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Winter Mermaid's Adventures in Biohacking

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Winter Mermaid, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. I am excited to start what is going to be a long journey.

    The following are the genetic/epigenetic factors that make me interested in doing the Leptin Reset and Cold Thermogenesis:

    Paternal grandfather died of a heart attack. Maternal grandfather had a heart attack in his 50's and then developed T1 diabetes. Maternal grandmother has severe osteoporosis, paternal grandmother had breast cancer, got treatment, and then died of Alzheimer's. Maternal uncle, despite being a doctor and avid jogger, got high cholesterol and high blood pressure in his 40's.

    My father has always been 30 to 50 pounds overweight no matter what he tries, with the exception of the paleo diet which caused him to lose all the weight. However he is addicted to carbs, went off the diet, and gained all the weight back promptly.

    My mother is hypothyroid and suffered from a wide range of mysterious symptoms since giving birth to my younger brother: gut problems, random pain, migraines, depression- leading to multiple hospitalizations with no diagnosis. She went to a ton of doctors and none of them could figure it out. A few years ago she was finally diagnosed with limited scleroderma, an autoimmune disease. She believes this was caused by extreme stress in her 20's and a childhood of highly processed, non-nutritious food. She also realizes now that she was severely deficient in DHA.

    I believe that may have contributed to me having a full year of colic when I was born. I literally didn't sleep more than 30 minutes at a time for my entire first year of life and had frequent screaming fits. I was breast fed for much of that year but again, her diet was quite poor.

    From the ages of to 6 to 22, kindergarten to graduating college, I was continually stressed and miserable due to being forced to attend school. I wanted to read and learn on my own, and was very different than other kids. Had I been a child these days I would have immediately been diagnosed ADHD, which I actually was in college though I refused to take any drugs for it. I was relentlessly bullied from age 6 until age 16 or so and had very few friends, spent my time rebellious and frustrated and angry. I chose to go to college after much arm twisting from parents and hated every minute of it. At age 23 I got into grad school and loved life and learning for the first time EVER.

    I had a hideous period of time in my mid twenties where I had jaw surgery to correct congenital palate deformities and terrible teeth. I had a bone graft from my lower jaw to my upper and it really did a number on me. Glad I did it, but very taxing physically and emotionally.

    I was a very fit teen, but began gaining weight due to stress which would trigger crazy carb and fried food binges. I am 5 foot 6 inches and my ideal weight is around 130 pounds. Before beginning the leptin reset I was 165, my highest weight ever.

    Despite all these epigenetic stressors I have the following things going for me: I have an iron stomach inherited from my father. Despite tons of antibiotics as a child and teen/young adult [UTIs, soooo many], as well as a horrible processed food diet, I have never had any digestive trouble whatsoever. I can binge eat LITERALLY a whole pizza, a whole cake, a milkshake, and a full plate of nachos in one meal and not have any intestinal disruption or distress. I missed my calling as a competitive eater, so it is rather obvious that I can benefit from the Leptin Reset.

    I also seem to have a fast metabolism despite my eating. In the past I have had the eating habits of the obese but never got more than moderately overweight. Because of my medium large frame, and because I gain weight evenly all over, I have never looked very overweight even when I am. It all goes to my chest and butt, waist stays slimmer even at my fattest.

    I also have always had great sleep, with a strong circadian rhythym as soon as I force myself to put down the book or computer and go to bed. I fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and always get eight hours. I have arranged my working life so that I never need to wake up early and have a totally dark bedroom with blackout curtains.

    My libido has always been quite high, leading me to wonder whether I have higher than average testosterone. In some respects my style of thinking and relating is quite masculine, but I look very feminine [excess estrogen converting into testosterone? I don't know my biochemistry well enough].

    I also have work that I am absolutely passionate about, and at age 28 I am finally enjoying life to the fullest and want to A] get in great shape for now and B] avoid the fate of most people in my family in terms of neolithic disease. I am almost 29 and this is the age my mother was diagnosed with hypothyroid.

    Luckily, I have total flexibility with my schedule to design an optimal life. I start a new job in September and I want to spend August doing the basic Leptin Reset so I can figure out how to design my schedule. I see people by the hour appointment so if I want to eventually exercise at 2 pm everyday that will be possible.

    I am so grateful to have found this community around Dr. Kruse's work. It puts together a lot of pieces that I wanted to connect but could not quite understand, especially about the immense impact of neolithic disease on my family. I am very lucky in a lot of ways and I count being born at a time to take advantage of the paleo and epipaleo movements as one of them.

    My ultimate goal, as I stated in my first thread, is to become a fat adapted, cold adapted winter swimmer. I want to learn how to do it well and safely for the rest of my life, not as a highly competitive chronic cardio type deal. I love swimming as a meditation and I am currently improving my technique with the Total Immersion videos, which I recommend to anyone who likes to swim for exercise. I live close to Walden Pond in Concord, MA, and there is a community of all weather swimmers that I would like to join.

    It will be very helpful to chronicle my efforts here since real life support is lacking. I have wonderful friends, family and boyfriend but they do not like these protocols and think it is too extreme, though they give me lots of oxytocin otherwise [exclamation point].
    PS. The exclamation point on my keyboard is broken so I seem very stoic. I usually use a lot of exclamation points because I am very excitable.
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome winter mermaid!!!!! I can use exclamation marks for both of us!!!!

    It is amazing to me that people [friends. family etc] can think that the three legged stool is too extreme!

    We need to heavily invest in mother nature .... as Dr. K. has said .... she is our straight edge!

    Go for Gold! it is your one life to live ...leave no stone unturned and dance at the edge of your life!
  3. My inability to use exclamation points is driving me batty and making me laugh at the same time. Thank you for remedying the problem.

    Caroline's Exclamation Point Protocol . . .
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I also have an oxy protocol ....just saying!!!!

    are you gonna give us a real pic?????? I suppose that could be you?????

    remember .... Dr. K's new rule ........no pic - no Jack!
  5. I was not aware of this rule, curious about why? The picture in my profile is of the female scientist who swam with the whales in the Arctic ocean. She is my aspirational role model [exclamation point].

    I certainly have "before" pictures I would like to post but would rather keep them headless due to being rather scantily dressed. Is that all right? Due to my profession and the degree of detail I want to share, I would rather remain anonymous but I would put a picture of my face if those are the rules. I could always retake before pictures wearing my compression clothes [exclamation point].I would then also take down my family history which I suppose is not absolutely required to be here, I was just doing stream of consciousness.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Yes - I have seen that pic before - someone posted it here quite awhile ago.

    If you want Dr. K. to intereact with you... you need history and a pic...... he needs context to be able to offer suggestions ....and he wants to see who he is talking to.

    This site is all about sharing thoughts and electrons ......

    your call......
  7. Thanks for your reply, that makes sense. I will definitely post some real life face/body pictures in the next couple of days [need to take some new ones].Hey, it's all for science, right? :-D
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator


    How are you doing?
  9. Day 1: Felt great physically but couldn't get motivated to do one bit of any kind of work or mental heavy lifting, or chores. Face dunking resulted in lovely feelings of heat in my whole body afterwards.

    Day 2: The hardest, felt very weird and out of sorts, but no cravings just very low energy despite high fat and high fish intake.Day 1 of spot icing with compression shirt - well tolerated, got skin down to 55 degrees, cherry red with no urticaria.However at the ten minute mark I became nauseous and felt strange, truly a sensation I have never experienced. The feeling abated within an hour of the CT session.

    Day 3:Woke up feeling better, ketone sticks showed I was in mild to moderate ketosis. Had lots of trouble stuffing down 50 grams of protein in the morning as my hunger had dropped. Had a bit more energy throughout the day. Gave my stomach a break and tried my homemade Ice Bra: an old sports bra soaked in water and frozen in the freezer. Wore it over my compression shirt and got the skin down to 55 degrees. I carry much of my extra weight here and wanted to see how my body tolerated this.

    Day 4:Woke up with energy, forced down breakfast, was able to resume normal activities. Scale shows I have lost five pounds since Day 1 [exclamation points, multiple]. Down a bra size as well. Unbelievable.

    Day 5 : [today]: I write for a living half the time and frequently get sore wrists and arms from lots of typing. I noticed I typed for hours and had no pain - must have been inflammation [exclamation points]. I can go all day without dairy but at night I feel like I "need" butter. Makes me feel sleepy and relaxed.

    Overall feel sleeker and better than I have in years.Steadily more energy every day as my body gets used to using ketones. I have been eating bits of seasonal fruit and vegetables to see how many carbs will keep me still in ketosis. I am afraid to be deeply in ketosis and have been aiming for mild according to the test strips. Have had a bad kidney infection in the past [UTI traveling up before I realized], so leery of doing anything that would increase stress on the kidneys. Getting Dr.K's opinion on that matter is worth abandoning my anonymity [exclamation point].
  10. Here I am, that's my real picture. Will post some current body shots tomorrow :).
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You are stunning!!! thanks for the pic!

    You avoid butter? Have you tried a BPC?
  12. Thanks, I'm blushing! Also I got my exclamation point back by switching computers.

    I am trying to avoid dairy in general, though my Slavic heritage would suggest I'm well adapted to it. I am definitely addicted to it, via the casomorphin connection, because when I don't have dairy I actually feel SAD and empty and like life isn't worth living. Heh. Withdrawal symptoms. I can't keep off it more than a few days. It doesn't give me symptoms to eat it regularly but I don't like the idea of being dependent on a "drug" even if that drug is cheese. Which I could easily eat five pounds of.

    I am so caffeine sensitive that even decaf coffee gives me a high and then a depressed crash. Mania and then restless nonproductivity and, weirdly, SLEEPINESS. Too much coffee makes me tired. Small amounts of good quality chocolate and green tea will do the same. I have great energy levels without caffeine but I do love the taste and wish I could have some without repercussions.
  13. I am attracted to Cold Thermogenesis in part because I feel like it really fits with my ancestry. Which would be pale Ashkenazi Jews weathering Russian winters for centuries. However due to the taboo on marrying out the tribe it seems that this group has unique genetic vulnerabilities (lots of diabetes, stomach issues, allergies, breast cancer, etc).
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I could easily eat five lbs of cheese too ....way too easily! seemingly no side affects tho.....

    I just realised - those are my exact feelings about cheese too ...I try to stay away too ...but feel better when I have some! drug of choice I suppose ......

    can you have ghee?
  15. A fellow cheese-aholic!

    I find ghee to be the most disgusting thing ever, for reasons I can't explain. Probably because it lacks my coveted casomorphins!

    I can't get French dairy so I'm trying not to have it (that's my understanding of the protocol). Very tough. I wonder how long it would take for the cravings to subside if I went hardcore.
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    from my personal experience ...it is a life long affair!
  17. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    I'm another person of Slavic heritage that loves cheese! I can identify with what you said ^^^.

    Have learned to limit the amount I consume though (it's been a hard adjustment over the past few years). I have autoimmune tendencies.
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  18. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Welcome Mermaid :)

    I love cheese too, but only eat raw milk cheeses from sheep or goat.... and those are not always easy to find so I eat it very occasionally, never pasteurized cheese for me... just had 200 grams of raw organic sheep cheese today tho,
    man that was good :)

    but i go days and weeks and even months in between without any cheese/dairy at all, on purpose
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  19. Here is me in my CT compression clothing, Day 6.

    Day 6 reset and CT.JPG Day 6 side.JPG
  20. Sorry these are so big, I could not figure out how to resize them . . .

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