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Who Has Lyme Here? I would Like to connect you.

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by RyanMSauce, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

  2. karenr

    karenr Silver

    Just saw this, nearly 3 years later!

    Can you explain this further? Reptile light “round the clock”?

    I'm researching Lyme as it might apply to my situation, will write more in my journal.
  3. Remo

    Remo New Member

    hi all. Found out a few months ago I have bartonella/morgellons/lyme/babesia.. yikes! it actually caused brain lesions which gave me quite some trouble. I will be getting an MRI soon to check for brain tumor. Not to worried about it (even if its a tumor) since I have been doing better the last months.

    I started treatment using RIFE machines and surprisingely that method of threatment can be quite effective. Cost wise I decided to buy a "Spooky 2" RIFE machine for home usage to use everyday. It has helped me with some symptoms but be prepared to face major detox and fatigue using them.
    Especially bartonella, very common co-infection with Lyme, can just drain me out completely when I herx. Please research Spooky 2 RIFE machine if you have lyme.. it can safe your life.

    Im also back in ketosis trying to reach one meal a day the next few weeks. Im very glad I found a farm which sells non-pasteurized meat/diary/cheese.

    Currently I am researching Andy Cuttlers method for Chelation seeing as im 95% sure heavy metals are vastly stopping my progress.
    Infrared sauna's are also very good to use although they make me herx quite badly.

    So for any of you suffering from Lyme I would suggest Jack's protocol + RIFE Treatment + Heavy metals chelation + fasting (OMAD).

    @karenr a reptile might is a light for reptiles (duh! ha) and it contains UV light and some amount of infrared. EXOTerra has some good bulbs but I personally use TRUELIGHT bulbs... although im thinking about switching to EXOTerra again soon.
  4. karenr

    karenr Silver

    @Remo , thanks for the reply.. That’s terrific that you’re getting such good results from the Rife machine! I haven’t used it, and I'm super sensitive and don’t have much margin for feeling worse than I already do! So with everything, it’s tricky to find the sweet spot where you’re making progress but not knocking your socks off in the process!

    Re. the reptile lamp, I do use the Exo Terra lizard lamp.. It was the “round the clock” comment that had me stumped, since we don’t use artificial light after dark. I really only use that lamp in the morning. So I wondered if there was some other explanation I wasn’t getting.

    Also I wasn’t sure if the recommendation of lizard lamp was for the UV or the IR or both.. because I'm already using the Sperti Fiji lamp for UVA and UVB. (And now getting outside more, of course)
  5. karenr

    karenr Silver

    @Remo, May I ask how you were diagnosed? I'm not even well enough to go traveling to FM docs who recognize chronic Lyme, but just want to learn more about how people are zeroing in on these diagnoses. Morgellons.. I suspect we all have the nanoparticles by now, although we're all affected differently. Tony Pantalleresco is an interesting guy to follow on morgellons/nanos.
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  6. Remo

    Remo New Member

    there are ways to diagnose using certain RIFE machines (BICOM) but the machines themselves are very very expensive and can only scan one strain at a time. They basically search a frequency band of which a certain pathogen is active on and scan your body for that. It is quite accurate and corresponded with my complaints and findings with other RIFE machines. You do need a doc or naturopath who knows what to look for. SPOOKY2 Rife machine can do full body scans but the outcome is to broad to really get a proper diagnosis but it certainly will give you a direction what to treat. I went to a naturopath clinic and got diagnoses using this method. Of course conventional medicine has no clue concerning RIFE methods but I could honestly give a damn. It works :)

    Btw, the problem with lyme diagnosis is that lyme and co. can adjust their form and dig DEEP in your organs, forming cysts and biofilm making them impossible to trace using blood tests. Even the test Jack recommends isn't a proper test and will only be useful when you have a very good doctor that knows what to look for by method of elimination (which I have yet to find one in real life).

    If you have the money I would buy 2 Spooky 2 Generator X rife machines (which gives you 4 generators of which each can find and kill 1 pathogen) and run those non-stop. Chlorophyll in Liquid form + Coffee Enemas after treatment to get rid of the die-off pathogens and heavy metals excreted trough your bile.
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  7. mrc

    mrc Silver

    Pantalleresco also talks about 5g hacking via lead paint.
    I'm sure there's more he recommends but thats what I can recall from just 1 show.
  8. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Dr Dietrich Klinghardt is a leading clinician/researcher in Lyme and its vast constellation of related diseases. He believes most of the population has some manifestation of it although not all individuals may be overtly symptomatic. The underlying cause of these modern plagues, he postulates, is chronic infections with human endogenous retroviruses (viral genetic material permanently embedded in our genome).

    His current breakthrough treatments for these disorders include Cistus tea and broccoli sprouts.

    When I was growing up Lyme was unheard of. I have heard stories that it escaped from a lab experiment on the island.
  9. Peter Ventola

    Peter Ventola New Member

    Hi Dr., my wife Karen is battling chronic Lyme for 2 years-maybe more; she has Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever(almost killed her), Babesia (treated with Malaria protocol), and Bartonella which remains as the chronic struggle. Currently following Buhnor herbal protocol but progress seems slow with fallbacks. She doen't use a computer so I am trying to find helpful treatments/protocols for her.
  10. Novah

    Novah New Member

    Hi Peter,

    Few questions for you:

    1. What town/area do you guys live in?

    2. What's your wife's vitamin D level? And is that from the sun or from supplements or both?

    3. Do you have meters (RF, magnetic, electric)? Have you tested your house for these elements or brought a professional in to test it?
  11. Peter Ventola

    Peter Ventola New Member


    1) We are in Windham, NH.
    2) Taking Vit D supplement but was in a normal range when last tested ( a year ago)
    3) No RF, Magnetic, electric meters yet but will research that
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    How did I know infection and sepsis were coming to an ICU near you?

    Interesting study pushing my theories........ Seems that hospitals might consider removing WiFi to manage infections, don't you think?

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  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    ^^^^Lyme and nnEMF are bedfellows. Sooner some of you get it the less confused you'll.
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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Most tests for Lyme disease miss many early cases — but a new approach could help Lyme Disease. Look to the environment for nnEMF first and then correlate with the following new data:
    “looking for so-called metabolite biosignatures: the litany of sugars, peptides, lipids, amino acids, fatty acids, and nucleotides normally present in the blood”
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  15. kim johnson

    kim johnson New Member

    Diag. w/Lyme in 1995? Tick bite with bullet rash in 1985 after camping in nnEMF-free area. We had landlines only nearby.

    Bodega, CA, near Pacific ocean. Still symptomatic.
  16. I’m reading through this wealth and planning to share w friend who’s 14 yr old boy was diagnosed with Lyme disease and alpha gal meat allergy. From what o get her the docs concluded he was bitten by lone star tick although the boy said he never had traditional bullseye or anything noticeable. currently He’s on long round antibiotics, I believe he said 32 days and limited to rice and chicken. I feel for this young one.

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