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Will this really work for me?

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by GoldFishie, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. GoldFishie

    GoldFishie New Member

    Hello all. My name is Jan (age 61) and I'm from Atlanta. I have many years of a crapped out PVN and have exhausted the best alternative help that I can access. So here I land and am considering 'taking the plunge' but since my diet is so extremely limited, I'm wondering if it will work for me.

    I have started to assiduously follow no lights/electronics after sundown, grounding for at least an hour a day, all the EMF stuff - had SmartMeter removed, etc., sleep in completely dark BR, drink 2 gallons RO water/day, eat within 30 minutes of waking up and then every 2.5-3 hours throughout the day. Hammer DHA/fish oils, curcumin, etc. From all appearances AI although never positive on TPO. Stage 3 kidney disease. Was on steroids from age 7-17. Tried to take Tirosint and for about 3 weeks life was wonderful. Then bam I just got plain pissy and could not tolerate it. Can't handle even an entsy tiny amount of DHEA cream. I pretty much go around in first gear or flat on my back. Up twice during the night to urinate, have to drink during the night, sleep on average 7 hours. Genesis 1:2 bowels (without form and void).

    5'10" 145#

    As to diet ~ I read what Dr. Kruse recommends. I have never had an oyster in my life, I am allergic to shellfish, have never been an organ meat eater, fish makes me hyper. Allergic to eggs, dairy & coconut. I hammer olive oil. So there goes all of the primo foods he suggests. He says no fowl and that is the staple of my diet, plus grass feed beef. Beef tallow nauseates me. I can handle duck fat. I do eat a small amount of either sweet potato, winter squash or apple with a meal. Tons of vegetables. Obviously cannot do BAB. Have mastered kraut but now cannot handle any salt. So there it sits . . . If I eat any salt my arms go numb at night. Can't handle water keifer or kombucha.

    I have a mesolimbic windup but am safe to be on the playground as my frontal lobe is intact. ;)

    You know, I'd like to be special in other ways in life!

    I have really resisted going this route especially with the recommended CT because I'm frickin freezing all of the time. Face I would be willing to start with.

    I have access to any and all labs no problem. It's just the diet I'm concerned about.

    Well, the sun is setting so I must disappear. Looking forward to some encouragement from ya'll in the a.m.!

  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Welcome Gold! Sounds like you have made a pretty good start.

    Why are you eating so often? A lot of folks here are very limited with their diet and they manage.

    Have you read Jack's book? Listened to his podcasts? The webinars and follow up Q&A are pure gold. When you read a blog make very sure that you read all the comments too. Dr. K. Answers all questions at the end of a blog.

    Have you read the easy start guides on the home page?

    Please start a journal in the journal section so Dr. Kruse can get some idea about you - he needs context.

    This is doable ....however ... It will take time. Yoy didn't get broken overnite and this isn't a linear process ....but if you are committed and 100% all in - 6 months from now and a year from now you won't recognize yourself...:)

    Tell us a little bit more about your life, do you have children? If so - how were the pregnancies?
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    The journal section....

    Go to the top of this page and click on forum and go down 5 categories until you come to the optimal reset section and journals. Then start a new thread.

    I will watch for you there! If you have a look at other's journals it is helpful to see what others are struggling with ....and you can help others too. Everyone has different life experiences and we all try to help one another....:)

    Please keep asking questions....Dr k. Doesn't know what you don't know unless you ask...

    We look forward to following your journey..... It is a ride of a life time!
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Please post your labs in the lab section.....and someone will have a look....

    Remember Dr K. Or anyone else can't help much unless they have context....
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    1.My name is Jan (age 61) and I'm from Atlanta. I have many years of a crapped out PVN (Can you say EMF anyone?)
    2.As to diet ~ I read what Dr. Kruse recommends. I have never had an oyster in my life, I am allergic to shellfish, have never been an organ meat eater, fish makes me hyper. Allergic to eggs, dairy & coconut. I hammer olive oil. So there goes all of the primo foods he suggests. He says no fowl and that is the staple of my diet, plus grass feed beef. Beef tallow nauseates me. I can handle duck fat. I do eat a small amount of either sweet potato, winter squash or apple with a meal. Tons of vegetables. Obviously cannot do BAB. Have mastered kraut but now cannot handle any salt. So there it sits . . . If I eat any salt my arms go numb at night. Can't handle water keifer or kombucha. (No wonder you are struggling.......no DC current)

    Key take home: RO water, ketogenic diet, Read the quantum electron blog, hormone 101, 102, EE7. The biggie from EE 7:Why do humans need iodine at its core compared to its nearest ancestor the chimps?

    It turns our sufficient dietary iodine is crucial for proper ketogenesis in our liver and in our brain for full immune and neural development. Ketogenesis is needed to make a hominid brain at a foundational level as you learned in Energy and Epigenetics 1 blog. Iodine however, does a lot more to humans than most realize.


    Iodine is the link back to autoimmunity and the neurogenesis connection of the MHC 1 gene. Iodine absorption falls in the human gut when estrogen levels rise from any cause. This helps explain why women have much higher rates of autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and hypothyroidism than men. It also explains why women have less myelin formation than men in adulthood. Remember from Energy and Epigenetics 1 we must be ketotic to make myelin in humans. Women have less iodine absorption by design. Women have higher estrogen levels to bear children. Lower levels of myelination allow women to be “more sensitive” to environmental triggers to pass that information to their offspring’s DNA. Myelination, also happens to be a proxy for mammalian regeneration. This was proven by Robert O. Becker. This now explains why women also make T2 thyroid hormone from their ovaries and breasts. This helps them offset their decrease ability to absorb iodine from their guts.

    BIOLOGY GEEKS: Until recent years, T2, because of its very low affinity for thyroid hormone receptors (THR), was considered an inactive metabolite of thyroid hormones. However, several recent studies indicate that T2 is more important than originally thought. In fact, T2 is necessary for production of the deiodinase enzyme that converts the less active T4 into the potent T3 in the body. Early studies on diiodothyronine revealed its ability to stimulate cellular/mitochondrial respiration during the activation of the Pentose phosphate fat burning pathway by a receptor-independent pathway. Mitochondrial and energy-releasing mechanisms seem to be major targets of T2, although outside the mitochondria T2 also has effects on carriers, ion-exchangers, and enzymes.

    Significant increases in the liver actions of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and malic enzyme were found in studies cited below. These enzymes are
    necessary for fat metabolism and liberation of energy in the form of beta oxidation. T2 exhibits significant increases in Growth Hormone release from the pituitary have been found in studies. Both T2 and T3 increased Growth Hormone release by 5-fold. This makes sense when you consider women need growth hormone to stimulate their breast and ovarian tissue for fertility and reproduction.

    NON GEEKS: In women, iodine is also critical in making breast milk, tears, and saliva. The higher your estrogen level, or the lower your SHBG level, the more likely your eyes, mouth, skin, and vagina will be dry. You also won’t make a lot of breast milk to feed a child. Your ability to sweat will also be altered.

    I personally believe this is why women go through menopause now. It is because of their evolutionary design. No one seems to have a clue why menopause exists. I think I do. Women need to lower their estrogen levels as they age, to reclaim their total body iodine levels, to help them have a longer lifespan as they age by increasing their ability to myelinate to increase their regenerative DC current by increasing their iodine absorption. This also helps explain why diabetic women have a higher incidence of peripheral neuropathy than men do. They have less myelin, so any further decline in iodine assimilation impairs ketogenesis to regenerate myelin and diminishes their ability to heal and regenerate. This is where the decreased immunity seen in diabetes rears its ugly head for those with metabolic syndrome.

    This also helps explain why women in menopause get hot flashes and night sweats. Iodine stimulates uncoupling proteins and it stimulates the sweat glands. When they had their menstrual period, they did not have the stimulatory effect of iodine, but now without their cycle they do, rather suddenly. It is not from a lack of estrogen, as most physicians believe, it is from more iodine in their bodies. Sweating is a new evolutionary design in hominids. Primates do not have the sweat gland we do. It is a change to the mammalian body plan unique to humans. This was done to be able to cool our bodies down to save energy, because they work better cooled down because it increases semiconducting currents. Primates use vitamin C as an endogenous antioxidant but humans evolved to use iodine as their peripheral antioxidant. We have large brains so we have a lot more semiconductors to cool everywhere on our body. Iodine also helps lower the oxidation of DHA in synapses in humans. This is why the brain has its own thyroid hormone control system because we have way more semiconduction circuits in our brain. When we lose our iodine function in the brain we lose the ability to offset some of the inflammatory cytokines in the brain circuits. In the frontal lobes this causes ADHD or depression and in the leptin receptors it causes an inability to sense energy balance and leads to obesity. When humans become energy inefficient they usually gain weight, as I laid out in EMF 2 and recently in Energy and Epigenetics 4, using Kleiber’s law.

    Sweating is another buffer that we use to become more energy efficient, before we need to expand out fat mass to have the same effect. This is why women gain fat mass in menopause too. It happens because they are less energy efficient because of their loss of progesterone and prolactin. This reflex sweating, seen in humans, is done to cool down women’s new found rediscovery of efficient semiconduction, as their estrogen levels fall in menopause. Once they acclimate to their new increased iodine absorption, their symptoms resolve because they adapt by increasing their myelination and their DC current improves. Many menopausal women, get placed upon estrogen and sometimes their symptoms of hot flashes goes away, but so does their ability to reclaim iodine to myelinate. This implies they can alter their immune balance as they age. Iodine happens to increase neurogenesis in humans, so when iodine is low cognitive haze is also a result. The brain has its own thyroid hormone system to control neurogenesis even if the body stores are low. This is an example of how the brain controls energy partitioning for itself over vegetative systems in the thyroid gland. This patterns what we see in atoms too.

    So if you get placed upon estrogen, or happen to be estrogen dominant for any reason at all, male or female, you may get cognitive haze. Iodine increases our ability to become ketotic to myelinate and regenerate our immune system and our brain because of the MHC 1 evolutionary connection. If you do not eat a ketotic diet when these changes happen these benefits will be hidden from you. For most of the blogosphere they remain a mystery.
  6. GoldFishie

    GoldFishie New Member

    Caroline, Dr. Kruse, thank you so much for your response. Menopause for me was a breeze. I never had hot flashes or night sweats. The only thing I am experiencing now, which Dr. Kruse referenced above, is vaginal dryness. I got married late in life so never had any children. Am blissfully retired now, thank G-d!

    Caroline, I have hypoglycemia so I eat that often to maintain blood sugar. Again, I have kidney disease so cannot eat large quantities of meat.

    I will enter my current blood lab in the Lab section. I would like to do another draw this week but need to know exactly what to run outside of the standard markers. I have not run blood values of female hormones, always salivary. In that arena I have never been estrogen dominant, only progesterone deficient.

    Dr. Kruse, I hear what you are saying about iodine. I guess you are not of the camp that says iodine is contraindicated for Hashimoto's.
    Surks M, Sievert R. Drugs and Thyroid function. NEJM 1995; 333(25):1688. I have on my flame retardant suit. Fire away!
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Gold - have you read Jack's blogs that pertain to your conditions? Can you eat more high quality fat?
  8. GoldFishie

    GoldFishie New Member

    caroline, I am in the process of reading the pertinent blogs.

    In light of my dietary limitations, what would you suggest for more high quality fats? I do not eat pork. I have eczema and it makes me break out for months on end. Not worth it.

    I do have access to duck fat, but if the duck is fed with non-GMO corn/soy, is it still a viable option?
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2013
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Please, please don't forget to read the comments too ....:)

    Do you eat GF butter? You guys are lucky to have Kerry gold butter. Ghee, tallow etc.

    Are you making bone broths? Lots of salmon? Sometimes I lightly cook a hamburger and put a slab of butter on top.

    Salmon ceviche is a win win .....no cooking and lots of good fat....

    Oysters are at the top of the epi paleo R/X .... Can you manage them? Tons of brain specific nutrients.....

    The leptin R/X will stabilize your BS ....it is just a matter of leaving 4 hours between meals ... So if you can up the fat ...you should be good?

    I will think some more....
  10. GoldFishie

    GoldFishie New Member

    Caroline, as I stated in my initial post, I can't do dairy, grass fed beef tallow nauseates me, if I eat fish or seaweed I go hyper (perhaps that is dose dependent as it seems Dr. Kruse is steering me towards iodine), never had an oyster in my life, have allergic-type reactions to shell fish. I do make bone broths and have them every day. I would LOVE to go 4 hours w/o needing to eat!!!
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Duck fat is excellent. You might want to ask Dr. Kruse about the kidney function. I just reread your above post....so you can't eat seafood at all?

    Have you checked your EMF exposure? There could be hidden stuff that isn't apparent. Have you thought of getting the EMF boot camp ...heaps and heaps of info with an Emf specialist ...Michael Neuhart... I think there is a special running right now.

    Are you able to watch the webinars?
  12. GoldFishie

    GoldFishie New Member

    Caroline, I tried to PM you and it says System Error 404. Please contact me~
  13. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Hi Goldfishie, welcome to the forum!
    Since you have exzema, you might want to try a vacation at the beach. Just sit or stand in the water for hours. The grounding did wonders for the psoriasis on my hand. And all the iodine in the waves probably didn't hurt, either. :)
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I will check it out ..the system seems wonky this morning......sorry.......
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I did pm you .......did you get it? I don't see it in my sent items???????? I did put in a support ticket but haven't heard back

    we will connect ....somehow.......:)

    maybe Quantum tunnelling.... ;)
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks ..... I will....I do not understand what is happening with the pms....
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Did you get my email??? we will connect, we will connect, we will connect........
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  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Jan - please read Dr. K.'s Hormones 101 and 102 blogs and then listen to Dr. Tim Jackson's webinar tomorrow..... He is extremely knowledgeable.
  19. Anna Vargo

    Anna Vargo New Member

    After reading this thread, it appears the Iodine I just starting taking a month ago may be causing the night sweats. It sounds like it may be temporary. I am liking what I read here about Iodine especially the healing of peripheral neuropathy. Ever since I started Keto 5 years ago, the neuropathy is gone but good to know Iodine will also help.
  20. When determining to supplementing with iodine, it may be important to understand its different effects.

    Please consider connecting with a doctor who understands the subject
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2021
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