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Winter Mermaid's Adventures in Biohacking

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Winter Mermaid, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Are you following the "senses" thread that Sue from the UK started?
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    When you say this i remember how i stopped wearing my silver necklace long ago as it made me feel like a prisoner somehow... i recently checked out my EMF situations / antennas at the place i lived back then, many years ago close to Hamburg, and it was horrible... i also worked in the big city of Hamburg as a waitress. I remember how i, after a stressy workday, more often than not stopped by the sushi place at the railway station on my way home and ate double portions salmon sashimi. I craved it so badly!

    Winter Mermaid, i love how you say this is like you found Narnia....... it is how it feels to me too.

    You seem like such a feminine, intuitive and beautiful soul :)
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  3. WereBear

    WereBear New Member

    I know what you mean :) But my problems were extreme! I can usually get goat cheese but I only have a little bit every couple of weeks because I'm still early on, despite how much better I feel.

    That all-weather swimming in Walden Pond sounds really ambitious. But then, I live in a place where we pull block of ice out of the lake and build a castle or something each year.

    One step at a time!
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  4. Very interesting. There is so much to read here . . . drinking from the firehose.
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  5. I've been really enjoying reading your threads/journal. I have a lot to learn from the people here . . .
  6. Way too much cheese and cream this weekend. Had some homemade flan at a party yesterday, I scraped all the caramel off (so delicious, also first sugar I have had in a week). Stayed in ketosis the entire weekend and this morning despite this, though it went to "mild" on the sticks. Though I have not been exercising this week, I did go kayaking for an hour on a very calm Charles River- some people had sore shoulders and arms this morning but I didn't- wonder if that is a side effect of ketosis. I usually have intense soreness after doing a new type of movement.

    The rest of the party was in a quiet park in the city, we all ran around barefoot playing frisbee and flying kites in the sun for hours. I felt great- then went home and spent time in my living room after dark with roommates watching our gigantic TV and using my laptop (which I don't keep on my lap). Got a headache within an hour . . . . this EMF thing . . . hmm . . . . before going to bed I turned off the power strips connecting all the TV/cable/internet stuff. I can't kill the circuit without talking to roommates first.

    My blue blockers are on the way.
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    just saying "Hi"
  8. Hi Caroline! I've been so busy with work it's been hard to keep up on the forums.

    Trying to work on my EMF versus darkness: I have blackout curtains that I put on at night, otherwise there is enough blue light to read from because of surrounding houses and streetlights. These are heavy curtains and no air can get through, so I have a unit air conditioner in one of the three bedroom windows. However, trying to limit its use - so left one curtain/window open and used a sleep mask last night. Sleep mask came off in the night somehow and I woke up too early (6 am, usually with the curtains i wake at 7 am). Ugh.
  9. Continuing to drop weight, actually a bit too quickly for my liking (I worry about skin/tissue elasticity maintaining itself). Only spring water, seafood twice a day, random bits of fermented vegetables.

    My skin is clearing up dramatically. Used to get hundreds of mildly clogged pores on my face (not acne exactly) and they are disappearing. Feeling hot after meals and CT is humming along- still get nauseous every time I ice my torso. It seems to be specifically the spot below my navel, which the Chinese call the dan tien. It's a major energy center in the body and I wonder if it doesn't like being cold . . . trying to ice around it.
  10. Oh AND I went on a recreational swim (nothing strenuous) at Walden at noon, and put zinc sunscreen everywhere but my back - I wanted to do an experiment. I usually burn red within 10 minutes but I have read on this forum that people tan better when their DHA is high.

    No burn- a light golden tan! First time in my life. I was out there for one hour!

    P.S. To the ladies [mostly the pale white ones since we seem to age the most visibly]: do you worry about photoaging and wrinkling of your skin with all of this sun exposure? Or is that mitigated by healthy diet and DHA levels? Even with a better ability to tan I would rather keep my face/neck/decolletage/hands out of the sun- I wear driving gloves in the car :).

    One thing I stopped doing long before the Leptin Re-Set was using chemical sunscreen, or any sunscreen except zinc- and that only if I was going to be outdoors for a long time in little clothing. I have a parasol, long cotton gloves, and shrugs that I wear instead. I've been doing 5 minutes outside in little clothing at solar noon on purpose since starting the re-set.
  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    well... i know i am going to get super wrinkly as I age, because i spend so much time in the sun! But I am not worried one bit. I think wrinkles look cute if they are the happy kind of wrinkles. They give an aging face character.... i was never a fan of wrinkelless skin as long as it comes because of being out in the sun - not from tobacco or worrying etc. ;)
    We just need to smile a lot and the wrinkles are going to be beautiful I am sure :)
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  12. Inger

    Inger Silver

    You need to start tanning in winter/early spring whole body, then you will not burn as your skin adapts to the sun as its power increases. That is how I do, that is also what nature does, the sun power increases very slowly!
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  13. Ok, I think my Leptin is well on its way to being re-set.

    I tried a bite of a banana today and I was shocked at how sickly-sweet it tasted! I could not eat more than the one bite, it was like eating candy. I promise you that on my epi-SAD [I think that's a good name for half-paleo half-SAD eating] diet, a banana did not seem like dessert unless it was fried in butter and drowned in maple syrup and cream.

    I also had a chocolate craving after lunch so I bought a bar of dark stuff. I took one big bite, and after I swallowed it was like a sign went off in my gut that said "done"! I did not want anymore, before I could easily eat two of these. As an experiment I took one more bite, and chewing and swallowing it was a sharp decrease in pleasure from the first bite, shading into "unpleasantly close to too full."

    This does not happen without the seafood/DHA. I could eat ten pounds of bacon and it wouldn't negate my desire for sugar.
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I use to burn in the sun too ....now my skin is an olive tone and I don't burn at all!

    You are doing great!
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  15. First stomach icing that hasn't given me a lot of nausea. Just a little bit. Using my temperature gun it takes quite a while for my skin temp to come back up to 90-something degrees.

    I'm also starting to ice the underside of my arms. That is always the last place I lose weight, hoping to change that.

    Love how sleepy CT makes me. Very relaxing.
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    is it detox do you think?
  17. Beats me as to the mechanism! Perhaps stored toxins being released from fat cells in the iced area?
  18. nicld

    nicld Gold

    That is great!!!! I HATE bananas too. They are way way too sweet and since I do not live in the tropics where bananas are a native fruit I don't think I should be eating them.
  19. I've wondered the same thing about coconut, which seems to get used widely in all paleo contexts. I'm pretty sure none of my recent ancestors saw a coconut in their lives! I enjoy it though and it doesn't bother me.
  20. nicld

    nicld Gold

    ^^^^ Ooooh, coconuts would be hard for me. I LOVE organic unsweetened coconut in coconut oil with dark cocoa powder and a little stevia in it.

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