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Women: How to Increase DHEA w/o Increasing Testosterone

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Trinity, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Trinity

    Trinity New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Last time I posted for help on labs, JansZ suggested that I try the MLM DHEA and pregnenolone from nutricology. Thanks JansZ! The cortisol is still a work in progress (trying to complete a wean off Cortef), but I have seen substantial progress in my DHEA level. The issue now seems to be that it's converting into too much testosterone. Here are the results of 2 salivary DHEA / testosterone tests. For reference, my DHEA level was at the very bottom of the reference range prior to trying the MLM formulation of DHEA.

    TEST 1: 4/21/13 (50mg MLM DHEA, 100mg MLM pregnenolone, 25 mg 7-keto DHEA)

    DHEAS (saliva): 12.5 ng/ml (2-23)
    Testosterone (saliva): 360 pg/ml (16-55) yikes!

    After this test, I reduced DHEA to 37.5 mg, pregnenolone to 75 mg, and eliminated the 7-keto. The results ~6 weeks later were:

    TEST 2: 6/4/13 (37.5 mg MLM DHEA, 75 mg MLM pregnenolone )

    DHEAS (saliva): 11.2 ng/ml (2-23)
    Testosterone (saliva): 236 pg/ml (16-55) reduced, but still too high

    I probably need to reduce the DHEA further because it is converting into too much testosterone, but after finally seeing progress I also don't want to tank my DHEA again. How does a woman actually get DHEA to the top of the reference range while maintaining a normal T level? I realize that 7-keto is an option for women, but after having followed some of the posts on this forum it appears like it may not be very effective at raising DHEA on labs. For this reason, I've stuck primarily to regular DHEA. I am thinking maybe I should reduce DHEA to 25mg for a month or so and retest. Any thoughts?

    Incidentally, in spite of extremely high T levels for a couple of months, I have not observed any major side effects yet (excess hair growth, acne, ect).

  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Consider staying on just one thread, it will be easier to review past communications.
    If you choose to do that,
    please copy and re-post here our communications from other places.

    Consider doing mostly blood and urine analysis.
    Reserve saliva for cortisol (if that, but good to get initial impression and latter, fine tuning)).

    You may want to do those tests at LabCorp.
    Ask your doctor for script for items that you want to review,
    you may want to pick them from list here:

    If indeed you have high testosterone, may want to investigate for
    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

    The testosterone may also raise when taking medications that are
    5α-reductase inhibitors
    Aromatase inhibitors
    that case testosterone may raise because it is (not used) not down-metabolized, (so it is not because you are making too much of it)

    Last edited: Jun 18, 2013

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