zach Bush's stuff on YouTube, and I ordered his product, Restore. Thought that could let us cheat a little every once and a while. It's a pain in the ass, high custom duties, and all 5 of us take it, for around 6 months, pretty expensive dirt. I don't know if it fixed our gut at all, but there was no Change in the reactions to glyphosate AT ALL. It didn't work for us. We just had to eat as clean as humanly possible, couldn't touch anything with wheat.

    So fast forward to July 14.

    I am going to watch a Zach Bush Video, I look down in the suggestions and there is a video of a doctor explaining Floride, I check it out, listen to the whole thing.
    Wow! Wait a minute. This guy is different. He explains the science like he's talking to someone who understands, and I know enough physics to know that he knows what he's talking About. I've never heard health and science explained so clearly. IM HOOKED. This is Saturday and Sunday, I listen to his 2016 Vermont, then 2017, then a bunch more. By Monday, we get the whole family ( we always all do the same thing) on the leptin reset, we do a smoothly with raw eggs ( our own), homemade fish scale collagen, banana, avacado, dragonfruit, papaya or mango, coconut oil, and a dash of cinnamon. It's heavenly, and will keep us full until around 3pm.
    I own a small English school that we run in the evenings and I changed all the lights to clear incandescents, and just added UVA fluorescent tubes a few days ago.
    We wake for the sunrise, get a good 45 minute walk in the sun around 9 with the dogs and two young ones, and all lay out nude for 30 minutes at noon, all the lighting on our house and land is corrected, and we turn the power off at night. And we got the daytime and nighttime blue blockers!
    We had been vegetarian for the previous 6 months, We quit that , and started eating ocean fish every day, we got a lot of it here, and found a great clean source of oysters from one of the outer island that we get shipped to us in bulk.
    We've been drinking raw spring water for 10 years, we have an amazing source here.
    We live on the east coast of Taiwan, the environment is like Hawaii, we have a big cold waterfall near, free hot springs, beautiful mountain trails, pristine air quality.
    Well, it's only been 2 months, but we all feel amazing. We can definitely feel the effects of all the changes we have made. My wife wanted to shed a few pounds, they were stuck on here, and now they are finally moving, our mood and energy are even better, amazing sleeps, bed around 10 most nights, up at 6, vivid dreams, the children even quit having nightmares!
    So Dr. Kruse is explaining how if your redox potential is high, we can counter the effects of pesticides and such, so the beginning of last month, after camping on the beach, a good sungazing session and a lot of am sun, we went and ate a big glypho breakfast. Guaranteed stuffy and runny nose, I was just waiting for it...
    And it didn't come. I was absolutely fine, so was everyone else.
    Not something we do often, but God, it's nice to know it works!

    Thank you sooo much Dr. Kruse!! The amount of work you put in helping others to understand their health absolutely amazes me. Genuine compassion. We are Honored to be aboard your ship, and wish you gentle winds on a sunny deck.
  2. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

    Homemade fish scale collagen.. that sounds heavenly. Heaven on earth (to me) is an environment one can eat shit on a shingle in. Happy to hear you’ve found and created that for yourself and your fam.
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  3. Zac Harper

    Zac Harper New Member

    They pass big bags of scales to us at our fish stand, I think we've quickly become their best customers. It's awesome! Pretty popular here in Asia, three parts water to one part scales, gotta rinse and wash it for a LONG time, and wash with baking soda , then cook it for a couple of hours with some pineapple skins and a bit of vinegar. image.jpg
    I love putting garbage to good use!
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome Zac and family!

    great job!
    Zac Harper likes this.

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