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Women Who Chart Basal Body Temps etc.

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by L8F, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. L8F

    L8F New Member

    Hi, thought it would be nice to have a thread here for those women who have cycle questions, issues and concerns, and to not drag the poor guys along for the ride. Anyway, I have been charting (obsessively, I might add) for many years, and know a lot about it. I have noticed that two months into the LR/Post LRx that I did not have to take OTC drugs for cramps. This was HUGE--first time in 20 years. Also noted temps were very very steady for much of cycle, moving right toward textbook chart. This month I ovulated right at day 13/14, which is traditionally the "right" time to ovulate, but many don't. I was running at day 21 at the earliest previously.

    For those who don't have a clue what I am talking about, taking your temp first thing in the AM after waking, before talking or moving etc, is a great way to see what is happening in your cycle. It can give you (free) info on Estrogen and Progesterone levels, as well as whether or not you are ovulating or not. All you need is to have at least one ovary and it should work just fine. No uterus needed! I find it fascinating.


    Best book, but terrible name: Taking Charge of Your Fertility

    Best Site in my opinion for charting graphs and help: Fertility Friend


    BBT: Basal Body Temps

    O: Ovulation

    LP: Luteal Phase=phase of cycle after ovulation

    Follicular phase: Part of cycle pre ovulation


    P: Progesterone

    CM: Cervical Mucus or as I prefer Cervical Fluid (CF) (EWCM is Egg White Cervical Mucus, a sign of impending or recent ovulation)

    Soem basics, a luteal phase less than 10 days, or even less than 12 or 13 COULD indicate a progesterone deficiency (Mine has always been textbook 14, but I still have P deficiency).

    So many more, but I will leave it at that for now...
  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I chart... I've stopped taking temps and just follow CM, O pain, and migraines

    1 month after starting the LR I got my first post pregnancy period in 4yrs (after having 2kids). initially started out at 22day cycle, then extended to a 35 day cycle, and finally settled down to a 30 day cycle...

    only to be thrown in to a 27 day cycle this month.

    I usually get a migraine 5days before my TOTM; get one ~5days after the start of my cycle, and one mid cycle after O. Since the LR this is the first time I've actually been able to link my migraines to hormones.

    I use a fertility app for my iphone called FMC - I know there are better ones out there but this thing has close to 4yrs of stuff on it! so I'll keep on using it...

    One thing that freaks me out is I got sterilized in 2010 2x. the first was the essure procedure, the 2nd was a tubal b/c the essure only took on one side... so I have this fear as I become optimal my tube will re-grow!
  3. L8F

    L8F New Member

    God, tubes regrowing, I guess that is not out of the realm. I frequently wish we could trade symptoms. I would gladly hand you over infertility, and would take your super charged reproduction!! I will look into FMC. I am like you, have all my data in Fertility Friend. Hard to transition over.

    Oh to add to the LR results and charting, had normal cervical fluid signs for the first time since charting. Right when it should be, and such an easier method to follow than temps alone. Loving the LR!!
  4. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    fertility friend has an app http://www.fertilityfriend.com/iphone/ now you can migrate everything over to your phone!!! (Assuming you have an iphone!)
  5. L8F

    L8F New Member

    Yup!! I do it, and they just upgraded recently. Works fairly well, and can take it with me and analyze at all times!! Love. Thanks!
  6. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Wonderful thread, L8F. I continue to chart my temps, although they are all over the boards. Are you still able to see my chart? Or can you only see up to the date that I sent you? I had a spike in temp yesterday, with eggwhite discharge, and the chart is saying I'm at a fertile stage. I still haven't seen a cycle since I got off HBC on Feb. 12, and I'm so anxious to get my adrenals and thyroid figured out, so I can get on track.

    I have the taking charge of my fertility book. I haven't started digesting it yet, but I see it came with a CD, presumably for charting. Did you like that option? I'm still considering LadyCorp, but I'm thinking there are cheaper options online.

    I'm also wondering if I'm underweight and won't cycle unless I gain some pounds. I've lost 5 lbs. since adding CT to the leptin reset, and it's starting to concern me.
  7. Thanks for starting this thread. Haven't been charting but I will start now. No TOM since I turned 40 last August (not what I wanted for mt bday). If Leptin are set and CT bring it back then that would be a major breakthrough for me.
  8. L8F

    L8F New Member

    I think the LadyComp would be a very expensive waste of time for you considering your cycle is not clear cut. There are many options out there, and charting is best one once you have a cycle back.

    Can you send me the link again? I don't know where I put it. I will PM you my email address. I love the book Taking Charge, but their charting software last time I looked wasn't as easy to use for me as Fertility Friend..but to each his own.

    The weight thing might be a factor...
  9. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Yeah, when I talked to the company, they said that it wouldn't be beneficial until A) my thyroid had stabilized my temps and B) after my second period after getting off the pill. The first, they said, is just the body going through hbc withdrawals, so it's not until the second that really counts.

    I will continue to do Fertility Friend. It says my trial run will be out in 5 days. Do you pay for the service?
  10. ChristineKleiber

    ChristineKleiber New Member

    Yeah for this thread! I'm 47 and have charted my whole married life! NFP has been my best friend as I've moved through my 40's. I have cycles upon cyles of data. Yes, I'm Catholic and went with Sympto Thermal vice Billings when we started charting. I'm a little different in that I don't track cervical os position. Instead I use CM and both a vaginal and an oral temperature - taking the former with a glass thermometer, the latter with a digital. Husband records all data in a spreadsheet that nicely converts times when I don't wake up at the usual moment. Last summer as things got more haywire with perimenopause, my obgyn who is an expert chart reader suggested going to Marquette method or at least add LH readings to our charts. So I use LH strips from the first sign of EWCM until I get a positive reading.

    I can tell you that I've lived the SAD for most of my fertile years and was fine until I hit my 40's when PMS moved more to PMDD. I always had a bit a of luteal phase defect - less than 9-12 from peak to end of cycle. It just got worse as my cycle shortened. At 43 I had the menorraghia that sends you down anemia way, so it was suggested I do an endometrial ablation. Of course, given my faith, that had to be considered as a last resort. The ob/gyn I had then was NOT very supportive of NFP or me trying to avoid the procedure. But after 20+ years of people actually writing NO BIRTH CONTROL on my chart, I've pretty much given up.

    I did get lucky that an obgyn in the midwest told me to consider insulin resistance as the source of my issues. But other than gettting a fasting glucose of 105 (and being told that was fine), I didn't get any real support on the lifestyle end. Primary care at the time was your standard calories in /calories out type of guy and wouldn't even consider me as metabolic X. Yeah military health care. :mad:

    After the EA, I had zero tangible flow for 5 mos, and then just enough to mark TOTM. The anemia was gone, but my cycles continued to be short 23 -25 and then they stopped dead last Sept. :eek: I freaked because my charts show all the LH surges, temp rises/falls, and mucus changes. Just no flow. I was eating Paleo and was worried that being too keto for too long was the cause of the problems - the missing flow and the now spotting at days 8-10. No cancer - thank goodness, but a fibroid may be the cause of that.

    Anyway, add DEAD libido to this picture.:(

    Then enter Leptin Rx (cue chorus of cherubim). DH was definitely supportive of any diet that was going to show it was working by improving my mood and libido. And it did. And I had a perfect 27 day cycle with a tangible marker at TOTM and I nice long 12 day luteal phase. Interest is back. I can't say where I will be this month because I have been sick as a dog. Fever was >103 for 4 straight days. LH tried to surge and failed, so I am getting one of those "second surge" attempts right now. This is why I chart. I can see what is happening and won't be having an oops baby. Love kids, but once you have an ablation you can't have a child without a HUGE risk of placental abruption.

    So another charting woman.... trying to realign her hormones before they are all gone!:cool:
  11. L8F

    L8F New Member

    CGK, you sound like an expert! Love it! Yay LR, hoping it continues its magic and I get a baby at the end of the road--not just low percent body fat!! (That would be ok though too)

    (Ugh, that weird percent sign thing keeps happening, I will write it out)
  12. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Shock shock another doc who treats symptoms the easiest way for him instead of addressing root causes. Throw BCP, sterilization, destruction everywhere you can and leave the problems in place, just covering up the worst symptom.


    Another long-time NFP'er here. 10+ years ago, pretty much only Catholics were using it . I'm so glad to see it spreading to a much wider community, as we have only to gain from learning more about our bodies and appreciating & working in unity with their natural cycles instead of trying to bombard them with synthetic hormones into submission.
  13. Rhoswen

    Rhoswen New Member

    Guys, I'm curious... I'm a person who NEVER EVER EVER wants to have children. Would charting my cycle help me to figure out the best times to NOT have sex? :) The LadyComp seems like an awesome idea but, wow, so expensive. I'm just worried about how accurate charting would be and I definitely do no want to do hormonal birth control.
  14. Coriander

    Coriander Silver

    I'm sure that's what NFP was invented for! It must have been about 27 years ago, that one of my dh's aunts (devout catholic) told me that it was the best way to space your children. She had had 7 children, all spaced 2 years apart, because that's how she wanted it; every one of them planned. Then she wanted no more.

    She was such a demure, softly spoken lady. She almost whispered to me that she had three silk roses, one of which she would place in a vase beside her bed. Red, when it was TOM, yellow for when she was fertile, and (with a twinkle in her eye) white, for when he could got for it! Because, of course, they never spoke of such things.
  15. Rhoswen

    Rhoswen New Member

    Haha, she sounds really sweet. I definitely will have to look into this more... Not too sure where to start, but I've heard good things about that book, "Taking Charge of you Fertility".
  16. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    I think a lot of us once felt as you do. Nevertheless, there are loads and years of studies finding that NFP/FAM is as or more effective than the Pill so long as you actually bother to follow the rules (and no, they're not that complicated or difficult - just takes a wee bit of self-control, really not much!). If your cycle is regular, you just abstain from the first sign of approaching fertility (usually cervical mucus seen on toilet tissue that is liftable or slippery) until three full days after the last sign (usually CM that is clear, stretchy, and/or slippery, also there are signs like a temp that goes up and stays up, cervix moving down, firmer, and closed, and some others, all of which can cross-check the mucus sign). If your cycle isn't regular, the info you learn will be priceless to help learn what's going on with your cycle.

    You don't need any expensive software. I've been doing NFP for 15 years with just paper and pencil and the info I learned in a free class. (And the only one of my sweeties whose conception was a shock was the one conceived while using contraception.)
  17. L8F

    L8F New Member

    It was indeed originally for not getting pregnant I believe, but of course with people being so out of touch with their bodies in general, it has shifted into a popular way to gauge fertility for those with trouble TTC (trying to conceive). Some people were trying on only day 14 for example, and come to find out that they ovulate at day 8...

    Lady Comp in my opinion is not necessary--interprets your temp data itself. I think there are other devices that can help you more. (OvaCue I have used as well as Clear Blue Easy Fertility monitor) Temping and charting is almost the same as lady comp, and very effective if you have a REGULAR cycle. Some people are super duper fertile, so having sex any day within a week of ovulation gets them pregnant...for them, I am not sure. A lot of people use condoms around the time when they are most likely to be fertile.
  18. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    It's possible (but very unlikely - but POSSIBLE!) to get pregnant up to five days pre-O, and up to 3 days post-O. There is a rule in the sympto-thermal method that takes the five days pre-O into account, but I can't remember what it is. I have fairly regular cycles, so I just start abstaining six days before expected ovulation.

    NFP/FAM + condom around O time = baby, in my experience. :D (LOVE that baby who is now 13!)
  19. L8F

    L8F New Member

    Yes, take my contraceptive advice with a huge grain of salt!!! I have been infertile forever!! Listen to the woman with the kids here!
  20. L8F

    L8F New Member

    By the way, this thread is totally the coolest thing for me. I was really dreaming of a group of smart people to discuss this stuff with! And if we could get charts and couple them with labs over time and identify trends in chart patterns and symptoms, well I would be in heaven. So much more to work with.

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