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Why do I think gravity is emergent? Here is a clue.

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. ColdKnight

    ColdKnight New Member

    Very exciting :) That would be a wonderful reason alone to follow most of your protocols. However, the other problems that are solved additionaly are seriously important too.
  2. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    Live life cold and long :)
  3. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

    E=MC^2, when extrapolated, demonstrates the relationship that energy/mass share with time :) Put simply, higher energy with lower mass = slower perception of time, ala getting closer to existing like quicksilver:

    I think there is a direct correlation between space and time, but I believe they act to balance each other, so the rules work oppositely. I.e. in 'space', where we are sharing what is referred to as 'reality', matter exists and time ticks by... whereas in 'time', matter cannot exist because space ticks by.
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  4. Da-mo

    Da-mo Gold

    So lets say we determine that gravity is an emergent property of something else . . . . if we reverse whatever that something else is, do we get anti-gravity? Same question for time . . . .
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    no............because the force I think is responsible for it is the electromagnetic.........but there are still questions about it I struggle with.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  7. Dewey C. Layman Jr.

    Dewey C. Layman Jr. New Member

    This thread should be revisited.

    Somebody mentioned special relativity being clearly correct. It actually is not. Neither is general relativity. This has been observed and shown to be false with newtons bucket experiment and the fact that gravity has 0 affect of light waves. Yes, gravitational lensing is false. In the end, Einstein actually did not feel that his theories were very sound. People dont seem to talk about that much. The truth is Einstein had integrity in this way but his work is very unscientific and very false. Getting rid of our standards of measurement and making everything relative is not physics. There are no black holes, neutron stars, gravitons, antimatter particles, gluons, etc. There are 3 fundamental particles: electrons, protons, and neutrinos.

    Photons are a concept and are physically possible. A particle cannot have no mass and travel through a vaccum. It needs a medium by which to perturb. Light merely acting as if it has a duality does not mean that it is both a wave and particle. It is neither. Light is not understood to this day.

    Our universe is likely smaller than we think and is static NOT expanding based on an electric model of the universe. Gravity emerges from the electric force. The electric dipoles that we have between our feet and the ground is where this force emerges. It is what keeps us on the ground. It acts the same way that magnetism does and YES that means gravity is not only attractive but is repulsive but it IS much much weaker than magnetism. This should give hint as to why planets and other planetary bodies will rarely, if ever, collide because like charges on the surfaces of bodies will repel. Bodies that get too close release electric discharges that change the mass and gravity of these bodies. Hint: Chicxulub Crater was not an impact crater. It was an electric discharge. Did it happen millions of years ago? Also no. More like in the thousands.

    Do we know the age of the universe or our own planet? The age we think it is needs to be questioned big time because ill bet its way off the mark. So whats the human story? Whats the mitochondria story? It isnt known yet. We do have great reason to believe that our current sun isnt our first one and isnt the one we are actually optimized to. Saturn, our brown dwarf star, is the star that has been mentioned in ancient civilization. Ra is not the current sun god. It is synonymous with Kronos, or Saturn. Our world along with mars, venus (spoiler: a comet created by saturn), and jupiter were a nice happy family living in a giant red anode glow created by Saturn. Our skies were purple. Crops, fruit, vegetation was plentiful because of red and UVs affect on photosynthesis. During this time we actually saw saturn mars and venus very close to our planet. Thats how ancient civilization knew there was giant electrical scarring on Mars that they called Scarface. How else could they have known this scar was there without telescopes?

    This was known as the Golden Age when life flourished. A life lived in the red and purple. Want to know where most of the water on our planet came from? Answer: Saturn

    Thats why Saturns rings contain water very similar to our own. Its also why Titan has a similar atmosphere now compared to Earth's atmosphere in the past.

    Could this be why water in us is optimized to red light to make it refract at 270nm. Could this is be why our aromatic amino acids respond to UVC light? I think so. Does it have anything to do with deuterium in our blood? I dont know. That needs to be tested. UVC light doesnt come from our current sun. It probably came from our old one. Maybe now we can see a hint of this by looking at the absorption of these proteins.

    We need to go back to classical physics. Chuck Einstein out and even what we think about quantum weirdness. It isnt weird at all. Its electric. There is only one fundamental force. The Electric Force.

    I say this respectfully, April 2016 needs to be redone as well. Time to get rid of false beliefs.
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  8. Dewey C. Layman Jr.

    Dewey C. Layman Jr. New Member

    Gravitational Lensing False
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