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Why Black lights?

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by ALEXIS TUDOR, Dec 21, 2018.


    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    I have tried to find this answer using the forum search engine which unfortunately sucks. Trying to understand where using black lights may be good if you can use fire in the night to light. I got one but want to use it with understanding.

    When we say black light it sounds like it is within the violet spectrum. Concerning close to blue.

    The colors of the visible light spectrum
    colour wavelength interval frequency interval
    green ~ 500–565 nm ~ 600–530 THz
    cyan ~ 485–500 nm ~ 620–600 THz
    blue ~ 440–485 nm ~ 680–620 THz
    violet ~ 380–440 nm ~ 790–680 THz

    Thanks in advance for insights.
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    thanks for responding. So why would one use UVA in the night when there is none in nature?
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Because workers in Chicago restaurant did the research for us.
    And @Jack Kruse highlighted that breadcrumb for us.
  5. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    As a potential hack to absorb more UVA in your system. It doesn't appear to suppress melatonin, and in fact we make melatonin in the eye and skin from the combination of UVA+IRA light in the morning to program tryptophan.

    Blacklights emit 380 nm light which seems to be a key frequency for photorepair in Dr. Fritz Popp's findings. It also coincidentally is the frequency that neuropsin works with.

  6. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    We just went with it. Replaced the glaring fluorescent tubes in the kitchen with black light bulbs probably ~6+ months ago. It feels better when we have to be in there. Calm & relaxed instead of overstimulating. That's enough for me!
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    My Vermont 2018 talk explains it......watch it.
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    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    Interesting. Thanks for the response. I looked on the net and see a lot of 365nm and/or 395nm black lights. Only ones that seem to be in the 380 range are the flashlights. For now I settled on the 365nm. I know sunlight is the best but we don't get a lot of that in Knoxville in the winter.


    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    I tried but it is password protected. I tried to access it through the optimal Klub but that link does not seem to work.


    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    I just stumnled accross this like you were saying Kris. It definately seems to work great. I am getting tranqulized as we speak. Bedtime for Bonzo.

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  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    I can't remember but a fellow said he like to sleep with black lights on so I tried that. Definately not a good thing for me. Didn't rest well doing it. Seems like a good time to use them is on a dreary cloudy day when you can't get real sunlight. Not sure about night use- just in terms of an anecdotal experience for myself though.
  13. OliverGruener2

    OliverGruener2 New Member

    Sounds good. Still using them? Do you use any other light sources accept for natural light in the kitchen? I am looking for a solution myself.
  14. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    Yes ~ still working well. We have no window in the kitchen, and not a very open floor plan -- so really no natural light in there. It's one thing I've always hated about this house for the past 16 years.

    We left one regular fluorescent tube above the sink for when more light is *needed* ... but it's so glaring to me. Definitely not on at bedtime.

    We have one bulb (instead of two) on the bottom of the microwave/range hood, and we use it on the lowest setting when cooking. That's plenty.

    In general, I've found that people are just so used to everything being BRIGHT ... and it really isn't necessary. Throughout our home, we have found ways to have just enough light for what is needed ~ and no more.
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