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Your FCC at work

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Scompy, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    "Never break the silence about nnEMF proliferation...as proud members of the Apathetic Alliance, let's continue to trust our non-elected government agency leaders. We can uphold Industry over Science and go about our mitochondrial-taxed lives in blissful ignorance."


    Today, I wanted to reverse the narrative to get people feisty about how much control they actually have over their environments. Reversing a narrative can be a powerful chess piece to win the end-game, especially with a Public Health issue. A simple imagelike this can help to awaken the masses that don't care at first, and finally realize they have been duped.
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  2. Scompy

    Scompy Gold


    The Apathetic Alliance takes a bit of an issue with this meme, or as much as our apathy allows. We trust the FCC because it is not a biological organization, thank goodness... Imagine if they were forced to do biochemistry! Ha, they wouldn't get anything done! Biology is only about biochemistry, eating good foods, figuring out the best kind of pharmaceutical to take and stocking up on supplements. All of this talk about light and energy interactions in the body is purely nonsense. Because the FCC leaders choose not to talk about frequency interactions with biology, we trust them fully, because they were appointed, non-elected industrialists that look out for the best interest of all society to create more jobs and make lives better when everyone seems to be getting sick and needing more medical care.

    The Apathetic Alliance believes it is far better to have more communication infrastructure, higher speed communications and small cell towers near our properly lines, so we can look at screens all day and read mainstream media. Looking at screens should actually be a Human Right, and we are helping to make that happen. The media has had its problems, but we know its always accurate and gives all of the details when reporting a story... the details that matter the most to the public. They are as truthful as they can be under the circumstances, having no Conflict of Interest whatsoever, even if they happen to benefit from a wider range of EM Spectrum bands! Go FCC, we love you! And we love you too Media, many props to you all...Anyway, we are really tired of writing these stupid posts, so back to the n00b tube.

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