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Why newbies are important to the battle ahead...........

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Jack Kruse, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Zsuzsi

    Zsuzsi New Member

    Greetings from Budapest, Hungary (Central Europe)! I'm currently reading Dr. Kruse's book and gaining more and more fascinating info about what really matters in health. I've been searching on the site but haven't found anything on lipedema or lipoedema, which is a fat disorder. I tried to post a question on Ask Jack but I wasn't allowed to do so, so I'm trying to ask it here: what's your take on lipedema? I know that red meat, which contains sialic acid, is not allowed to patients with this condition. What kind of regimen should one follow if they have this type of problem? Many thanks in advance... Zsuzsi
  2. LouiseAngela

    LouiseAngela Louise

    Are you silver member? If so you can post on Ask Jack.
  3. Zsuzsi

    Zsuzsi New Member

    No, I'm a newbie! What makes one a silver member? A specific number of posts?
  4. LouiseAngela

    LouiseAngela Louise

    No!! Money.
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  5. Zsuzsi

    Zsuzsi New Member

    Thank you, yes, I just checked it on the page about membership options.
  6. LouiseAngela

    LouiseAngela Louise

    It's worth it.
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi and welcome.....

    Start a journal in the journal section and tell us about your mom's and grandmas and siblings health.

    Dr. Kruse needs context to be able to direct you.
  8. Zsuzsi

    Zsuzsi New Member

    Thank you, Caroline.
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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  10. Bart Norton

    Bart Norton New Member

    I know we shouldn't directly stare into the sun. Watching the morning sun rise. How long is it safe? Is it okay to watch it with your eyes shut?
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    depends on location on planet
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  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I am still uncomfortable suggesting sunlight to peoples like you.

    You are not the first person who makes this kind of disclosure.

  13. Boba711

    Boba711 New Member

  14. Boba711

    Boba711 New Member

    Ok Are there serious skin conditions where the sun's UV rays are responsible for them, or are these health imbalances almost always caused by blue light and EMF exposures. In other words if one is in the lower latitudes, say 14 to 20 degrees, is one safe from creating these imbalances as long as they restrict their exposure to early morning rising sun rays and late afternoon sun rays
  15. Boba711

    Boba711 New Member

    Thank you for your honesty. I receive your caution and will choose to continue to limit my sun exposure, focus on building up my DHA, and learn to optimize my bodies natural means to protect it self through understanding quantum biology and applying it. I have no further need to discuss this topic and greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn all that this community and vast knowledge has accumulated here. Have a wonderful day.
  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    If you are talking to me, please do not make any decission based on my hesitancy.

    I have life long active lumberjack in mind, latitude about 40N.
    always outdoors, dawn to dusk,
    very strong due to his profession,
    came with melanoma.

    How to advice to the guy like that more consistent sunlight exposure?

  17. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    I'm almost positive now that chronic microwave exposure from cell tower or wifi will compromise your skin cells preventing UV absorption without burning.
  18. Boba711

    Boba711 New Member

  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    My skin normally is as white as white piece of paper. Now (8/31/2019) this (79 +yo):

    Survivor soup is how you create deuterium-depleted water in your body, especially if you have a serious mitochondrial disease.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
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  20. Boba711

    Boba711 New Member

    You look great in your picture JanSz not just your amazing color, your apparent vitality and love of life, speaks wonders as well. Thanks so very much for the talk you sent me as it further explained some details I needed to understand. I have shared it already with my closest friends and doctors that I know can think out of the box, and will enjoy having their horizons expanded. I look forward to a continued sharing with you. I am so grateful for your outreach to me. By the way I just turned 72, and optimizing my health and longevity is a major focus and lifestyle for me. When I get back to the US and Hawaii, I will start eating oysters, as it is harder to find them here in the highlands of Guatemala, at Lake Atitlan.
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