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Discussion in 'Mitochondrial Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  2. Josh Rosenthal

    Josh Rosenthal Charter member of Purple Angels Club

    been waiting for this one...
  3. lohd2015

    lohd2015 New Member

  4. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Wow ,from me too.I have been doing this since Time 6 with amazing results even though I did not know the ins and outs exactly. I followed my instinct on this one. A couple of months back I was a bag of biologic concrete. Now I am almost back to normal and better. Dopamine levels heavily increased as my latest journal entries show. :rolleyes: THANK YOU does not even begin to cut it.
  5. lohd2015

    lohd2015 New Member

    Congratulations! So happy for you.
    Can you please share your MB experience? What brand do you use, how much do you take? Thank you.
  6. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Lohd, I am reluctant to do it. I will share what was true for me but when I started I was in the dark>Even if you follow me you are still in the dark because you are you. I was lucky having intuitively caught onto some currents that Dr Kruse wrote about. I am now learning what I actually DID. I must have absorbed a lot from here to come to the conclusions I came to but they were empiric. I am far from perfect but I am functional again at least for a 50 year old. I used the biologic concrete term on purpose at it relates to an earlier peripheral neuroppathy blog. If you follow blindly then you are back to the "take this pill" vision of the world and will miss the jump off point to optimal. It is not about the brand .It is about you. Looking at your signature you are on the way. xoxo
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  7. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Very interesting blog post. The scoliosis/heart link was new information to me. More reading and learning to do.
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  8. lohd2015

    lohd2015 New Member

    Thank you for your honesty and insight.
    I totally get n=1!

    The reason I asked you those specific questions is not so much that I will 'copy' and follow, but it comes from a desire to 'study and learn'. I have been reading the posts of other members who have tried MB, and I am just curious about your story. I can understand your reluctance because sometimes I would biohack something and I am not quite sure of what's going on also.

    I often learn by gathering information and trying to piece the puzzles together. I know how difficult it is to try and figure things out for yourself. But it sounds like you are doing great also.

    Being open minded, always asking questions and being observant are, to me at least, some of the important prerequisites for getting to optimal. XOXOXO
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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    In MB oxidized state, the color of MB is blue due to the fact that the phenothiazinium molecule absorbs visible light strongly in the red region of 600–700 nm and this does intact shrink the geometry between the respiratory proteins to improve electron tunneling speeds and the efficiency of the ATPase. Recall that the ATPase is a quantum light machine that uses red light and water's viscosity. http://www.nature.com/articles/srep12029When this bio-physical change occurs light in the violet and blue range pass through to give the liquid its classic color. The ring structure of the molecule is the key to this light changing ability. It allows the remainder of the visible spectrum (350–600 nm) to be transmitted. In its reduced form (leucoMB), it becomes a colorless chemical and does not absorb light at all in visible region. LeucoMB is uncharged, lipophilic, and enters cells by diffusion across the plasma membrane where it can be re-oxidized and thus sequestered within the cells for use when the redox potential is altered. Oxidized MB and leucoMB together form a reversible oxidation-reduction system or electron donor-acceptor couple. Methylene blue is a light redox-cycling substrate for various reducing and oxidizing substances. The reducing agents such as NADPH convert MB to leucoMB, which is then oxidized by O2. You might remember how important NADPH is in the PPP (EMF4). Most nnEMF diseases create mitochondria that cannot make superoxide. Without that signal cell function alters, pseudohypoxia develops, NAD+ falls, and ELF-UV is lost. MB absorbs energy directly from a light source and then transfers this energy to molecular oxygen creating singlet oxygen (1O2). This can be used in the cell to replace the inability to make superoxide in the cell. Singlet oxygen is extremely electrophilic and can oxidize directly electron rich double bonds in biological molecules and macromolecules. The antifungal and antibacterial activity of MB can be increased significantly by light activation. Excitation of MB by light can induce singlet and triplet stages of the molecule and transfer the energy through either electrons (Type I mechanism) or energy (Type II mechanism). The Type I mechanism can lead to the formation of hydroxyl radicals and lipid hydroperoxides. The Type II mechanism proceeds through singlet oxygen resulting mainly in breakages of nucleic acids, mostly at the guanosine site (Wainwright, 2000).
  10. Dead Can Dance

    Dead Can Dance New Member

    lohd, I just got some MB this week.
    I'm experimenting at the moment. Currently, 2 drops into my water just before I go out for my morning sunrise.

    Would like to also hear what others are doing.

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  11. lohd2015

    lohd2015 New Member

    Dead Can Dance, thank you for sharing! I think I'd like to experiment also. May I ask which brand you are using? Thank you in advance.
  12. Dead Can Dance

    Dead Can Dance New Member

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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    can we have a pic please......

    I am going to have a really hard time calling you by that user name......
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  14. Alper

    Alper New Member

    It´s just fascinating what is going on in this forum. It feels like magic, but it´s truly honest applied science :)
  15. Dead Can Dance

    Dead Can Dance New Member

  16. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

  17. lohd2015

    lohd2015 New Member

    I found several types of pure MB available online (Oxidal has additional ingredients):

    1. The one via injection (as shown in Time 14, and costs $220/10ml): https://www.sasrxmedical.com/Methylene-Blue-1-10ml-Single-Dose-Vial/2330450

    2. MB stains:
    medical grade powder: http://www.universalmedicalinc.com/...eVeJC8BzNsJ0mWlmK654spJYM1y3_O8DZxoCRkXw_wcB;

    1% solution: http://www.sciencecompany.com/-P169...hnTtXHXN3VBqhQhsvIqf-bXlgkJnWZnsiJhoCtKfw_wcB

    3. MB for aquariums on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Methylene-Blue-General-Prevention-Treatment-Aquarium/dp/B00025646W

    4. MB marketed for human consumption: https://www.bluebrainboost.com/p/methylene-blue-nootropic/

    Would using either 2, 3, or 4 produce the same effects? Since prices are in the same range ($6 to $25 for the powder).

    I also see references to using MB as a stain on the skin for absorption. Is that an alternative way to use MB?

    Thank you.
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  18. endless

    endless New Member

    There are a few people using the one from Blue Brain Boost. I have the same one on order. I know of others using the Oxidal because it contains caffeine as well. No idea about the topical application.
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  19. Rubicon

    Rubicon Avoiding Equilibrium

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  20. lohd2015

    lohd2015 New Member

    Thank you Rubicon for sharing. I looked at the Disclaimer on the BlueBrainBoost website:

    "All products sold by BlueBrainBoost are for research purposes only. They are strictly not for human consumption or for any form of in vivo research or experimentation. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that they have checked the terms & conditions before using any services and products displayed on this website. All content is for informational purposes only. All articles on this website are for entertainment purposes only. This website is strictly for the purpose of providing opinions of the author. Any and all trademarks, logos brand names and service marks displayed on this website are the registered or unregistered Trademarks of their respective owners."

    I guess the warning "not for human consumption" is necessary. That said, would the #3 aquarium may be just as good? In my research, I did come across the issue of purity. I believe most of the MB in the US are imported from India. The BlueBrainBoost site does show a certificate of analysis, whatever that's worth.

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