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Wil's Journal: Stumbling Forward One Day-At-A-Time

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by jwhb77, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    Yes, they do seem to make my gut feel a little 'off'... almost like nausea, but not quite. It's subtle... I think my gut just isn't used to them b/c I've seldom if ever eaten them in the past.
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  2. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    I ordered a coolfatburner & coolgutbuster from Coolfatburner.com & received it yesterday... wore them both today while doing my 'Power Hour' at sunrise... felt great. No shivering or strong discomfort, & feelings of serenity overtook me as I lay there, staring up towards the morning sun. So peaceful... which kind of makes me wonder if these garments were making me cold enough... I don't have much CT experience under my belt, so I'm not sure what it's supposed to feel like done properly. Anyways, it was a nice experience.

    I've also started making a smoothie every morning before sunrise with fruit, almond milk, & a tablespoon of salmon roe in it for the DHA. Not 'fishy' tasting at all & I feel better/less anxious in the morning hours since taking up the practice. I can feel the difference on mornings I've skipped this. I really want to up my daily seafood/DHA volume, & these smoothies are one easy way to do that... I'm also looking into some online options for getting live mussels & oysters airshipped to my landlocked self in OK (Vital Choice, et al.), but I'm a little apprehensive about storing these properly. We'll see...

    Another devleopment: while my wife & I were down in Dallas last week, I underwent a battery of aptitude testing at AIMS... they give testees (not to be confused with testis, lol) a list of careers that fit well with their individual aptitude & interest profiles as part of the service, and one of the suggestions they gave me was diagnostic medical sonographer. I've read on the forum here that ultrasound can create EZ water in the body, but the prospect of working in an environment with potentially-high nnEMF exposures scares me (I don't know much about what the exposure might be for someone operating an ultrasound machine). If anyone knows anything about this, please do chime in here... it would help me evaluate whether to pursue this career path.
  3. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    Did CT 3x this past week-and-weekend using the coolfatburner & coolgutbuster... the first day I did for 2.5-3 hrs, out in the late morning-early afternoon sun, and I think I may have gotten ahead of myself there. The skin of my chest, back, & abdomen were a nice, rosy pink for approx 6 hours afterwards, and I had no shivering while in the garments or for the first few hrs after. I did, however, have a hard time remaining asleep that night in bed when the shivers hit. The next afternoon, I also noticed a few areas of skin on my belly felt numb... not completely without sensation, but definitely less than normal. I decided I'd better wait another day & scale waaay back, more in line with recommendations. Lesson definitely learned. Follow the protocol & build gradually.

    The other two times I CT'ed were 30 min or less, and I had none of the same issues come up.

    I've also been keeping up with my sunrise hour of power on most mornings. It's definitely felt like winter here in OK, USA this week, so on the few mornings that've been wet + cold, I rationalized staying inside in front of my various artifical lamps. No comparison there, really, but better than nothing I suppose.

    On a brighter note, my wife told me that I do seem to be functioning better... getting more done, taking on more repsonsibility, keeping a better attitude towards things & life. That was really encouraging for me to hear, & I think I'm on the right track here. I hope the improvements continue!
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  4. lilreddgirl

    lilreddgirl New Member

    I think Dr. K mentioned on the blogs on CT a few years back that he spent some months with his torso feeling numb 24/7 and this was not a problem. I think as long as you don't see white skin instead of cherry red it's supposed to be ok. I'm surprised that you got shivers during sleep though!
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  5. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    2016-1-30. Saturday

    After seeing a slow but certain improvement in my symptoms & overall cognitive functioning during the past month-and-a-half of following Dr K's recommendations, I fell off the wagon this past week with my morning hour of power, starting with a very late night early in the week. I stayed up too late, overslept, spent most of my time indoors, and got very little accomplished. I rationalized some of it by substituting an array of full-spectrum sunlamps, UV lamps as much as I could. As the week progressed, I felt myself slipping increasingly into a state of frustration, shame, anger, & depression/desperation. High levels of anxiety re-asserted themselves with vigor. It's very hard to think clearly when you're in that state, but by yesterday (Friday) morning, I could no longer deny that, by lapsing, I was in effect doing this to myself.

    I got my rear out in the sun at about 4:30-5 pm that evening, about an hour before sunset. What happened? After about 20 minutes of sungazing, all of those problem symptoms that seemed so overwhelming & hopelessly permanent the day before dissipated. The longer I was out there, the better I felt & the clearer my mind got. My dog even hopped up on the hammock with me, and we gazed at the sun together until it descended past the horizon.

    What my experiences this week taught me, in a way that word of mouth simply cannot, is how powerful & vital our (or, at the very least, my) connection to the sun is. My biology wasn't fooled by my rationalizations, arguments, or my artificial light sources... it was hungry for sunlight, and sunlight is all that would do. Simple as that, & I'm taking it to heart.
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  6. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    2016-1-30. Saturday (cont)

    In other news, while I was on the trip to Dallas for aptitude testing (I mentioned a few posts back), one of the most interesting takeaways that my wife & I learned is that I test low for 'perceptual speed', a trait that is essentially a measure of our ability to quickly & accurately see & compare the similarities & differences among sets of visual stimuli (e.g. letters, numbers, pictures, objects, or patterns) that are presented to us. Though this trait is related to intelligence & IQ, is not the same thing... and it's very common among those who, like me, are diagnosed with ADHD. It made a lot of sense of my life experiences... especially my struggles in keeping up with notetaking during lectures in school, and in my struggles with staying on top of the high volume of paperwork demanded by during nursing school.

    All of this got me to wondering how myelination in the CNS might be related to variations in perceptual speed. As a trait, it's supposed to be more or less stable throughout a person's lifetime, but it does generally decline across the board with age... in other words, the older you get the slower your perceptual speed tends to get, & this is relative to the individual. I'm wondering if this decrease in relative perceptual speed might be tied to the myelination decreases commonly associated with aging. I also think it'd be interesting to see data on the perceptual speeds of those suffering diseases of myelination like MS... wonder whether there might be correlations there.

    For myself, I'm quite curious to see if consistent seafood & sunshine might be enough to eventually increase my perceptual speeds over time... it'll be intersting to see.
  7. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    2016-2-15. Monday

    Since my last update, I've been to see my doc. We're going to continue my chelation tx another 6 months with Ca disodium EDTA & DMPS taken in 6 week cycles... she also said I've cleared enough of the heavy metals to begin IV phospholipid therapy whenever I'm ready. I told her about my experiments with light & seafood, & she was on board, esp when she saw a lot of my symptoms had improved on my implementation of Dr K's recommendations.

    She also started me on a Ca-Mg Butyrate supplement (by BodyBio) to help combat excessive metabolic peroxide production that's shown up in some of my testing (related to my heterozygous MTHFR genetics). In addition, she is starting me on BodyBio's Phosphatidyl choline oral supplement. I need to read up on it, but a college level physics class I'm taking this spring keeps getting in the way...

    Still not getting consistent CT like I want too, not sure what my hangup there is... but this one of this week's goals will be to decide on what form of CT I'll be most likely to follow through with consistently (& to git 'r done).

    If anyone has any suggestions on this, or how I might otherwise fast track my progress & recovery, I'm all ears & would be much obliged. Thanks for reading :)
  8. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    2016-02-17. Wednesday

    Been doing some research & planning on my CT options, and just wanted to get some opinions on what is the best 'bang for my buck'... budget is tight right now, but I could make some sacrifices over the next several months to stretch it up to the neighborhood of $500-600 USD. I've narrowed it down to 2 main options at this point: Option #1- purchasing a 150 gal stock tank + upright freezer to keep an ice supply flowing for CT, or Option #2- purchasing the Quantlet as my main CT investment. Both seem like good options to me, with the Quantlet seeming more convenient, but possibly less effective for CT (??? I have no experiential frame of reference upon which to compare them in this regard). I know the Quantlet is more than just a CT device, but it does loosely fall into that category for my purposes...

    I'm hoping someone with relevant experience and/or understanding might chime in here with some sage advice? Thanks.............

  9. lilreddgirl

    lilreddgirl New Member

    I would definitely get the Quantlet as Dr. K said it *might* be like a subsitute for CT and it ALSO includes the photoelectric effect of UV and Red light frequencies. It is likely the most powerful hack available around here.

    I do CT cheaply in any bathtub by running cold water and freeze a couple 2 Gallon jugs of water in a regular freezer to use as your ice.
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  10. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member


    Thank you for responding... I'm going to give your CT method a try. I will likely also give the Quantlet a go too... I've resisted it's siren call for a couple of months now, but I don't know how much longer I can hold back... seems like such an amazing piece of technology with so much potential to help me recover from my issues! I'll have to get busy saving for it asap...

    Thanks for your input!:)

  11. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    2016-03-05. Saturday

    So this week I've begun lying directly on the grass in the backyard while I do my gazing at sunrise every morning, in an effort to increase the grounding effect. I feel like the difference is noticeable enough to keep doing it, but unfortunately I've also noticed a lot of bug bites from whatever's in the grass. Anyone else out there run into this? Any ideas about how to avoid the bites while getting the benefit?
  12. lilreddgirl

    lilreddgirl New Member

    Try an all natural bug repellent? At one point I will look into this too... might as well be now... I had some options I had found before but lost track ...
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  13. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    2016-03-24. Thursday

    As I was sunning this week, it occurred to me that the heavy manhole cover (all metal, probably iron) in the back corner of my backyard might make a great place to sit/stand while getting my daily sunlight.

    My reasoning: being metal, it's highly conductive... being lodged in the earth itself, & connected to a network of metal pipes buried in the earth, it seems like this would make an extremely effective source for grounding. As I'm trying to maximize my ground state while sunning, this seems like a free way of enhancing my process & results, but I'm not certain as I don't feel I know enough about the issues involved in grounding/earthing yet.

    I've also been wondering if the timing of my DHA consumption could be optimized or not... for instance, would it make any difference if I consumed it at some interval before sun exposure, vs during?

    Just curious...
  14. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    Thanks, you taught me, a four year veteran of CT SOMETHING. WEAR THE COOLFAT BURNER WHILE WATCHING THE SUNRISE. I can't get the sunrise in my tub, even with my wheels. I have to walk to the sunrise. Tomorrow morning , I'll think of you again.
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  15. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    Wet blanket?
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  16. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    I do fine in a 70 gallon tub. Chest freezers are a hell of a lot cheaper than uprights. Smaller tubs need less ice. If you can't fit "everything" into the 70 gallon tank. use your coolfatburner on your shoulders.
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  17. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    what are your body dimensions (height/weight), if you don't mind my asking?
  18. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    I'm 5'8' 160 lbs. ,so so smaller and shorter than you. Depends where you live. Florida in the summer puts a premium on minimizing ice. Some people don't even CT in summer. I increase CT in summer since I use it to avoid AC. Good luck
  19. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    Shah78, thanks for the ideas... I may just have to sit in a couple of tanks to know for sure... I do like the idea of the smaller tub though. Seems like it would be more cost- & space-efficient, if I could manage to fit into one. The wife insists on an upright, otherwise I'd probably go the cheaper route with a chest freezer... lol
  20. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    2016-04-08. Saturday

    I am grateful & blessed to have gotten a new job recently, & so I decided it was high time to secure a Quantlet & got one of the last reduced-price units available via the Indiegogo campaign... really excited about this device & hoping it will provide some dramatic improvements to my energy levels & cognitive function! I'd love to hear from anyone who's used one for these purposes, and what it's done for them... or anyone who knows of related stories. Eagerly awaiting the September ship date!

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