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Women's experiences with CT

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by megzy9281@yahoo.com, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. megzy9281@yahoo.com

    megzy9281@yahoo.com New Member

    Hi there, I'll be starting CT again for my fatigue issues and am motivated to stick with it this time. I'd like to hear experiences from other women (especially those with adrenal fatigue) who got thru all the discomfort and detox and made it to finally be cold adapted. Hearing from other's struggles turned successes would be good motivation for me!! Thank you! :)
  2. freesia

    freesia Old Member

    I started with a basal body temperature average of 95.9 F and maximum afternoon temperature of 97.5 F - often lower.
    10 months later - CTing every one or two days - I have an average basal body temp of 97.4 F and afternoon temperature of 98.6 F. :)

    I got down from 20 minutes in a 60 F bath to 45 minutes in a 46 F bath over the course of about 12 weeks. Took it slowly (like a sick person, not a sportsperson) but was very consistent.

    Overcame discomfort. Check! Check! :D You don't really want me to dwell on that bit do you?
    Detox was a strange one - mostly estrogen I think. Wow..I remember getting pimples, and mood swings LOL. DIM and I-3-C saved the day!
    For quite a while I used to wake up the next morning feeling slammed by the day before's bath. CT hangover...
    I managed that by ice bathing every second day instead of daily until I could push it again.

    I forget how many weeks in (but not too many) my body started heating up in anticipation of a bath, and I could stretch the time out to 45 minutes, from 20 - 30 minutes. In Winter when we were walking in an icy wind in the city one of my children mentioned my hands were so warm. I was always someone who had cold hands and feet and HATED Winter...feared the cold.

    Particular adrenal symptoms I had were a crash mid afternoon, and waking around 3am a bit panicky. Leptin reset and CT together seemed to sort this out quickly.
    Morning and evening cortisol levels were in normal range 4 months in.

    Hope that helps.
  3. megzy9281@yahoo.com

    megzy9281@yahoo.com New Member

    Thank you so much for telling me your experience. Super helpful. Back to it, 2nd day of face dunks... Here we go!! :)

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