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Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Jack Kruse, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Don't survive, thrive. Do life soaring. Our mitochondria in our cells read and react to our environment; it shapes us and we are shaped by its "perspectives".
    The six best healers in the world that I know:
    1. Sunlight
    2. Un-fluoridated water
    3. Magnetism/grounding to Earth/CT protocol
    4. seafood
    5. Self Confidence
    6. Friends who connect with you in life and not just on line.
    That is all...........Carry On.
    Here is the key that most of the critics miss..........the order of the recipe is critical to the success. Your perception will be thrown off if you do it other ways. I can think of many recent members who went of the rails this way. The last 4 series pointed this point this out but few understand the implications. Neil BB and I have been offline talking about getting this recipe out early to new people. It limits creation of frustration and energy vampires. Your BUN/creat ratio and ketosis must be started before DHA loading. The blogs have been clear that the exclusion zone inside of cells manifests due to proteins within becoming hydrophilic first. People understanding of the recipe construction have not been correct. How do you do you make things hydrophilic? You slowly add in electrons. The way to add them is step 4 above. The closer you are to the equator means you have more push from your current (DC) and then you may not need as much........unless there is something peculiar about your environment, job, eyes, skin, lungs, gut.

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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The most important prokaryote (bacteria) to human life is not your gut microbiome, but the one inside of you called mitochondria. Why? For 4 billion years bacteria function has been modified by viruses to conform and adapt to environmental change on planet earth. Viral DNA makes up the large majority of human DNA. Our nuclear DNA takes all its direction from the shape size and speed of quantum tunneling that occurs on a mitochondria's respiratory proteins. Viruses play an integral role in shuffling the deck of our nuclear genes when the environment changes but those changes only occur after they are "sensed" by our mitochondria and by things made of bacteria like you microbiome. People forget that that mtDNA haplotype and the microbiome are predominantly inherited from mom by design. Viruses are dominators of particular niche's on Earth that bacteria frequent. They control local zip codes and as such become the change agent of the environment. This is why researchers in India (Nikhal Dhurander) and the USA have linked viral infections to changes in microbiome diversity and obesity. Obesity is not rocket science, it is more complicated because its core is quantum mechanical and nonlinear because of its link to light. How light effects bacteria, mitochondria, and the eukaryotic cell is not equivalent and this is why there are many modes of fatness.

    It is also why when energy production is lost in our mitochondria we also get fat. Losses of energy determine size, shape, and evolution of cells. We often lose sight of these directions. Evolutionary biology has generally failed to consider the contribution of viruses to evolutionary history largely because they do not understand the quantum interplay of how the mitochondria and nuclear genome work. This relationship can best be described as a quantum casino where the dealer only deals with probabilities. The cards are quantum tunneling of protons and electrons through our anisotropic structure. What holds the casino all together is sunlight and EZ water. That maintains the sea within us to gives us the life our choices in the environment we allow to happen. Our mitochondrial respiratory proteins change as our decisions about how we live and where we chose to live changes.

    Viral genomes can permanently colonize their hosts genomes, adding data and information to host lineages. Some will cause massive alterations to the host and its effect will be reflected in the ancestors genomes. Most viruses are co-apatative and adaptive to a new environment and now that we are in the era of epi-genomics, we have definitive proof that viral imprints and remnants are present all over the human genome.. they are present in all domains of life and the past evidence of viral colonization is the baseline of life and not an exception. All living things are built to be susceptible to viral elements for a quantum reason. Change without change is the reason behind this effect. This becomes the casino dealer inside of every cell for environmental changes that occur on this pale blue dot.

    Can blue light shape the microbiome because of melanopsin’s location? Yes, it can. Do we have any data on this? "Here, in a combination of different ipRGC manipulation (melanopsin) mice models and metagenomic analysis, we show that dLAN can induce obesity, hyperglycemia, as well as a shift in microbial composition, abundance, and oscillations through melanopsin and ipRGC-sympathetic nerve circuit (melanopsin). Furthermore, our data suggest that the zeitgeber information that influences microbial rhythmicity is the photic input from ipRGC but not the circadian rhythm of the host. Together, our results suggest that light could shape the architecture of GUT MICROBIOTA, which provides a novel mechanism for dLAN-induced metabolic disorders." http://www.airitilibrary.com/Publication/alDetailedMesh1?DocID=U0001-0501201716471300
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Something needs to be said about how this information is released using social media and the internet too. I have realized that when people think that this place or science is becoming dogmatic for them they need a gentle shove away to sail on "other winds". People ultimately do not like what nature is teaching us. I biohack nature and not much else. I am not interested in much else. If you come to the conclusion that this site has its own set of dogma and biases you are correct. It is all about Mother Nature and I make no apologies for it. I disclose it to you right here up front. Many along the journey will develop or sense this problem. The reason is simple. Many will not like the reality of the recipe for optimal. Since the medium and mode of content distribution is over the net and done by social media you may not get to have a true human contact with me or the people who truly get where this whole process is headed.

    I am interested in people with some amount of skin in the game.

    The site is a fountain for you to drink from but it is not a place where I will let you detract from the messages being delivered. Tough love is practiced when I sense you are drifting away from nature and just not reconnecting with what makes us human and work on this pale blue dot.

    The human conundrum is how to protect ourselves from and use technology while trying to get well in our modern environment. We should never presume to know a person based on the one-dimensional window of the internet. A soul can’t be defined by critics, enemies or broken ties with family or friends. Neither can it be explained by threads in groups or blogs that lack facial expressions, tone, inflections, or insight into the person’s personality and intent. Technology gives us a unidimensional awareness of others. Until people “get that”, we will forever be a society that thinks 'Beautiful Mind' was a spy movie and every stranger might really be a true friend on Facebook. Most are not. They possess an ambient awareness of who they believe you to be. And you need to realize this and adjust your own perceptions and uses of technology. This 'quantum conundrum' is a direct reflection, not just of me, but my entire networked team of contacts. It's like a recipe a little bit of all of our personalities in it.

    I try to use reason with people in my life so they eventually 'get it.' Blue light hazard and nnEMF are just another form of light we cannot see, but IT IS there and penetrates our bodies in ways we don't fathom. We cannot see UV light, but we also know it is there because your Vitamin D3 levels are its proxy. So would you lay-out in the sun for 8 hours straight? No, you wouldn't do that. Then why are we perfectly OK with laying out in blue light and nnEMF for 8 hours while we're sleeping? Or how about 24/7 while everyone's routers and cell phone access the internet all around us to keep us connected? That is not the connection I seek with the starfish on this site. If that connection evolves to that existence expect that I will nudge the relationship by thinning our teether online.
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    For every action, there is a reaction. We are never quite the same person after each interaction/event. When we engage with people we know what we are giving but we never are quite sure of what they get. When they get something other than we gave to them, this is a way to dissect the way they think and see the world through their lenses. It highlights what cognitive dissonance is capable of. It soothes an unripe mind. It really reflects the built in "happy faculty or bias of the human mind to slough that which our conscience refuses to assimilate.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Your perspective on people comes from the cage you were held captive in. Wise folks understand there no facts, only interpretations. This is why one person's "crazy" is another person's reality. This makes intuition and insanity relative. It depends on "who" has "who" locked in 'what' cage.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.” ― Plato
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    OK, today's analogy for wellness building from the world of criminals: 73% of the population lives in 4% of the landmass.
    This means that the majority of criminals live in the minority of land mass, meaning crime is pushed closer and closer to non-criminal residents. It also means that the majority of people using technology are only taking up 4% of the land mass so it is EASY to avoid obedient idiots if you just try.
    Don't blame the problem on other individuals, blame it on a very poor decision to live near those who commit crimes. Don't blame your illness on your genes or your lack of money or anything else. It is idiotic to live next to people when each one own 7 wireless devices each to get you sick.
    Urban dweller defense is "I want to be close to things to do", well you're giving up security for pomposity and arrogance in your lifestyle. Urban sickness Rx is what you get for your pomposity and arrogance of nature's laws.
    Urban dweller defense is "I want to be close to jobs", well you're giving in to having to compete with poorer people than you so you're competing for lower paying jobs. Urban sickness Rx says if you are not good enough for yourself why in the hell would you care about your shit job making you ill anyhow?
    Urban dweller defense is "I grew up here, this is my home", well you're just carrying on the torch of success from the previous generation (sarcasm emoji here). Urban sickness Rx says you can never get well in the same environment you got ill within.
    Urban dweller defenses don't work with me. If you want to find crime, just move to where you shove 1800% more people into the same square footage and see where it takes you. Urban sickness Rx is take your head out of your ass before coming up with weak ass excuses for your choices. Wellness is about proper choices about the light you live with, says YOUR MITOCHONDRIA. That is all. Carry on.
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    Are you a boss or worker when it comes to FEAR? Bosses make decisions and workers work, and in between the top and the bottom are ‘line-managers’ relaying the unidirectional "chain of command". Living systems, by contrast, are truly democratic; they work by intercommunication and total participation. Every cell actively works and pays attention to every other tissue. In my worldview, we are all simultaneously boss and worker, choreographer and dancer. Each of us is ultimately in control to the extent that we are sensitive and responsive. Today realize we become enslaved by that which we are not responsive or aware of, but we are freed by the illumination of our perceptions and beliefs. Belief without proof is known as religion or dogma. Knowledge crumbles on the hard rocks of ignorance and fear, and sometimes that ignorance and fear is born in our beliefs.
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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Everyone needs a mentor: Someone who will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

    Everyone needs a coach: You don't know what you don't know.

    Invest in yourself.
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    What am I good at. I am a connector. I take information we know and make quantum sense out of how humans work. People want me to dumb it down and I will never do it. I have tunnel vision to get this all done before I die. People like you and Ricky can make it EZ. I have zero interest in making it EZ I have passion and purpose to discover as much wisdom as I can because of what I am good at. I want those of you you who have met me to think about the first time you met me........LIVE. Remember what I said. I am desparate to show you there is no loss of going for it all. Never settle for a B, C, or D when A is available. I am relentless because I am good at what I am passionate about and I listen to NO ONE about how I do things. Neither should you. Do what drives you. When you asked me what to do with your life.......what did I tell you? Make life your buffet when you are young and eat up everything you're curious about and learn. never let discomfort stop your progress Empty all your regrets.......you could not save the world but you can talk information and make it easy for the layman to get........ If it is your passion then light people on fire. Never let anyone in your dopamine network screw you from your goals. Be unique and do you. Step out on faith and walk into your purpose to build passion in your life. My passion is quantum biology and you both know it. I focus in on the change I want to see in this world and I do it MY WAY. If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong. Don't waste the blue light, RF and microwaves on lowering your dopamine level and melatonin levels. Use it to inspire yourself and others to make something of their life they are are in love with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=288&v=wyP_ugHH-aM
  11. brandie

    brandie CherokeeSol

    Please delete if this is not allowed

    I am by far the one who gets this AND the science behind how it works perfectly. However I get and fully subscribe to how important the simple things are. After reading this comment and that, this thread and that, I see people trying to tweak what doesn't need tweaking. Time, effort, and energy put into man made products or gadgets to "propel" mother nature. I feel when you mess with mother nature, you're just screwing something else up. No one wants to wait for her to work. People want miracles. Nature IS a miracle pill and even though it takes time and patience things don't happen at once. Things improve over time to the point you may not recognize them as they happen. I am a walking/talking billboard for baby step progress that I only see when I reflect on where I was. My comprehension was really jacked, reading was extremely difficult to comprehend- the me I once knew was almost gone. I didn't stand for anything my intuition was screaming about~
    It's not complicated to put into action, but other people's brains want to make it difficult~if it's so awesome it must be complicated...no it doesn't.
    My pivotal moment was when Dr K told me the only thing to concentrate on was the three legged stool~boom! Life returned, MY life~ME
  12. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Amen Dr. Kruse
  13. Joyfun

    Joyfun Intuitively curious

    Hi Brandie,
    Yes, the three legged stool. It does not stand on one or two legs. Follow your intuition and Dr. Kruse. :):):) 3-leggedstool-pikespeak-mitchelldillman-512.jpg
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The first casualty in supplement marketing is usually the truth. If you want real change you have to go for wisdom that is uncommon to modern humans. Why is this so? Society and health sciences have become so synthetic and artificial that the truth now offends people. The social construction of reality within the scientific group which determines, not only what counts as a "scientific" problem or solution, but also what is accepted by the scientific community as a "fact." In a fake world, this presents a huge problem for patients of modern medicine. You cannot help people......only they can help themselves by sifting through the data and doing their due diligence. Few will even try to help themselves, so we must move quickly thru the dead to find the living among us.

    Those people can be helped. I focus on them............What do I think about social media gaslighter? I don't know them personally. I have an ambient awareness of them from the facade of social media. Most followers use the facade of connection to try to prey on your message, be wary of them and cut them as soon as they show their true colors. I never rearrange my life for people in order to meet anyone's mediocrity. If they couldn’t see your worth at the moment you met them on any platform they never will. So why waste your time? I rarely waste my time trying to explain who you are to those committed to misunderstanding me because of secondary gain. I'd prefer to let their thoughts be filled with their regrets and their life filled with thankfulness because of this revelation.

    Your mindset as a mitochondriac is contagious, so you should not drink coffee with 'victims' of life. You can't have all you want if you're focused on all you're not. Who you surround yourself with is a big key to optimization. Too often we enjoy the comfort of popular opinion without the discomfort of thought. I find slaying sacred cows make great grass-fed steaks in the sun.

    WHY MEMBERSHIP MATTERS: There must be a way to reverse every disease since living things are not designed to by nature to be filled with illness as its default state. It is the job of doctors to solve the riddle and when they fail you it is your job to take up where they left off. My job is to support that continuing journey for the curious among you. Come join me at my website for a journey of a lifetime of discovery.
  15. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    I love this. I want to make a T shirt with this on it one day.
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  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    What you should expect as you come here to learn:

    The perspective here will be very different than most other "position health leaders". They will seek to capitalize on trends, while I will teach you to capitalize on nature's trends solely. They are 4.6 billion years old and are axiomatic for all living systems.

    The best lessons you'll get will come with membership and one on one time with me......discussing your N=1 context. That time will cost you.

    If you choose to go it alone I will provide a lot of data here on the forum, my Dr. Jack Kruse FB page. You will have to data mine it for yourself and make connections for yourself.

    If you choose to have more direction, look into bronze membership which is low-level action in the Patreon blog at www.patreon.com/DrJackKruse

    If you want the most hand-holding, become a full member. I personally think Gold or above is wise because of the live Q & A's for educations.

    Membership will also lead to live events where we can meet in real life and connect.

    Membership will allow you to become a full patient at the Kruse Longevity Farm if you choose this option. Again this won't be for everyone because it is labor intensive and will have significant costs associated with it.

    In 2018, my goal was to create an ala carte way for you to CHOOSE how you want to interact. The choice is yours. My focus will be on those who decide to go all in. I have done my part for over ten years providing a massive amount of free content to help anyone who wants to help themselves.

    Most humans want to belong and look or be like everyone else. While the flaws in this mindset are obvious, when it comes to leadership, it is vital that you NOT fit in and NOT be like everyone else. This is why I am different and always will be.

    Please do not expect me to be like everyone else. You'll be very disappointed.

    As you assess and sharpen your own leadership, to obtain your own optimal health, forget about fitting in and leading like everyone else. Instead, tap into your own inner leader and trust yourself enough to lead YOUR way – because fitting in is not the goal of this site. It is to do something quite rare in wellness creation.

    IF THIS THOUGHT COMES IN YOUR MIND: "I guess those of us that can't afford this are doomed."
    I believe you are mistaken and your mindset is also ill...........

    Life is all about choices. If my info isn't worth it then you've said something profound about yourself.

    Refuse to be a victim of circumstance. That is key symptom of a low dopamine state and a fundamental lack of connection to NATURE.

    It is not a pleasant reality. You need to think about this.

    Nature doesn't sit down with you and start a discussion.........you need to remember how you were made to exist within her framework and if you do not, a disease is a result! Simple. Biochemists/nutritionists stick with what they know even though it cannot explain the energy flux in a cell. Inferior talent can only be graceful when it's carrying inferior ideas.

    You have an obligation to yourself only. You can only change yourself. You can’t let other people tell you who you are. You have to decide that for yourself. Just when the caterpillar thought her world was ending, she turned into a butterfly.........I see the metamorphosis in people before they do because of how I think about them and about things. Health improvements always begin with
    I, not we.

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  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Price is what you pay; value is what you get.
    People who can't afford or refuse to pay your items are just frustrated that they can't have what they want.

    I start by addressing that frustration and explain that I understand and know how it feels.

    Next, I explain how I create my content and how long it took me to acquire all this knowledge and how much it cost me in money, time, and blue light hazard to make sense of how medicine should be delivered.

    When you break it down for them, it starts to make more sense to the frustrated. If they do not get it, I just cut them from my network and put them out of their misery. If they cannot read the cutting edge info cutting them from my social media presence and info eases their pain because they become unaware of what they are missing.

    Instead of apologizing, initially I empathize with them, to see if they are capable of change (dopamine) but I will not bend on my own value. If you want “optimal” you will pay for my time, because that is what I research constantly. You must have skin in the game. Try to get this info anywhere else on the net. Good luck with that. When you are voted off the tribe you will be forced to do it on your own. You will still be able to come back and do it on your own, but you'll learn how hard it was to connect these dots by feeling the pain yourself. For some, that road is the one they SHOULD travel because of their mindset. That is how you’ll begin to appreciate how hard it is to gain this wisdom. You will see how hard it was for me to do. I will teach you why you should appreciate how easy I make it for you these days.

    Because people just want to be heard and understood, I finish by thanking them for their email trying to make me feel bad………because their MO will never work on me. I know how hard I worked to get this wisdom. If I am not worth a small fee then I make them live a life without me and my info.
    You must weed out all the prospects that don't and won't appreciate you and your contribution to the world. Energy vampires are always looking for the free ride.

    It helps sustain what you do and allows you to give so much more.

    When you price correctly, you set the foundation of growth for your company.

    When you get complaints about your pricing and you know you've done your homework, trust your gut and stick to your guns and you decide…….challenge them or cut them. I give most a chance to change their tact…….but when they don’t I act rapidly.

    No one ever regretted buying the best advice of their life. IF you don’t value my advice, I will make you live a life without my participation permanently. That is their opportunity cost.

    The more time I spend answering objections on price, the less time I have to focus on my clients--people who have the money to spend on quality service designed to save them time and build their health and extend their life.

    I became a lot happier and more successful after I learned how to let go of bad clients and court good ones who valued me, my time, and my information. People who try to haggle on price either just don't have the disposable income to buy your products, or they are pills who know the price of everything and the value of nothing about you. You cannot tolerate their mediocrity.

    What I provide is custom-made “health work” just for that client’s N=1. It is not made to be mass-distributed and sold to everyone like a can of soda. It is made specifically just for the client and tailored to the client's mitochondria and environment. Barely anybody else is going to come by and go "wow advice that is not-my-character-at-all nor is it a prescription for a life of an actor in life I want to live like, I want to love my existence forever and hang on to it forever and generalize it to all my family and friends I love."
    Anything custom-made or personalized will always be more expensive service. You want custom tailored pants? You gotta pay more for that service and that look. You want your name printed on a can of soda? You have to pay WAY more for that because the person/company is very much going out of their way to make it just for you. If you want to win in the environment you’ve chosen you better to have the right advice to make it happen……..and it won’t come cheap. Price is what you pay; value is what you get. The most important distinction between price and value is the fact that price is arbitrary and value is fundamental.
    Finding differences between price and value is by far the most effective investment strategy in your healthy life. Today, going to the doctor is no guarantee of good value on return on equity and today’s disease epidemics are proof of this idea. Not recognizing differences between price and value is also what causes many investors to lose their shirts in life, as services are just as often overpriced as they are underpriced for the value they truly supply to the client. Many are unaware of how this occurs.
    So how do you find services that are on sale for less than their true value? The answer is to evaluate them using a set of standards that look beyond the service’s current price tag. I call these standards the four M’s, and they stand for Meaning, Moat, Management and Margin of Safety.
    The first step is to make sure the services you invest in has meaning to you and your life. If it does, you'll understand it better, be more likely to research it fully and be more passionate about investing in its concepts. The second step is to choose a service that has a moat. This means that there is something inherently unique about the service that makes it difficult to get the information anywhere else cheaper. The third step is to look at the company's management. Can you trust the fidelity of the advice? If the service you are considering investing in meets all of these qualifications, calculate their margin of safety their services provide you. If the advice you pay for can lead to a huge change in healthspan the margin of safety is large. If what the doctor sells you is an Rx with little hope of helping your situation then you know you are being wallet biopsied. If the functional medicine doctor order 3K worth of labs and none of them have anything to do with your blue light choices you’ve lost a ton of cash and trust. The choice of price to value is not hard to make when the information is unique. When it is a common message it should not cost a lot at all. You get what you pay for in healthcare. The choice is the consumers to make. Who I help is now linked to how they value me. It improves my margin of safety has to deal with a paradigm designed to shut me up. Humans who remain ignorant are the targets of the paradigm. The human conundrum is that often our habitual actions are driven by emotion instead of intellect, especially when it comes to price and value.


    I won't let the victims of life grab my fruit. My dopamine networks matters to me deeply.
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