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Why is this taking so long?

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by Eve, May 17, 2012.

  1. Eve

    Eve New Member

    This isn't my blog but I take this person's experience as support that I am not crazy, lol. http://www.cornallergyadvocate.com/what-i-am-eating/

    I think both the sauerkraut and pickles have live cultures in them. From what I remember reading, they are only heated slightly to a low temp to prevent the jars from exploding from trapped pressure and that this temp doesn't kill the live cultures.

    And about the eggs...Begrudgingly, I am going to give them up...such a handy breakfast and I don't think I've noticed any reaction to them, they've always been my last resort for safe food...but I also read a comment by Jack in his blog that just because you don't notice a reaction doesn't mean there isn't one going on in the inside.
  2. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Okay, I'm gonna need something better than that. :) This person loves mac & cheese, hates fat in yogurt, and has no proof against Bubbies except mild symptoms that could very well be ferments causing die-off in her poor abused gut.

    It does have me thinking about hidden corn as a possible reason I can't get the bloating down to zero.
  3. Eve

    Eve New Member

    Okay, maybe that wasn't a good source of evidence :p. But I know for certain I reacted to Bubbies and another store-bought sauerkraut that couldn't be explained by die-off because I don't have the same symptoms with my homemade sauerkraut. For example, with Bubbies I experienced my usual "corned" signs -- addiction to the food, headaches, extreme brain fog and fatigue, urinary frequency and insomnia. However, with my homemade sauerkraut I just get some fatigue and I feel better over time. And as I mentioned before, on the Corn Allergy/Sensitivity forum I frequent, other members have noted reactions to it.

    You could try making your own sauerkraut and taking out the Bubbies and see if you notice a difference. However, I think it's likey that there is other corn hidden in your diet such as in supplements or veggies (if they're not local), which will confound your experiment.
  4. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Strange - my symptoms of food intolerance for many foods do include addiction, headaches, grumpiness, fatigue, bloating ... and corn does that to me, too. That's why she got me thinking about corn and then I looked and realized that my Enzymedia Digestive enzymes have CORN in them!!! Could that be contributing to my base-level bloat?! I bet!

    But Bubbies does not do this at all. I don't even really particularly like it. OTOH I love my homemade sauerkraut.
  5. A FB friend just posted that her chiro told her that L-glutamine feeds yeast...so if you're taking L-glutamine for leaky gut and have a yeast overgrowth, you are not getting any where! Hmm...how do you test for yeast? I have a slip for bloodwork before I go i should have that test added...
  6. Eve

    Eve New Member

    I tried the Enzymedia Dig Enzymes too cause I thought they were corn-free. At first they seemed to help and then my reactions accumulated. It's possible you don't react to the Bubbies -- sometimes people with corn sensitivities only react to certain corn derivatives.

    On the other hand, I find that if I've been corned by a certain food for days and days and have started to get addicted to it, I eventually start to get repulsed by it. Not sure if that applies to you either.

    As for the L-glutamine...I guess that's out too :rolleyes: I did start taking colostrum again and it's not as bad I remembered the first time...well this time, I dilute in a whole glass of water rather than just a little. The past couple of days I've also started Olive Leaf extract before bed and both days I've woken up at 11:30am (yikes!). Hopefully that means it's working.
  7. Caroline Cooper

    Caroline Cooper New Member

    Hi Eve,

    I just listened to this lecture by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride on mercola.com. I found it very good:


    Eating more fermented foods might be helpful. If at all possible make your own fermented foods. If you make your own fermented foods you will get "wild culture" from your local area. It will help your immune system better than store bought fermented foods that are coming from God knows where.

    Corn is very damaging for many people on SCD/GAPS. I will get massive blood blisters in my mouth after have popcorn. It makes no difference if the corn is organic and GMO free. My great grandfather used to say: "if the food does not agree with you, leave it alone." Good advice for everyone.


  8. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    What is the olive leaf extract for? I did have and not sure if I still do have Candida and have been taking l-glutamine. Hmmm, my gut has actually started to work for the first time in my life that I remember since CT'ing and taking that at the same time. I wonder what is doing what??
  9. Eve

    Eve New Member

    Thanks Caroline for the link. I read the article -- very informative and reminds me that healing takes time. Right around the time before I started GAPS, I was a wreck and could hardly function at work. But since starting GAPS at least I am functionable at work and feel pretty good unless I'm having a reaction to something in my diet (which is getting less these days cause I'm down to the bare minimum). I have some sauerkraut fermenting in my cupboard right now...should be ready soon.

    I'm also looking into getting some pork belly for bacon.....I checked with one farmer and I would have to order a whole pork belly for like $50...I want to try the recipe out first on a smaller portion to see if it works out and I like it.
  10. Eve

    Eve New Member

    Olive leaf extract is for killing candida. I'm on the fence about L-glutamine....I have been taking it since February and am not sure if it was making a difference or not.
  11. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    I did two rounds of the UltraClear Sustain and found it did help me somewhat. I was not absorbing any nutrients for so long, and the mix finally gave me some much needed nutrition. You're right though -- huge downfall with the carbs and sugars. I didn't finish the second round because I started CT in February, and it felt like such a contradiction. I may finish it out this summer if I add more carbs into the mix.
  12. Thanks for your personal experience on this Paleo Cowgirl! I get really sick when I eat sugar now. Think I got a dose of it yesterday and all I want to do is lay down. Did you gain when you took it? That's my other big fear. Of course, I'm up a ton any way :( Healing, so much fun! LOL
  13. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    I did not gain, but the only things I ate while doing this was meat and coconut oil -- no other carbs at all. I also took it with breakfast, sometimes splitting up the scoops -- one during BAB and one for a mini lunch. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't take it alone. I would ad CO to the mix, if I wasn't eating it with meat at breakfast.
  14. hazyjane

    hazyjane New Member

    Maybe Apex Energetics Clearvite would be good alternative to Ultra Clear. It's a similar formula and used for the exact same purpose, but it has less sugar.
  15. nuttmegs17

    nuttmegs17 New Member

    how do you go about taking either one of these and for how long? how spend are they? paleocowgirl - did you do this after the HCG? one benefit of being on HCG is i feel its def giving my body "a rest" so to speak -just meat and veggies for 40 days!
  16. hazyjane

    hazyjane New Member

    Here's the Clearvite protocol info (the meal recommendations are on the same site):


    Here is purchase info:

  17. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Just another thought about ferments....they have a lot of histamine and if you are sensitive can cause pretty big reactions. I love fermented foods but I've given them up for the last few months after noticing swelling, bloat and allergy symptoms which were more than die off. It's a drag because they are such a good source of probiotics. There is an enzyme product HISTAME which can help breakdown histamine, but I'm staying away from the high histamine foods and oxalates for awhile and will try again later in the year after giving my gut a break. Can't do eggs at the moment either.

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