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Whole City Obese

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Josh (Paleo Osteo), Feb 8, 2014.

  1. hey guys
    i live in Bendigo Victoria, in AUstralia
    recent data has shown that 63% of the population here are obese, and one only has to look around in the CBD to confirm this is true.
    Whilst this makes my practice boom, it is also increasingly frustrating to watch, and makes work a hard slog.
    for the longest time i was loking for the EMF link here, but besides being in the dead center of the state, away from any natural body of water, i wasnt able to come up with anything.
    Then it came to me. This city was built on the Gold Rush boom of the 1800s.
    what impact do you think pulling tons of quartz and gold out of the ground had on the amplification of non-native EMF?
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    interesting ... which town is doing the biggest loser right now?
    so - we have lousy water with poor energy .... magnetism is less .....and the donut hole...and no ocean close .....and not much in the way of fresh seafood

    Take your pick!

    How are you doing? what do you do? are you able to help some?
  3. caroline
    it is ararat that is doing the biggets loser, i am in bendigo
    i work as an osteopath and nutrition and genomic wellness consultant (epigenetics,) i do great, but have been living well (essentially epi-paleo) for quite some time now, we run a barefoot movement class weekly during which we spend an hour+ barefoot at a local golf course, and every night i walk my dogs barefoot there too. we are pretty pissed off that a smart meter was installed on our art deco 1920s house against our will.
    i can offer suggestions and help people along on their journey to optimal, however it is only a select few who see the problem as it really is, many are blind to it.
    sometimes it feel slike banging my head against a wall. we are looking to move to the coast this year for our own good, and to be surrounded by healthier people.
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Josh! - I am confused about Osteopaths ... do you have a medical degree? I think in Canada they do - but there are very few.
    I love the sound of your program! Where are you thinking of moving to?
    I really think it is so hard to get traction with all of this.......in my case people can see the huge payoff - but just won't get out of their comfort zone.
    I can't understand it - but I was never like that ....I was always pretty much open to anything!
  5. osteopaths basically study medicine throug han osteopathic lens
    ie the body is a unit and capable of self repair when the elemnts line up, and structure and function are integrally related
    we get called Dr even tho its not a pHD, and we dont prescribe.
  6. we are going to move to the bellarine peninsula, where the weather is wild and the ocean is deep (bass straight)
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    nice! time frame? So - Tassie type weather? What about your practise? Are you pulling a Dr. Kruse?
  8. i will likely travel back here and practice 2 full days a week, and keep my associates on here (i have 3)
    but i will set up a second branch of paleo osteo along the coast.
    hopefully this can happen in the next few months....

    back to the topic, does anyone have any ideas especially re: quartz....because this town is founded on layers of quartz, and, as we know, quartz can be used to store energy like a crystal (think watches) how do we think this might amplify EMF??
  9. jack, do you have any comment on the quartz/gold link in my first post?

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