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Your Experience With D-Ribose

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by TheKid, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. TheKid

    TheKid Gold

    So since there has been some discussion of D-Ribose in Ask Jack and elsewhere, I thought maybe we could share some experiences, for those of us who are using it.


    As I have noted in my last post, I have a number of symptoms that could point to a range of co-morbidities.  Jack, however, thought I should look into D-Ribose, and I have done that.  My Life Extension shipment just came. 


    First I am curious what people are using it for specifically.  I was not away of its impact on Adrenal Fatigue or the mechanism by which it would have an effect. But I assume that anything that improves energy production at the cellular level would have a positive impact on adrenal health.

    Secondly, I am curious about dosing.  I have a recommendation to do a 2-week loading phase where I would consume 2.5g 4 times per day, for a total of 10g per day.  However, I have seen a lot written on the internet about using much higher doses during the loading phase. And the serving size itself for the Life Extension product is 5g.  So I am wondering what other people are doing in terms of loading.


    Lastly, I am interested in any negative side effects.  Do you know of any real risks of loading with higher amounts, say 20g - 30g per day (divided doses)?  On this issue, I will report that yesterday, I made the mistake of taking 20g all at once.  I basically read the label wrong, thinking that one scoop had 500mg, when in reality it was 5000mg (5g).  I know that it can cause blood sugar to drop, but I can report that I did not feel unwell in any way whatsoever after that 20g dose.  I will not be trying that again, though.
  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I'm using the stuff. Have been for almost a week. I'm using the LEF brand. 1scoop 3x/day in addition to some ubiquinol, acetal l-caratine, increased mg, based on a consult I had w/Jack. no adverse effects from it yet. I have 2cups of BPC in the am & 1cup of BP green tea when I get home from work that I put my scoop in. It gives the drink a bit of sweetness.

    I jumped right in It seems that's what I always do. The positive so far I've felt like I was going to have a migraine for the past 6 days but it never fully showed up.

    One of the benefits from what I've read it can help w/BG issues.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    That is why you began the Rx gretch.......hopefully to kill those migraines.  D ribose has a massive therapeutic index so higher doses are tolerated.  Severe Grade 4 Heart failure patients take 25 grams a day.
  4. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I was happy about not getting it... though I disliked having it just hanging around waiting to pounce... I'm definitely seeing some benefits thus far.... 
  5. ATL_Paleo

    ATL_Paleo New Member

    I began using  D Ribose 3 weeks ago. The main benefit I have noticed is the elimination of heart palpitations ... within several days they were noticeably less frequent, and after several weeks, they are gone.

    My dose has been 5g / serving 3 times a day. 

    I first learned about D Ribose in the book 'From Fatigued to Fantastic' by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD.

    I found the best price on D Ribose at Swanson Vitamins.
  6. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    I''m using it because when I started the cytomel I began getting really trembly ... so bad my left hand would shake.  I started the D-ribose and it stopped.  Immediately.

    I've been dosing 1 heaping tsp with each dose of cytomel and any more when I started shaking again.   

    I'm up to 1/2 tab of cytomel twice a day now and yesterday only needed one dose of the d-riobose.
  7. kathylu

    kathylu Gold

    Jack suggested the "mitochondrial Rx" for me too. Interestingly, everything he suggested I already had in the house! Kinda gives me a clue about how long I have been looking for a treatment for my fatigue and fogginess and how I was doing it piecemeal instead of in an organized fashion. Started ubiquinol, acetyl-L-carnitine and d-ribose about 2 weeks ago. I'm taking 5 g d-ribose 2X per day. I am noticing a slow but steady increase in energy and mental clarity. No side effects (none!). Liking this a lot.
  8. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest


    I think you and I are on the same schedule w/Jack... gotta fix those mitochondria!
  9. TheKid

    TheKid Gold

    I see some of you are also taking care of your mitochondria.  In addition to D-Ribose, I am also taking Acetyl L-Carinitine, PQQ, Magnesium, and CoQ10.  My understanding though is that it's the D-Ribose that is the real game changer.  I am now on I think my 5th day. No noticable differences just yet.


    I am trying to not get too excited, because I know there is no silver bullet.  BUt I am hopeful that it will at least help me with exercise and CT tolerance.  I actually had to discontinue most of my CT because I would just get wiped out at night by it.  I am going to CT today a short while and see if there is any difference.


    What I have noticed is that there has been no improvement in the adrenal symptoms I have been experiencing; and that is one thing I want to sort out: if my HPA axis issue is the main issue for me or if some underlying mitochondrial dysfunction is driving what I feel.  It is a bit confusing, because although my 4x salivary cortisol was bad, a bunch of more recent adrenal testing was pretty normal.  My endo said that some people can be at an earlier stage of adrenal fatigure but have symptoms that would make one think it was a later stage.  So I was thinking that a mitochondrial issue layered on top of an HPA issue, my be what's making me feel so badly.


    For me, if the D-Ribose does not result in some improvement, then I will need to start hydrocortisone. 
  10. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Have no experience with D Ribose but do you have a set time limit in mind with regard to assessing D-B's effectiveness? It may take you a bit longer to experience any noticeable  improvement............patience with healing, especially if slow, is very frustrating.

    As an aside, have found it's taken  4mths to experience  improvement in gut flora. Started Resveratrol 2G daily back then and only now can finally notice that magnesium tolerance has become almost 98%.[​IMG]
  11. TheKid

    TheKid Gold



    You are right -- patience is a must.  However, as I know, if D-Ribose is going to do something for you, it should show fairly quickly.  With some cardiac related issues, Jack mentioned to me that 2 days worth of dosing can show some improvements.  I would imagine that the worse off a person is, the more noticeable the change, if indeed there is an improvement. So for many of us, who are dealing with a range of sub-clinical disease manifestations, I would imagine remaining patient is great advice.


    I am happy to report that yesterday's CT went well.  I had discontinued it for almost a month due to the way it would wipe me out.  If I would CT in the evening, it would destroy my sleep and I would often have all-over body fatigue by morning.  Yesterday, however, I CT for 30 minutes starting at 6:30 pm.  After a month off, and after nearly 3 weeks of an autoimmune flare + cortisol issues, I feared what the night and subsequent morning would bring.  I did wake in the early AM, earlier than usual.  I also did have a hint of fatigue; however, it was ever so slight -- almost unnoticeable.  So for me, I am really happy with that.


    Can I directly attribute my tolerance of CT to D-Ribose?  Hard to say. Time will tell as I CT more consistently.  If I start to get wiped out again, then I would assume the D-Ribose is not impacting that.


    On a related topic, I would like to say that CT is indeed awesome when i can tolerate it.  When Jack says it "crushes" cytokines, I am apt to say he absolutely correct.  I have suffered through what I believe has been an extended, intense autoimmune flare.  I could feel it coming on again yesterday which prompted me to hit the CT.  After 30 minutes, the pain I was experiencing was G-O-N-E. So at least the CT is working. 
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    D ribose fixes energy salvage.......not efficiency.  That is why there are other parts of the Rx.  The worse off you are the more efficiency one needs to make traction.  It is not just a D ribose story.
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  13. diane

    diane Gold

    Ah - that makes sense. I've used it a few times over the last couple of weeks - not every day. I do notice a change in energy levels when I use it, and I feel clearer, if that makes sense.
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think when you listen to the next Webinar you are going to begin to understand some big parts.......I expect the webinar is going to be an Ah Ha moment for many..........but I also expect that the  Q & A after webinar to be the most popular one we have ever done............


    This webinar explains why fat loss in women is different and how to deal with it.......and it shows where the Epi-paleo Rx, Leptin Rx and the Mitochondrial Rx  (HCG and Factor X) all collide to give us the results that we see in men and in women.
  15. freshveggies

    freshveggies Silver

    That is what I am interested in .  I think I have an efficiency problem.  I just wonder how much is tied to methylation or is of a different nature?
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Methylation is way down the pike........it is not central to the difference of men and women.  Evolutionary biology built another sensor into women.  This sensor is the reason women differ in most respects to men and it is directly reflected in their hormones. Remember,  reading the steroid pathways response to inflammation the Rosetta stone for human health monitoring.  I have said it but I have not given you details.  This webinar does.


    Most women have an inefficiency.......and that is why they suffer from differences in body fat.  This webinar will hurt your head to be sure.......but it explains several foundational principles you have all learned over the last 18 months and ties them together.......Female fat loss (or lack of it as they age) has confounded many because we think we understand the rules of fat loss in humans, but what we really know about it is from a narrowing of our understanding of how the environment alters the variables of fat loss.........


    Fat loss and illness, is all about energy inefficiency.


    And after this December webinar, I will lay that foundational cornerstone of why I said in BG 5, "This implies that we need to think of food as hormone information, not as a metabolic fuel.   Think of the Epi-paleo Rx as human jet fuel for the our nervous system.  We go as our brain goes.  Think of the GI tract as a metabolic computer which adjusts your physiology in response to the nutrients it detects."  


    Women have another metabolic sensor that men do not.........and that is the core of why women are different with respect to fat loss, AI, and other neolithic illness.  I think you have enough info now to see how these levees are beginning to craft our species.  Should be a fun  Q & A to say the least.......My bet is that it maybe the longest.  
  17. PrimalPam

    PrimalPam Silver

    Am I the only one who keeps hitting refresh hoping the webinar is up?  [​IMG]
  18. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    You are not the only one PP ....I'm really looking forward to this one too!
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It wont be up til early next week...........but here is some homework for you........head to the CT forum and read what I just posted.  It must be read before you listen to the Dec 2012 webinar.  It may confuse you.........but that is OK.  When I am done with you this month.........you ladies are going to understand yourselves a lot better.  Your men will too............
  20. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    My husband took his first dose and could not stop running. He got a very sensitive gut due to Crohn's. It is basically sugar so it is not for him.

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