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Yarralea's journal with DD7 in mind

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by yarralea, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    Okay, journal started. Cheers Caroline for the pointers in helping me to locate this. I know from my past that a journal works well with me.

    I might copy my first entry in welcome area, so if anyone cares to peep they can get the lowdown on me and my issssues.

    EE4- cheers JK, I'll start to get onto reading that several times. Thanks also to others who have responded to my first entry, I love community support- I know that community is really important in journey and transformation.
  2. yarralea

    yarralea New Member


    I have just discovered this forum today, and rather than poke around, stalk the threads, I figured I would come and just show myself.
    I'm 39, female, from Perth Western Australia. Which has a great climate- if you like the beach. Cold nights, as the capital is surrounded by water or desert, but generally the weather is lovely. Being an Australian, I think of temperature in terms of celsius- I'm sure I'll need to get a grip on the temperature conversion eventually.

    In terms of weight and health- I'm 39 and not suffering in any way, very lucky. My parents are both sick however, and as long as I can remember my mother has been heavy- she's probably about 120 kgs ( mmm pounds.... er, about 270) and my father is diabetic, with alzheimer's- probably from statins as he had a heart attack 40 years ago and has been on a host of meds. My older sister 44, is currently on hormone inhibitors post chemo and BC- she's arthritic and unhappy because of her treatment and current hormone state. So I see my genetic future, and want to change it. I had been doing a low carb diet since 2002 to control my weight- but it morphed into a low fat, super low calorie, high diet drink disaster. I was able to pull myself back, but would swing from out of control eating to ultra controlled olive counting. I seemed to have found some solace in paleo, being able to loosen up and have the odd bit of non ideal food and not spiral into a month long binge fest. I have been paleo for the good part of 8 months, dropping 20 kilos. I have a lot of butter in my diet, and for a period I was having some raw goats milk and raw cows milk. My weight is stable at 70 kilos now, but I would like to be a few kilos leaner. I don't exercise much, a few hours of roller derby each week and a few hours of softball 3 times a week.

    I have been looking into CT, albeit a bit slowly. Here's how I've been going so far. I started by having some cold shower blasts and going for 20 minute dips in the ocean, current water temperature is 18 C. That has been easy. I have also started having cold baths. Cold water at home, in a standard tub with just a couple of kilos of ice added. I'm not wearing any compression garments, just au naturale. I'm not sure of the water temperature as I've not measured it. I have frozen 3 bags of water in ziplock bags as I refuse to buy ice for this. When I get more freezer space I will freeze more. I can stay in for about 30 minutes- depending upon what else is going on in the household. I usually do this at early night. My sleep has been the best thing since becoming more committed to turning off the iphone and teev. I know for sure that this stimulates me and keeps me from sleep. The part that I do find difficult is on roller derby / softball training nights when I finish sometimes at 9 pm, I have a hard time winding down and sleeping. I have started just leaving training earlier, choosing rest over exercise.

    Eating..... er, I usually eat 5-6 egg yolks only in the morning, with some kimchi and at times an avocado. It's not high protein, its high fat, and I usually eat within half an hour of rising, and that usually keeps me going for most of the day, at work I'll have a can of sardines in oil and a few days a week I'll just snack on butter until dinner. Dinner is usually grassfed beef with vegetables- too often sweet potato roasted in beef tallow. We were having rice once a week, boiled in bone broth to save a bit of cash from the household budget, and the other people in the house are not as strict as I would like myself to be.

    My daughter is where my story gets interesting. Diagnosed with global developmental delay at aged 3 we went from doctor to doctor looking for causes and solutions. Not one said try a gluten free, casein free diet. I was part of a low carber forum and someone suggested I take her off gluten. I knew instantly I was doing the right thing, because her withdrawal was horrendous. I joke now that I would have given her away to a bad home; she was about 4 at the time. I saw improvements, but they were not long lasting. As I type this she has just had a meltdown- she is now 7. She has been paleo since march, and we are seeing some improvements, eg the bed wetting instantly ceased, but still the odd epic meltdown when she does not get her own way. Its always at home- we have large power lines 500m from our house, I wonder if they are affecting her. She sleeps on a bunk bed, as her room is small to create space, I wonder if that affects her. We have wifi, I wonder if that affects her, and if she ever uses an iPhone/ iPad and at some level teev and computer, she is horrible. We are with a nutritional review service- treating her with amino acids, nutritional supplements and aloe vera juice to restore her gut, she has high levels of mercury and low levels of zinc. I am looking into doing some neuro feedback with her. I will struggle to convince the DH that the wifi needs to go and the other changes to improve our water and EMF cannot be afforded at this time due DH being out of work.

    I have been trying to read as much of JKs articles, but I have garnered most of it from podcasts. I love podcasts, I can listen to them for hours and its my preferred way of getting information. I found links to JK on locarber.org and when I started podcasting I spotted him with Sean Croxton, Ben Greenfield and others- I certainly prefer listening over the blogs which exhaust me. I will continue to read them, I'm sure I will eventually cease to be overwhelmed by them. I do like the geek alert / non scientist sections and the way that is set out.

    So I am hoping to get connected with people who understand where I am coming from- cartainly any other aussies, or hopefully another Perth person with whom to talk supplies with.

    See you in the soup (primordial soup lol)
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Welcome to Journal land Yarra! Copy away - that is a good idea.

    This is a great community ...and they treat us Ozzies pretty good - if I do say so myself ;)

    This is a journey of a lifetime ..... so hang on! Keep reading and asking questions ... and do remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. If you get discouraged - come here for support...... we all need to support each other ...and follow the guy with the flashlight! He is a pretty cool dude.......
  4. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    I just read EE4- my head hurts, and I have to admit I'm now lost. I'm also at work trying to get things done before the school term starts. Im a teacher at a school for disengaged kids- most of whom need a life transplant to stop them from enjoying a life of incarceration and dysfunction. Yes, it has wifi. I am seriously considering moving to the country (but not gonna eat me a lot of peaches) and starting a last chance school- as an alternative to lock up. Good food, maybe some neurofeedback and NO wifi would be part of my ethos. Maybe just chasing cows and chickens.....

    anyways, might have to re read EE4 about ten more times. I'll call you when I have half a clue of what the ducks guts happens to be.

    Ducks guts... hands up who has heard of that saying, and where are you from in the world!
  5. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    I just found an EMF engineer in my city. Whether I can afford (Yeah, I know I can't afford not to) their services atm is yet to be decided.

    However they did have a quiz on their website, which had some good information that is probably better for people who are more or less in the dark. It had the quiz on one side, certainly making me more aware of my proximity to gadgets etc, and on the other side little facts. Here's the link- might not be appropriate for everyone, like statesiders, but great for anyone who is just starting out exploring this :

    In other news, I just bought a magnetico mattress for our Queen sized bed and also one for my daughters single mattress- I was listening to JK 's chat with Beverley Meyer, and I heard him state he has a mattress like that.

    I also have also found a local source of reverse osmosis water. My friend Sean at Roller derby had some. Personally I could not taste the difference, but I will give it a lash. I hate that we live in a fluoridated water area.

    Anyway, its late. I went to bed early with my daughter and woke up at 1030. Shouldnt have gone to the computer.... I KNOW! If anyone knows of any software I can install on my mac or iphone to soften the light, please let me know. I turn the brightness righ down, but seriously, looking at my mac book now- so very bright.
  6. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    Well today was an awesome day for softball. I pitched in my debut game, and the team won, and I managed to K a few batters, and beat out a few ground balls. I was then asked to fill in for the seconds, which was fun, although I had to play outfield. Being a pitcher and a catcher means I'm accustomed to being always of the move- and I have to say I can't believe how tiring it is doing less. The day ended up cool and I was shivering at the end of it, as I had changed from the uniform and back into a dress, and then I drove home with the roof off the car and chilled a bit further.
    I was having an interesting chat with one of the ladies from the 2s- her skin was all blotchy and I asked what caused it. We eventually chatted about her health. She was telling me that she has virtually no pituitary function, and takes a medication that replaces her pituitary secretions?? It got me wondering, given that hormones are a huge part of this program whether CT and an optimal lifestyle as prescribed by JK would serve her in restoring her pituitary. I recall that when she had a brain scan they assumed they would find a tumor, and then were surprised to not. If she doesn't take the meds she sleeps a lot (like a heap!) and can't manage her emotions (she said depression and anger towards her kids) If there is anyone out there who has a pituitary condition that they are treating please let me know, so I can say check out jackkruse.com it might change everything.

    I bought two magnetic mattresses for my husband and my bed, as well as one for my daughter. I hope they arrive soon. In other news it looks as though my husband has a job offer on the table, so the bankrupcy plan of moving to the middle of nowhere is probably out. LOL!. I still like the idea of setting up a natural setting / alternative to lock up for young people...... and I know that eventually this is what I will have to do. I think I should just focus on my daughters health and development and save the world next.
  7. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    Mmm. I have been walking barefoot as much as possible of late- taking my shoes off when walking across the the oval on my way to the beach for a morning dip- today, I swear my feet have never been that cold. I almost put my shoes on for the last 30 metres of the grass. There a bit of glass about on the path I walk to the ocean, which was like glass today, and the sand very cold at 630am. When I walked it, the water felt warm at first, but the last few mornings when I have gone over 20 minutes I have had some teeth chatters and deep shivers going on. I also came home to a cold shower, which was so much warmer than the ocean. So my tap water is above 18 deg c, becasue the water temp of the ocean this time of year is about 18. It is a lovely start to the day, I might need to start doing it earlier- depending on what time my husband needs to leave for work in the mornings.

    In other news I have written three other posts that don't appear to have made it to published stage. I do wonder why? Or maybe on a different page..... er, blonde moment...perhaps.

    Also, I have a question.... do any other members have any gold wires as permanent retainers attached to their teeth? I understand teeth are part of our electrical system, but wonder what effects I could be exposing myself to..... I would like to hear from anyone with this experience.
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I don't have a clue about the gold wires ....someone else probably will...

    You are doing great with C/T ....how come your water is so cool? mine is coming out of the tap at 70C now and the ocean is pretty warm.

    About your posts - I don't know what is happening.... please contact support ....at the bottom of this page. Things might be still kind of funky since the forum got hacked.

    Please let me know if you still have problems .... we don't want to miss any of your pearls of wisdom....:)
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    you can download f.lux program on your computer for free to monitor the light on your computers
  10. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    Oh thank you, I have just downloaded f.lux, and now I know what the app is called I can put it on my iphone. I try to avoid using it, but I do love podcasts and it will help to limit my light exposure.

    I was just scoping around a few posts and threads looking for info on magnetic mattresses. I'm sad I am not able to invest in the magnetico brand at this stage- so much to invest in, but I have found a magnetic mattress that is much less expensive. Although now I am freaking out, because a few posters said they are wary of magnets and using them incorrectly could cause adverse effects.

    mmm so the gold wires in my mouth- will they be affected by magnets, not messing with my straight teeth- but more like the other effects on health?
    how do they work on a bunk bed? I know, yet another investment to prioritize along with the switches, the RO filters and the EMF engineer, and recabling the internet to be unwifi. I'm very happy to have unfluorodated water (refresh pure water, and I trialled another oxyfresh- oxygen infused... for lack of a better term. I can't believe how much I've been drinking, its like I'm catching up on a heap of hydration.

    Back to mattresses of the magnetic vairety- if we still have wifi will it attract the frrequency? I know, I sound silly, but I'm still getting through the blogs, and I'm still at the relatively confused stage- I understand its important, the basics- pretty much because of listening to the podcasts, but reading the blogs- I need more time that is uninterrupted to digest and absorb them. My seven year old has great way of interrupting. She had a massive meltdown tonight. The Nutritional review meds (amino acids and liquids to restore the gut) do not seem to be working- either that or our EMF is much worse at our new house- which I believe it to be. Moving, sadly is not an option, so the towers remain within a few hundred metres- we will just have to work on the inside of the house, and going as barefoot as possible as often as possible.

    I wonder where neurofeedback fits into the optimised quest? We are exploring that too.
    priority triage is an issue at the moment. I need to really hear about some magnetico marvelling as I could probably scrape together the cash to get my daughters single bed fitted, although my head is spinning with questions as to what else needs to be done in conjuction, and also adverse affects..... its now 9 pm, and although I'm liking this f.lux muted screen, I am shutting off now.
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Yarra ..... I don't have a magnetico yet ...but If I were you - I would start a dialogue with the magnetico people - just fact finding. Tell them about your daughter's condition and what they recommend. They are very helpful.

    without going back and re reading everything .....Did you say you have turned off the breakers to your bedroom? and your daughters? this would make a big difference .... and what is on the other side of your daughter's bedroom wall - where her bed is?

    Grounding and sun is huge for her - as much as possible...

    I am just going to go back and read - and get back to you........
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Be very, very careful of cheaper versions of pads .....you could wind up getting something that will do more harm than good
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    About the EMF engineer .......my understanding is that not all of them are good - and it could cost heaps of money to implement what they might recommend. Just do the best that you can for now. Have you unplugged your microwave?

    Take a deep breath - baby steps......

    do you know anything about red light therapy?
  14. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    Hiya- the wifi- which is the highest priority, is on the other side of the wall, in the hallway. EEK I know. We have just moved here and are still customising. And its really now starting to occur to me that this is a huge factor in her slowed progress- I can only really afford to do one thing. Switching the wifi to cabled is first and foremost.
    As for the circuit breakers, I'm really not technically minded, so I guess that means we work out which ones can be turned off. I've turned a heap of switches (microwave- which I'm working on the husband to be rid of it- thinking of making it blow up and then be not replaced.) This will be easier when my husband is back at work, to lose the Mwave. It is currently used to heat up my daughters lunches. As a gluten free, grain free child who attends school, so many options are hot lunches- I'm hoping she will warm to the tuna in oil idea soon. My perfect world would include her devouring sardines lol.

    Me- my FBB (fat based breakfast) is usually 6-8 egg yolks cooked in grass fed beef tallow, served with a big spoon of my homemade kimchi and a whole avocado chopped, maybe a slice of organic butter after, kind of as I am walking out the door. sometimes theres some organic bacon too. My nitrite free organic bacon is so good, I love my guy who makes it. He and his wife are the grandparent types that my daughtyer never has access to, as my parents live in Melbourne. Lunch- sometimes not- sometimes a small amount of macadamias, and I know this sounds bad, and it freaks out my co workers, but I'll have a slice of butter on a square of lindt 85%. They often see me eat butter. Often I'll also have a cup of plain bone broth, or a short black with a big spoon of CO. I love my king oscar sardines in olive oil, and occasionally I will make an ommelette at work, as I have a full kitchen at my disposal. Dinner is always grass fed beef with vegies- sometimes steak, sometimes slow cooker- as we have just purchase half a cow (Annabelle we have named her- because we all know that animals with names that have lived a good life are better for you) Usully I am into the sweet potato roasted and sprinkled with screaming seeds seasoning. If your an aussie- look up screaming seeds- so delish! But the penchant for sweet potatoe has to stop. Broccoli, cauli, asparagus are usually there and my husband and daughter eat potato- roasted in beef tallow. love my beef tallow! I also have some kimchi as well, I love it. I make about 20 jars a fortnight, giving at least half away or swapping them. Dinner is usally about 6, breakfast about 6am.

    I'm big on brewing water kefir and kombucha. I brew about 12 litres a week- I do give some away, and I'm going to stop drinking as much as it does use suagr in the fermenting process and I'm concerned I'm getting some of those sweet carbs. Its a toss up- cos as a probiotic I'm a fan, and really I have 5 kilos to lose and no health issues. I eat kimchi everyday and now we are on lovely water that is not fluorodated I may need less. I should just sell it, heaps of my friends want it, because I do enjoy making it. If anyone drinks this on the program, or has an opinion, I would like to hear from them.

    Grounding, I need to know more of this- if I'm walking around barefoot, and my house is ceramic tiles on a concrete slab- is that grounded?
    I've been walking more barefoot of late. Husband has a pet hate of barefoot children, so I need to work on him. Where we live- Fremantle is very hippy / barefoot / organic/ lets be naturale/ commune baby! so he is getting more exposed to barefoot children and starting to warm to it. Slowly he likes his change. He is down to one slice of bread a day, and is given up the cheap crap food that is microwaveable- but that has been a slow progress. When he goes back to work no doubt his lunches will be pretty gross. I would love him to live longer and healthier with me, drink his coffee black with CO but he is 16 years older than me and set in his ways. That I have inspired him to change in any way at all is a miracle. He hasnt time to do all the research that I have, he has been looking for work and has ben committed to that for most of his time. Ick, when he goes back I will be doing more housework. Can't quite afford for a cleaning fairy- after him being out of work for 4 months we have some catch up to do- not to mention a few EMF priorities.

    Magnetico- we will start with one of those el cheapo versions and after I have swapped my daughter bunk to a floor based futon, we will invest in a single magnetic. I want one for our bed too- but looking at 5k... I would probably have to tell my husband I won it lol!

    Right, it is getting late, and although I love my f.lux (cheers JK) gotta dash. Couldnt get the f.lux on the iphone- it seems to require jailbreaking of the phone, and that sounds a bit illegal / scarey/ too much for me. I turn the brightness down as low as Iphone can go- but need to just forget I have an iphone. I actually left it at home today- kind of like a challenge. It was weird. I am clearly, CLEARLY addicted to words with friends. filthy app junkie!
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I would be concerned about microwaving your daughter's food?

    please re think a cheap version of the magnetico - honestly - start a dialogue with Dr. Bonlie at magnetico. Curves bought one on craigslist and someone here suggested that she ask his opinion and he told her they were awful and would do damage and to give away to someone she hated!

    You are doing great - you have a lot on your plate- but you are a very focused woman!

    Can you share your kimchi recipe? Also Kombucha? A lot of folks were drinking it here - don't know if that is still the case. I love it and buy it once in a while but it is so crazy expensive.......
    Dr.K. used to drink it.....
  16. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    Kimchi- I just made 10 jars. I usually make it every four weeks. 2 purple cabbages, chopped medium small, soaked in salted water for 6+ hours. Then strain off the water. I then add 4-6 carrots, grated, a half cup to a cup of pureed ginger, the zest of 3 lemons, a few chopped chilies a whole bulb of garlic, crushed, a huge bunch of radishes, as much coriander as you can or like (I LOVE CORIANDER!) spring onions are also good. Then add another 1/4 cup salt- I just freepour so I guess its about this amount, and a dollop of honey to feed the ferment. Push hard into clean jars and tip out any rising liquid (salt draws it out) I leave on the sink with lids on, and each day I press down a bit more and tip out extra liquid. Then stick the jars in the cupboard for at least a week- although I have had jars for up to 8 weeks. Heaps of recipes online- you really dont need the starter yeasts etc IMO.

    Kombucha- you need a scoby to start (Symbiotic Culture of Bacterial Yeast) which is this jelly gooplike disk that sits atop the kombucha brew. A two litre glass jar, make black tea (4 tea bags is what I use) and 1/2 cup of sugar. Make 1600ml, cool then add 200 mls of previous batch and the scoby. Cover with a cloth and secure with a band and keep in a place out of direct sunlight. 7-10 days later, strain and bottle. Keep the bottles in a cupboard for 3 days and it will carbonate. Then go again! Kombucha does not like metal objects and despises fluoridated water. I make at least 8 litres a week, but give a lot away. If you dont know anyone with a scoby you can grow your own my mixing the tea and sugar liquid with a commercial PLAIN kombucha and leaving in a dark place for a few weeks- it will form a scoby, the first batch will be a bit vinegary, but the results are good and I very much enjoy it.

    Kimchi, every day, usually twice a day, kombucha or water kefir every day too. Now I'm not exposed to fluoridated water I would expect my gut bacteria to be ...world class! Lol.

    Caroline, re my daughter food being microwaved, I know its not ideal, but my husband is doing it- hey tomorrows the last day! and the microwave is turned off when not in use. A few purchases on the weekend- a kettle and a cast iron pan. I've been avoiding buying one, but now DH has a job starting monday, I can relax the purse.
  17. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    What a great weekend. Softball yesterday was two games in freezing rain. Everyone was whinging about the cold, but I was happy to have another day with a bit of cold exposure. Pitched a game for my new team Cougars- we won 6-1 YAY, and caught the game for my current team Legends. We won 15-4, the other pitcher struggled more with the wet ball. I hit a stand up triple in the second game and a single and a double in the first game.
    Today was market day, then afterwards a children's festival in a neighbouring suburb. So we were barefoot for most of the day there, and later we walked to a new friend's house. We saw her at the market and she mentioned she had a huge mulberry tree in her front yard so come over and help ourselves. Seriously a big bucket of mulberries later, not to mention we looked like zombies from the apocalpse. We walked there and back barefoot too. (much to my husbands thinly veiled disgust lol) Gutted I didn't know about this tree 24 hours earlier. As I bought a kilo of blueberries and made a paleo blueberry cobbler to take to my cousins house as we had a family gathering. Bless my cousin, they had a barbeque with lamb cutlets, chicken and steak with salad and vegies- I am blessed to have a an arm of the family close by that will consider our needs.
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sounds like a great weekend....... I love your spirit......
  19. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    oh its been a while. Everything has been normal apart from my daughter and I had our first neurofeedback session yesterday. Using Neuroptimal programme. The only difference I noticed in my daughter is that she slept for an additional two hours last night.
  20. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    had another ice bath tonight- its been a few weeks, and I'm surprised it wasnt more difficult. I did 40 minutes with 15 kgs of ice. Need more ice.

    In other news I have purchased a neuroptimal system for home use, but might also branch out into treatments as well- my goodness the benefits for our at risk students.... I hope I can convince them to have a go. And my boss, who is pretty awesome, so allow me to use it on kids.... who are so disconnected from any concept of health ( as you do when basic survival and trauma is where you come from)

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