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Wil's Journal: Stumbling Forward One Day-At-A-Time

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by jwhb77, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    2015-11-27. Friday

    My name is Wil.

    Simply put, this is a record of my journey towards better health and a better life... a state of being & function that I would call 'optimal'. It's a journey I've been on for some time already, and those interested can get a bare sketch of where I'm coming from here:


    To try & boil it down:
    --I'm 38 years old, male, primarily of Irish, Welsh, & French stock...
    approx 5'11'' tall, weighing 205 lbs... athletic build, but not 'muscle-bound'...
    family history of depression & anxiety, and my father died from early-onset Alzheimer's disease...
    --personal history of depression & anxiety since puberty...
    --played competitive football (American) throughout middle school & high school (varsity)... collision-related black-out during my senior season/possible concussion (never diagnosed)...
    --diagnosed ADHD/Inattentive at age 23... taking antidepressants, anxiolytics, & ADHD meds on-and-off since then (and currently)...
    --had to drop out of nursing school at age 36, due to cognitive dysfunction & memory problems...
    --heavy metal toxicity detected in blood labs at age 36... mercury & lead esp., but also antimony, tin, aluminum, et al.)
    --also detected heterozygous MTHFR gene mutation at that time...
    --undergoing chelation tx for the past 2 yrs to alleviate the heavy metal toxicity... mercury is down from sky-high to within reference range, lead is getting close to reference range, as are a few of the others that were too high...
    --Syncopal episode in June 2014, after a 2-mile run... passed out in the middle of Hobby Lobby...
    --MD diagnosed hypertension (had been borderline before), Rx'ed Lisinopril + (more recently) Amlodipine besylate...

    Lots going on, as you can see, but even after all of that, I'm still doing everything I can manage to try to improve my situation & my understanding of it... in doing so, I managed to stumble across Jack Kruse's work online... needless to say, my mind = blown! Jack gave me lots of things to consider, to re-think, & new things to try... I'm truly grateful for the opportunity he's afforded me!
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  2. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    2015-11-27. Friday (continued)

    So, what I'm up to at this point:

    - Continuing weekly chelation tx (DMSA + calcium disodium EDTA), until blood tests show they're no longer needed...
    - Re-reading the EpiRx book & SLOWLY, for digestion...
    - Trying to establish a new habit of waking at dawn & getting direct sunlight for at least 15-20 mins, while juggling...
    - Eating a variety of new (to me) seafoods... trying to eat at least a tin of sardines, salmon, or mussels everyday... just ordered some salmon roe... sadly I've no access to the fresh stuff locally, so I gotta get my seafood canned or online...
    - Getting started with sea veggies... sushi nori is the first & only thing I've done so far in this regard...
    - Cleaning up other areas of my dietary intake, already gluten-free & tomato-free... but stopping dairy is going to be a tough one... always been a big milk & cheese guy... a work in progress.
    - Toying with CT & trying to get myself into a more regimented program with it...

    If anyone reading this journal knows, I'm presently trying to figure out the following:

    - My local water supply doesn't treat the water with fluoride, fortunately... I have a carbon filter in the fridge water at home, so would I need to go all-in with a RO filter system that filters fluoride?
    - Are there any more cost-effective means of getting a regular supply of good water than RO systems (they're kinda pricey)? What about ozonating carbon-filtered water?
    - Should the water I use for CT also be RO and/or non-fluoridated? Just curious...
    - Is there a way to figure out how much DHA/EPA I should be consuming per day, as a bare minimum? I've read elsewhere on the forums that there's not likely an upper limit for contemporary, nnEMF-saturated people like us, but nothing specifically commenting on a bare minimum to shoot for...

    Anywho, that's all for the moment... I'll be back with more :)
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2016
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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Welcome to journal land Wil!

    Eat as much seafood as possible - a lot of us try to eat mostly seafood

    Start with bottles of spring water. Don't worry about what water for C/T .... Just do it!
    Have you read the easy start guides?
    Do you listen to Jacks podcasts? They are an easier way to get quick info.

    The most important thing is the three legged stool ......light, water, magnetism

    Eat seafood
    Drink bottled water
    Get outside as much as possible with as little clothes as possible - without scaring the neighbours! You need lots and lots of outdoor time ....in bare feet. I think of my hands and feet as solar panels!

    Tell us more about where you live and work. Your post code is a big deal

    Tell Dr K. More about your Moms and grandmas health history. Siblings?


    Having had a concussion is huge
    Are you still exercising???

    If you can swing it ..... Become a gold member then you will get all the webinars and the live monthly Q&A where you can ask Jack anything.
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  4. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    Thank you, Caroline!

    Are there any particular/preferred sources for spring water you recommend?

    I've caught a few of Jack's podcasts & interviews, which have been helpful. I'm curious if there's an optimal order in which I can read Jack's blog posts & podcasts... my intuition is to just read & process them in chronological order.

    Thank you for the advice! Sounds like I'm on the right track, just need to up my time outdoors in the sun.

    My postal code is 74055. I live on the outskirts of one of Tulsa, OK's larger suburbs... it's not rural, but not exactly urban/suburban, either... it's "booming" growth-wise, & presently somewhere inbetween.

    As for work environment, the past 5-6 years I've spent most of my time in healthcare... hospitals & an optometrist's office. I also have spent lots of time at institutions of higher education over the past 20 or so years... nursing school being the most recent. I haven't worked consistently since the crash-and-burn at nursing school, in part due to the health & cognitive function issues involved & partly b/c I've lost confidence in myself & my abilities. Not a good place to be.

    I'm not comfortable sharing a detailed family health history on a public forum like this, but if Dr. Kruse is interested, I'd share everything I know via private message. I'll just share here that both of my parents struggle/struggled with similar anxiety & depression issues, & that my younger brothers do to varying degrees as well. My Dad passed away at 60 years old in 2011, from early onset Alzheimer's disease, though his mother (my paternal grandma) lived to see 89 years & was sharp as a tack for all but the last few of them. I never knew much about my maternal grandma, who passed away before I was born.

    As for nnEMF's, I've lived with WiFi at home for the past 3 yrs continuously, & on-and-off for several yrs before that... my wife & I just got rid of it. Immediate neighbors still have it, though. I've spent lots of time around & in front of computers over the years...

    I've been an athlete most of my life... mostly running in recent years... inconsistent of late, though, due to my running partner (wife) being in an auto accident. Also wanting to get back to weightlifting again, just haven't yet.

    I'd love to become a gold member, but won't be able to swing it until I'm earning a consistent income again. Definitely on the radar, though...

    Thanks for your interest!
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I forgot to ask you if there is a smart meter on your house?

    Others will have info about brands of water ... I am in Oz.

    C/T is really important ....read the easy start guide and follow exactly. Dr. K. Is always very specific.

    Your work environment ... hospitals are very toxic. Dr. K. Has to do extra ordinary things to compensate for his day job.

    Maybe don't worry about ecercise for now .... Get outside walking etc. as much as possible.

    NnEMF is very toxic for you no doubt ...... You need to really examine your home

    Do you have all electronics out of your bedroom? iPhone, iPad, TV, clock radio
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  6. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member


    I'm not certain, but the pics of smart meters I've seen online look very similar to what is on my home... not sure if we need to try to have it removed, or to try to institute a barrier along the inside of the wall it is located on. I need to read up on it.

    I'm definitely going to run... just need to get us going consistently & habitually. My wife & I are pretty cold-sensitive, though, which makes consistency throughout the winter that much more challenging. I'm starting CT today with my face... hopefully the adaptations will come relatively quickly & make me less resistant to running in the cold, in the process. I can't say I'm optimistic about getting my wife to do CT anytime soon, but maybe she'll be more inclined if we start seeing benefits from it.

    I've eliminated all electronics from our bedroom, with the exeptions of our bedside lamps, our phones (which we use as alarms), and my wife's insulin pump (non-negotiable). Perhaps we should keep the phones across the room from where we sleep?

    I've been looking into Earthing as I sleep, as a possibility... also contemplating construction of a Faraday enclosure around the bed. We'll see...

    Lastly, I am looking at our arificial light sources inside the house... we have GE Reveal bulbs in most of our living areas, which are supposed to be natural & full-spectrum light, but I'm re-considering whether this is a good choice, since we use artificial lights mostly at night. I have a 250 watt red heat lamp I've been using on-and-off for the past year or two, which does seem to help when I shine it on myself from a distance... I do this mostly in the evening... been wondering whether I ought to add a UV lamp alongside it, but I'm hesitant at this point b/c of the mercury resonance issues Dr. K warned me about. I'm within the RR for Hg now, so technically I'm not at a 'elevated' or 'toxic' level anymore, but the urine tests really only measure systemic levels (not sure I trust them to be accurate & representative of the Hg levels in my CNS tissues, which seem to be at the crux of a lot of my issues). For now, I'm resisting the temptation to risk it.
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    As Dr. k. Would say ....... Phones in the bedroom - no Bueno!

    Get an old fashioned alarm clock.

    Most of us wake up without an alarm now ...... Early to bed - early to rise!

    Once you re set your circadian Rythm - it isn't a problem.

    Please get your self on track first and hopefully your DW will follow. You really can't do it for someone else.

    Dr. k. Tells all of us repeatedly ... You need to care care of you. It is wonderful if our partners are on board but often they aren't .... So we have to step up and do what we need to do for ourself.

    C/T will make a huge difference.....
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  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Key thing is adding purple light back to your life and cutting out the blue.........after that its off to limit nnEMF and then you can deal with the mundane aspects of this like diet. DHA is key for most people who are microwaving their SCN and shining blue light into their RPE. Once you get that remedied you can then ease back into a seasonal life for what the sun calls for where you live.
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  9. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    Thanks to you both...

    I just received a pair of UV bulbs in the mail that project 365 nm wavelength & a reptile light that is supposed to replicate full-spectrum sunlight. I've also gotten red glasses to use with blue light-emitting screens, esp at night...

    Today also marked my second day of spending an hour outside in the sunlight, trying to get as much of its light into my eyes as possible, w/o staring directly at it. First day I did this at sunrise, today it was closer to noon... not sure what difference that makes, but I did notice that the sunrise spectrum felt a lot more energizing in effect & left me feeling a lot less sluggish throughout the day & evening hours than I have been otherwise, in recent memory.

    I find myself tending to stare off to the side of the sun, 30-50°or so, vs trying to stare directly at it (feels to intense)... I also find that blinking helps as my gaze gets closer to the sun's periphery... I'm curious as to what others do & experience in this regard. I also wonder if the light will still have the same effects if I close my eyes while keeping them pointed in the direction of the sun... would the light get through to the retina, or be attenuated too much by passing through the eyelids, to remain effective? Reason I'm curious is that it seems a lot more relaxing to let them close than to struggle to keep them open the entire time...
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  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  11. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Yeah - I found that to be the case when it was really bright and past 11:00 - so much more comfy to just close my eyes - I thought sunlight must be getting in if that silly little led I bought can penetrate tissue - I also think the color of your eyes and how long you've kept them covered up is huge in how painful a process this will be for you - mine are brown so I could not care less how much brightness I'm exposed to but my Nordic hubby from a baby has had sunglasses or he can't even see in the sun - he has grey/green eyes - I was also wondering if the VDR SNP would be the only bummer for one to have and more difficult to remedy than the others - probably means you just need more sun...
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  12. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    2015-12-26. Saturday

    Merry Christmas, fellow travelers... haven't posted over the past few weeks, too much holiday hustle & bustle going on...

    I've managed to stay on track thus far with my daily seafood/DHA intake... tried mackerel for the first time this week & was pleasantly surprised... not as 'fishy' as I had anticipated. Still wondering how many mg of daily DHA I should seek as a bare minimum...

    Most mornings I've been successful in getting up at sunrise & absorbing an hour of the morning sun with my eyes & skin. Eyes are still a bit too sensitive to keep my gaze closer than 20-30° from the sun's edge, esp. later in the AM, but I do seem to be squinting less as the days go by.

    I've also been working to improve my artificial lighting situation, & I've started regularly incorporating a pair of UV light bulbs when indoors throughout the day, especially when I'm using the CPU. At night I've been using them together with my 850nm infrared LED light, along with wearing some orange shades to block out any blues encountered. This has helped reduce fatigue noticeably & keeps me more relaxed at night, esp. when I'm in front of a screen. In addition, I ordered a RubyLux infrared bulb & one of their 640-660nm red bulbs to try indoors as well. We'll see...

    In terms of learning, I've started collating the blogs chronologically, & plan to print them for easy screen-free reading this week. Looking forward to it!

    Signing off, Wil
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2016
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  13. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    2015-12-31. Thursday

    Just a quick update here... received the RubyLux 640-660nm All Red bulb in the mail this afternoon (Dec 30). Lit it up in concert with my RubyLux UV bulb, and all I can say is 'WOW'! This feels GREAT!!!
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2016
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  14. lilreddgirl

    lilreddgirl New Member

    Not sure about DHA amount, but in terms of food I've read Jack mention 1/2 lb of seafood a day to keep you optimal...

    Question: what kind of UV bulbs are you using... Rubylux?

    also.. Don't the orange shades also block out the UV? I feel concerned that mine do...
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  15. lilreddgirl

    lilreddgirl New Member

    Really curious! Great in what way? Much better than the UV bulbs alone?

    Are you using the red light with the UV during the day or at night, or... ? I haven't incorporated red lights yet and am really interested...
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  16. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member


    Thanks for the tip on daily seafood... that's something I can take action on :)

    In answer to your questions...
    On the UV bulbs mentioned in my Christmas update, I was referring to a pair of Sunlite UV 265nm bulbs.

    The orange shades I referenced are safety glasses, and do block UV wavelengths, in addition to blue... I wear them primarily at night, & especially at night when in front of screens. During daylight hours I seldom wear them & try to accumulate as much UV on my eyes as possible (sun 1st priority, bulbs 2nd). I figure that the negatives of blue light on my eyes at night outweigh the positives of additional eye exposure to UV during those hours, hence the orange shades. I include the UV bulbs in that setup b/c the UV will still get absorbed through the skin with benefit.

    In my later quick update, I was referring to a RubyLux High-Intensity UV LED bulb being used in tandem with the RubyLux 640-660nm High-Intensity All Red LED bulb (not the Sunlite UV bulbs)... when I said 'GREAT' I meant that I felt mentally 'clear', 'calm', 'still', 'more present', 'coherent', etc... energized, but not buzzed or jittery... almost as if there is less mental & emotional 'static' going on when I'm under these lights. As someone who has coped with anxiety in excess most of his adult life & tried lots of solutions to little avail, this is huge... I had noticed similar, but much less intense & extensive benefits with just the UV bulbs (both kinds), but the combo with the red is on a whole other level IME... while my N=1 with this is of course extremely limited at this point, I've had the same experience each time I've used this combination of light sources so far :)

    As for usage, I've been using this combo during the day & evening hours... pretty much any time I can when I'm awake & indoors at home, & with the bulbs about 2-4 feet away. Haven't tried any form of light while sleeping & am very hesitant to do so... not sure if I will test that out or not, probably not.
    Anyway, hope this helps... good luck!

  17. lilreddgirl

    lilreddgirl New Member

    Thank you that is such helpful awesome information! Can't wait to try out a Red bulb along with my UV now...

    Can you give me a heads up on where you bought your Sunlite UV bulbs and the Rubylux UV ? I can't seem to find them available on Amazon or Ebay right now...
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2016
  18. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    I got mine through Amazon... I've seen then on eBay too, though... hopefully they'll have them back in stock soon for you!
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2016
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  19. jwhb77

    jwhb77 New Member

    2016-1-7. Thursday

    So I just downed 2 dozen fresh Gulf oysters at Papadeaux in Dallas... the waitress looked at me like I was crazy as I was ordering, but I just licked my lips & smiled... got 'em on special for $9/dozen! Yum! lol
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2016
  20. lilreddgirl

    lilreddgirl New Member

    That's a great price hehe :) does it affect your digestion? Sometimes it does mine because I rarely get to eat them (price issues) but I still feel like it's 'improving' me...
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