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Winter Mermaid's Adventures in Biohacking

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Winter Mermaid, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Good evening from Boston!

    I usually have a can of sardines and 4-5 eggs cooked in butter, sometimes bacon.

    It's becoming increasingly difficult to choke down all that protein in the morning. It's like I get full on less and less of it.
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    have you read "after the reset" do you have a BPC? you can start replacing some protein with more fat....
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  3. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Hi Winter , a good sign about the Bab. Don't jump off the reset too quickly though. Ideally look at 4-6 weeks before switching.
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  4. Thanks guys! I needed the encouragement. Caroline, I read the post-reset FAQ and it's very helpful.

    In general my body responds quickly- both positively and negatively. I've now completed three weeks of the reset and I'm going to keep going at least one more week, but I do feel I'm approaching the switch.

    Last night I had dinner at a very fancy seafood place and had a delicious salmon tartare for dinner (Inger, it was RAW and I thought of you!). I also had some butterscotch pudding, first sugar I have had on the reset besides fruit and I wondered if I was setting myself back. Stopped after a few big bites, woke up this morning and I am still in ketosis! I spent two hours in the ocean yesterday, so maybe that had something to do with it.
  5. Also, I've noticed a weird phenomenon: Every few days, an area of my body will feel "soft," softer than usual, as though the fat beneath the skin is made of jello. I first noticed it on my arms - it was so strange! My arm felt like a squashy sausage and the skin and fat felt loose, which I assure you is not a normal condition even when I'm overweight.

    After I go to bed and sleep 8 hours, I wake up and this area of loose skin and fat has become taut and leaner! The fat on my arms was slightly, but noticeably reduced. I felt the same thing on my stomach, thighs, etc, it's a different area every few days. I'm wondering if this could possibly be the cold thermogenesis killing fat cells? I assumed it could not work that quickly.
  6. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Many of us have experienced the "remodeling" effect of CT. Your weight might not change, but you can tell the CT is doing something great.
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  7. Wow. Interesting that you've experienced this too.

    Notes from my modifications, trying to eat bigger breakfasts:

    I found a diner around the corner from me that cooks everything in clarified butter, not gross canola oil like most places! I was overjoyed, ordered a brisket-cheddar omelet and added some butter to it, had a few thin slices of butter-fried potatoes since I read that most of your carbs should be in the breakfast meal. Brought some secret coconut oil in my purse and added it to decaf coffee with lots of cream. Felt so full, then immediately became very hot. Coconut oil seems to always make me hot.

    Now waiting for my outdoor cold tub to fill. I bought a large storage container for my backyard and I've been using that- it's the perfect size and was only $25 from Home Depot. No room in my freezer for tons of ice, I buy it in bags around the corner at the bodega (there are some advantages to living in a city). Bought a cheap hose and I fill it from my kitchen sink. Can't wait to get in 30 minutes in 55 degrees.
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  8. Hmmm . . . I had to search the CT forums for "libido" because today has been crazy. My gallant boyfriend is always up for an oxytocin session (once a day, with the normal exceptions for being very tired, stressed etc) but today . . . I needed two. An hour after the first, I was back bothering him for another one (good thing we both work from home!!!).

    I doubt it's a coincidence that today is the longest I've ever stayed in a CT session. Or the day I chose to have as much fat as possible at breakfast.

    I can see this being a problem with being productive . . .
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  9. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Always does it for me but the hubby not too fond of it when I am cold as a corpse......hehehe
  10. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    You know you just have to give us a link to the container, Mermaid!
    Oh, you've found another CT effect! You must be doing well. :)
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Did I forget to tell you that you need to have oxy twice a day????? oh man - I am slipping.....
  12. This made me laugh out loud!!!!! I don't feel it until I am thoroughly warmed again. I wonder if blood circulation boost could be part of it. I know I've experienced fish oil and high amounts of salmon as a ridiculously direct aphrodesiac before- when I was DHA depleted that is. Now that I'm eating seafood at least once a day my levels are constant and I don't feel the "boost." More like constantly - I find it a bit hard to be productive.

  13. This thing http://www.homedepot.com/p/Rubberma...-FG3A05H2MICBL/100673965?N=5yc1vZc89jZ1z0tuqh absolutely rocks. It might not work for a tall person, but I am only 5 foot six with a torso longer than my legs. I put a chair at one end, rest my feet on that out of the water. My mid-thigh to chin fits under water, displacing some. I will post a picture of my setup tomorrow! A very cheap solution. The weight of the water makes the sides bow out a bit, but if you shove some heavy objects on either side to support it will keep its shape fine.

    I was absolutely determined to have a cold tub. You should have seen the look on the Home Depot guy's face:

    Me: Do you sell kiddie pools?
    Home Depot Guy: No.
    Me: Do you sell large storage containers?
    Home Depot Guy: Uh . . . yes.
    Me: Show me the biggest one you have!

    He probably thought I was dissolving a body in acid a la Breaking Bad!
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  14. You did not! These high DHA and T levels are making me want to do absolutely no work, just lounge around outside and be reproductive rather than productive. I'm not being cute, it's actually a problem! I have so much writing to do . . .

    Have totally lost motivation to do work. I hate being at my computer though I love writing itself. By hand is too slow . . maybe I should buy an old fashioned type writer.
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  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Wouldn't that be a great idea ...an old fashioned typewriter!

    So glad I remembered to tell you the oxy stuff! ...don't want to lose my job! :p:p:p
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  16. Hope

    Hope Gold

    What do you do, Winter Mermaid? I love your writing...making my way through it slowly......but I love your story.

    Very cool you can work from home!!

  17. Nice to meet you, Hope. Do you have a journal too? I'll search as soon as I finish this reply.

    I am a psychotherapist (soon a psychoanalyst, will be going back to school eventually), and also a professional ghostwriter. As well as my own writing. I do have an office I travel to for seeing patients, but all of my writing activities I do from home.

    Striving to be a useful therapist and not one of the 98% who make people worse, as Dr. Kruse had no trouble pointing out on this thread :). I like that he doesn't mince words or worry about offending people- very refreshing.
  18. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Hi Mermaid,

    Thanks so much for writing!!

    I do have a journal....though I have not been keeping up with it in months....we recently moved and I'm still 'setting up house', LOL. I will say - when you get the magnetico, you'll love it!

    Wow, a professional ghostwriter - I'm not surprised. How did you get into that? Natural talent or did you go to school for it?

    And how exciting, a psychoanalyst who gets it about diet and true health.....your clients are going to be SO fortunate to learn and heal with your help. You'll be able to transform their lives!!!!!!! in the original sense of the word.....no making people worse......

    (((Hugs))) and enjoy the transition to your new work, school, and location as you move on to them....
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  19. I love getting internet hugs :) ! The people on this forum are quite an unusual collection.

    Ghostwriting is all about word of mouth. And discretion.

    I'm going to have to figure out how to integrate what I know with how I practice. These views are so far outside the mainstream that I think it will be a challenge, but I'm up for it.
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  20. Speaking of Magnetico: Hey Doc,

    You said I should hold off on getting one until I assess my environment:

    I have to continue living in EMF hell (downtown Boston, 30+ wifi signals coming through me at all times at home) for at least one more year.

    I share a house with multiple roommates who all work odd hours on their computers, so I can't kill the wifi at night and I can't kill the switch to my room because it takes them with it. We rent so I can't alter the circuits at all either.

    I live on the second floor.

    My roommate lived in a rural area until two years ago, when she moved to the city. Within that time frame she developed low thyroid- I think the NN EMF here is insane. I have lived in the city since age 18, so ten years of exposure. The outer third of my eyebrows is gone and I'm going to get thyroid tested myself . . .

    Based on these factors would you recommend a Magnetico? Is there anything else I would need to know to assess this?
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