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Yeaterday, I decided to give myself the flu

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Hbuttel, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Hbuttel

    Hbuttel New Member

    Yesterday I paid my father a visit and he had the flu really bad for 3 days, and it was so bad that he could hardly get off the couch to feed the cows.
    He is a healthy 65yo man, who takes no pharmaceuticals, has no health issues, and is quite fit.
    He does not ground himself often, and gets very little sun.
    However he does subject himself to more of the cold outdoor weather here in the northeast than the average person, and is very active, and is a very hard worker.
    His diet is fair, I've managed to get him to cut down on the morning donuts, the pasta, and pre-bedtime ice cream, but he still indulges often.

    He recently caught the flu really bad, and I haven't ever seen him this sick.

    I decided to do an experiment since I had been doing daily CT for nearly 3 months, grounding a lot daily, drinking spring water, getting sunshine on the skin and in eyes, and wearing blu blockers at night, along with the rest of the very sober and healthy lifestyle that I have been applying for years.

    I drank a big glass of water out of the cup that he was using all of that day knowing that I would get sick, but my goal was to see just how strong these practices were actually making my immune system.

    I drank the water at about 2pm yesterday afternoon.
    I diddnt feel anything until about 12 hours later that night. I woke up around 2am with obvious flu like symptoms. My throat glands were swelling, I felt slightly uncomfortable, and I had a slight fever.
    I tossed and turned more than usual, and was able to sleep, but it wasn't deep sleep and their was lots of dreaming that oddly was quite unpleasant.

    I woke up around 5:30am and felt much better than I had at 2am.
    I had my morning cup of hot cacao, cayenne, stevia, and mct oil,
    And was very happy to be feeling so good.
    I then took a 20 min CT at 50deg which is my usual, then finished with half body submersion meditation in the hot tub.

    I feel great, a little bit less energy than I usually have but that is it.

    Feeling much gratitude towards the amazing team that worked so hard within me all throughout the night to protect me.
    We are all literal coaches of a team of wonderful little organisms whom dedicate their entire lives towards making sure we stay healthy.
    We just need to make sure that they are supplied with everything that they need to thrive and be healthy themselves, creating an amazing microcosm that can be a real force to be reconed with.
    Way to go team!

    This experiment definitely helped build more self love, and a deep emotional gratitude for all of the quadrillion tiny conscious organisms within me.
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  3. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    You are a different kind of "dude". :)
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  4. Hbuttel

    Hbuttel New Member

    It's insanity..
    Unfortunately we live in a instant gratification quick fix society, where everyone always wants to choose the most pleasurable and comfortable option rather than the route that takes a little bit of will power to apply, even if it causes more harm than good and only suppresses symptoms rather than curing the root of it.
    I read something recently about Trump making big moves within the HHD towards removing mandatory vaccinations.

    Here it is

    You know it buddy!

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