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Your Experience With D-Ribose

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by TheKid, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I have discovered that 2 scoops/day is my limit unless I CT... If I CT the 3rd dose does great things... if I have the 3rd dose w/out CTing I feel like  I've got a hang over the next morning... its kinda weird. obviously CT + D-ribose = better mitochondrial function for me... 
  2. Huck

    Huck Silver

    I'm taking it for prostate problems. 

    Made several changes a few days ago, including d-ribose 3 x day, and my energy and motivation are both better since then.  I switched breakfast from bacon and eggs to protein shake with hemp protein powder, whey protein powder, and either almond or coconut milk with the d-ribose added to it.  For lunch I have the same plus 3-4 oz of canned fish.  Besides that, I also added about 6 new supplements jack recommended in his prostate seminar, so it's difficult to figure out cause and effect.

    Around the 1st of October, I went from a year of steadily losing weight to gaining weight.  Less energy, less motivation, blood pressure that had been steadily coming down, now going up again. 

    Just had fall labs done.  Saw great improvements in some areas and worse results in a few areas.

     Getting healthy is hard work!   
  3. Thor

    Thor Banned


    Not to be a buzz kill or a smarty pants but....  /wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif


        American Doctors only focus on D-Ribose due to "buzz" around it - people think it's a be all fix.  However, D-Ribose is no longer used in Germany & Russia where their Doctors use something even better....   Galactose


    Currently - I have to buy pure Galactose from Germany.  It's extremely expensive.  Over $120 for a small bottle.


    There are only two important Glyconutrients that must be taken orally, which is Mannose and Galactose (Galactomannans).


    Galactomannans play a larger role in the body than just supporting healthy immune system function. Galactomannan Glyconutrients create a high degree of integration and coherence in all cellular communication, including in the immune system and nervous system. Life has its foundation in cell to cell communication that regulates the infinite number of chemical processes in the body.


    There is new research revealing the role Galactomannans play in promoting stem cell growth, which may explain some of the dramatic healings that have taken place that seem to go beyond just immune system and cell to cell communication. Stem cells stimulate the repair of all the cells, organs and glands in the body.


    It has been shown that galactose inhibits tumour growth and its spread, particularly to the liver, and to protect from cataracts. Galactose enhances wound healing, decreases inflammation, enhances cell-cell communication, and increases calcium absorption. It has also been shown to trigger long term memory formation.


    The Galactose glyconutrient saccharide
    works by releasing substances that eat bad bacteria and cellular wastes. They may also stimulate NK cells and inhibit tumor cell reproduction. Numerous scientific publications have discovered that the absense of galactose is related to the onset of skeletal problems. It may also promote healthy calcium metabolism and its absorption preventing bone loss. It may assist in keeping the good bacteria in the body healthy.


  4. Glen PDQ

    Glen PDQ New Member

    The clear yellow gel (goo) called kefiran made by kefir grains from glucose and galactose is probably beneficial, too. It is mostly unaffected by digestive enzymes and as a modulatory effect on the immune system. It also has been observed to increase moisture in stools which relates to JK's latest blog subject.


    Are guar gum and pectin things we could ingest to get some beneficial saccharides?


    Edit: At one time I had kefir grains up to the size of golfballs and would periodically eat some.  The sensation could be likened to eating lemon flavored squid shaped like cauliflower. The kefir grains are coated with and filled with a generous amount of kefiran gel.
  5. TheKid

    TheKid Gold

    So I am done with the loading period for D-Ribose and am into maintenance now.  I was doing 5 grams, 3 times daily with meals.  Now I am into 5 grams at breakfast and dinner.


    Although I hoped it would show some demonstrable gains, I have to report that I have not seen much resolution of the problems I was thinking it might address.  This is actually a good thing though.


    I have been trying to discern which of my health issues are primary and which ones are secondary or derrivatives of the main ones.  Now that I have done the D-Ribose, and continued testing, I am certain that my main issue is hypothalamic adrenal fatigue.  Could my mitochondria also be non-optimal?  Sure.  And I am happy to support them any way I can, and I will continue with the D-Ribose.


    But I can report that the problems I was having have remained, thus pointing me directly to cortisol related problems.  I get horrible reactive hypoglycemia which includes frightening chest pains.  That didn't go away.  Nor did any of my other symptoms.


    So at least D-Ribose allowed me to rule out one thing.  I haven't exercised while using it, so it will be interesting to see how it would impact recovery time and general tolerance for exertion.
  6. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Bringing this thread back up after the mitochondrial RX WEbinar....

    I'm starting to notice a positive effect of the D-Ribose on my FBG, while not regular occurrence yet - there are mornings I'm waking up and my FBG is below 90, and I didn't CT the night before.

    I've been using D-Ribose for a little over a month... I'm using ~15mg/day
  7. freesia

    freesia Old Member

    I interpret from that Gretchen, that d-ribose is optimizing your winter biology. Good stuff.
    Mine is on it's way.

    I first heard about d ribose in 2009...from an Icelander (*waves* in case he is reading this forum).
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    soon what you learned in the webinar is going to smack you right between the eyes...........Optimal is now right in front of you. In fact I think Barry is gonna shit when he reads it. I think "paleo' is gonna shrivel like they are in 20 degree water soon enough. Anyone who thinks carbs out of season are an evolutionary answer to anythings KNOWS NOTHING in depth about the PPP.
  9. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    I stopped ribose supplementation when I went ketotic for the winter. What am I missing? 15 grams of ribose- carb is a pretty big hit to winter carb restriction? What an I missing?
  10. bigknitwit

    bigknitwit Silver

    I started d-ribose and acetyl-l-carnitine after catching wind about ribose on this forum, and reading more about it in the book, "Fatigued to Fantastic." He recemmends both supplements, as well as ubiqunol and others. I started the ribose about 3 weeks ago, and started noticing a difference about 1.5 weeks ago. However, this was also around the time that I really increased my acetyl carnitine dose based on LEF dosing guidelines (now I take 2000mg/day). My head feels much better... much more stable. Everything feels more stable, for lack of a better description. Not perfect by any means, but I feel like I am pushing away from the bottom now, instead of trying to slow the sinking. I'm going to increase ubiquinol and start into Mg full tilt, and see where that gets me. I can't tell for sure whether it's the ribose, or the carnitine, or both, but I'm staying the course!
  11. freesia

    freesia Old Member

    'Tis not used as a sugar - wrong number of carbons. So, no need to count it as a carbohydrate.
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    members are way ahead of the blog.......it will take the blog readers some time to catch up.......the next step is quantum mechanics meets space/time alterations for biology. Yes.......I am invoking my best inner Einstein in 2013
  13. how long does it take for everyone to start feeling better?

    I'm in "adrenal exhaustion", i'm adhering to the light and dark cycles, sticking to epi-paleo (both since november with some ups and downs), and have implemented the mitochondrial rx about a week ago although i'm only taking the suggested dosages on the bottles unless heard otherwise from the Q&A with Jack last week (ie Q10 and Mg). Also started grounding in the ocean 2x now, 30 mins each. Also on isocort 4/4 as per my naturopath. Not sure if i feel better over all.

    I keep waiting for something to shift and I haven't felt anything different, except maybe slightly less tired in the afternoons, usually it was by 2:30pm, now its more like 5 or 6pm. I guess thats an improvement!

    Can't wait for Jan 24th's blog... anything to get me to feel better... and eventually to Optimal!!

    Stuck on the computer WAAAAAAY to much. thinking of limiting to 1 hr/day - since i don't use it for work.
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think the members who have read it on Ask Jack already will tell you your answer is there.
  15. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Jena...absolutely limit the computer and up the ocean soak! I have been dealing with adrenal fatigue too and you will help yourself by resting as much as possible outside on the ground or in the water. It will happen, don't worry, but early days still for you. These things take time.
  16. freesia

    freesia Old Member

    Jena, I personally think the shift in when tiredness hits until later in the day is a sure sign things are heading in the right direction.
    My 2.30/3pm crash meant I couldn't expend the energy it took to collect my children from school without writing off the rest of my day. Hopefully you'll keep falling forwards until your tiredness hits when it's supposed to and not before! [​IMG]

    Are you CTing...or looking to start? That accelerated improvement in my case.
  17. Glen PDQ

    Glen PDQ New Member

    I would suggest to you to make sure you are only using the reduced form of CoQ10. It is supposed to be many many times more bioavailable. Let's say you switched from 100 mg of plain CoQ10 to the reduced CoQ10. By making the switch you have just INCREASED your dosage of CoQ10 even though the mg are the same! Good journey to you.
  18. Glen PDQ

    Glen PDQ New Member

    I suppose I could stop eating the 88% dark chocolate bars and substitute the D-ribose I have in the fridge. The chocolate bar is 2 servings and about 12 grams of sugar total.
  19. Jude

    Jude Gold

    How do you tell the difference between the plain and the reduced CoQ10,[​IMG] please?
  20. bigknitwit

    bigknitwit Silver

    Yes! I have added in the reduced CoQ10 (300mg/day, I may go up on that though). I also removed the carnitine. I think it was really interfering with my thyroid supplementation effectiveness. I am now 3 days without it and my hypoT symptoms are improving a little each day. I'm a little sad though, because I like the calm feeling in my head that it seemed to give me. It's not too often that I use a supplement and can actually "feel" an effect from it. I may have to investigate this further. Maybe the reason it's not compatible with me is because something else needs to be fixed first. Endless reading/research....

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