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Yec'hed mat

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by thomas, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. thomas

    thomas Sun Worshipper

    Before you ask, the title of the thread means "bonne santé" in Breton.

    Just wanted to say hello to all of you.
    Me? I am thomas,26, currently living in brittany. Which is awesome in many ways (we've got the sea! ANd seafood, TONS of it, we're the inventors of canned sardines, and oyster farm of europe lol)

    I am not particularly ill, I'd say I am ok... among the annoyances I guess:
    -Hay fever.
    -Cold hands and feet. Hyperhidrosis.
    -Always stay 10-11 hours in bed.
    -Hate for the winter.
    But you know what? I don't want to just be ok. I want to be optimal. As good as I can get in this modern world, given the current knowledge without being a billionaire. I want an optimal brain, optimal hormones, optimal physique, I want to enjoy optimal longevity.
    I want to help all the people I know&meet get healthier and maybe create a movement that way.

    I discovered JackKruse last year I guess. And since then I am hooked. I do love the natural sciences but Jack is a bit dense sometimes...
    I love being really connected to nature, the outdoors, our nature, our instincts... So sad I lost that for some years.(I had it for the first 15 years of my life!)
  2. b612

    b612 New Member

    Les Bretons are the nicest French people I have ever met. I love Bretagne. You are so lucky to be living there
  3. thomas

    thomas Sun Worshipper

    I really need for my brain to work..for my life to work... damn gotta fix that. I feel like I use 1% of it's capacity. I am barely able to think sometimes. I clearly have a hard time with the blogs. I think it would be easier If I printed it and focused 100% on it.

    nnEMF and blue light is probaly what's fucking me up right now. I think I am mildly EHS. I get migraines(anoying pressure between the eyes) if I stay too long on the computer/indoors, or if I use a hair clipper etc..

    Now..Living 10 km from the center of a 200.000 ppl city (600.000 metro) doesn't help obviously (even if it's already better than most people in the country!). Also nearest antena is only 300m away!!! not counting power lines about 5 km away. all neighbors dects/wifi's. even worse.. the house electromagnetic fields.

    Living here is a bad idea. I am moving.
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  4. b612

    b612 New Member

  5. thomas

    thomas Sun Worshipper

    Now living close to Rennes. will go farther away from the city, or be a bit more nomadic and explore around, I am not a tree yet, and definitely not to a point where I want to stay in the same area for decades. I don't have to be anywhere at anytime so let's do.

    On the other end. Ehs is definitely proof that nnemf=nobueno. Actually most people can't sense nnemf, but I can sense some of it. Maybe it's not an illness but a sense then. It clearly reduce my vitality/sense of being alive.

    Part of the reason is I spent too much time on electronics while in my teens. Learned programming around age 12, only a few monthes after getting my own computer. Wanted to work in IT back then. Well I still do a little but only for my own projects.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2015
  6. b612

    b612 New Member

    I heard Google is working on a new project to make wifi available everywhere.


    I feel so bad in France. This country is so overpopulated. I can't escape everywhere. I go to the mountains but people follow me there. It feels like nature is a parc d'attractions, like Disneyland.
    Time to get out.
  7. thomas

    thomas Sun Worshipper

    It's not overpopulated everywhere.
    The one that stands out the most is Corsica. Little people on that beautiful sunny island.
    Also would love to go to french polynesia. Legit the most beautiful landscapes in the world.
  8. thomas

    thomas Sun Worshipper

    Still in experimental stage but seems consistent..
    Found that going to sleep before and about 9pm solar time is incredible. I sleep so exceptionally well. Then I am so alert and awake during the day. Like 10x mental energy. I have been sleeping way too late all my life.WTF. How can that happen? It's like the first time I am that rested in decades. I can think much better and faster with less noise. Happier and more calm. Everyone should try it.
    There's a problem with it tho... falling asleep. The only way I can fall asleep that early(without using sleep deprivation which ruins the point) is to be outdoors for hours in the morning (and the day). And then have absolute discipline to relax and be dark at night. well worth it.
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  9. b612

    b612 New Member

    I'm so happy you can do it. I wish I could. My sleep is so fucked up these days that I have 2 choices:
    And this comes after I spend the whole day outside, by the sea... Some things are so hard do fix.
  10. jackware

    jackware Kama'aina

    Corsica sounds fabulous. I'll make sure to sail there someday.

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