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Where are all the Pennsylvania Mitochondriac's

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by nyrian3000, Jun 2, 2022.

  1. nyrian3000

    nyrian3000 Gold

    Good morning everyone, I'm looking to see if there is anyone living in northeast PA, that is looking to talk about Dr. Kruse's work, bounce ideas off each other and expand on his thoughts. I'm having a very hard time talking to the average person about this stuff, major lost in translation going on. Please reach out if you're having the same issues.
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  2. I have found that maybe 1 in a thousand or less are receptive. Better for me to live by my context and not explain too much to others.
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  3. nyrian3000

    nyrian3000 Gold

    Which is sad because this information makes so much sense. That's how I'm starting to get, once I start talking about this information everyone seems to act like this is common knowledge or no one really wants to understand why or cares too, its the "quick fix, take a pill" society we live in.
  4. It is a big pill to swallow that a lot of what we've been told over our lives by what should be our most credible institutions is self serving BS: AMA, AHA, CDC, NIH, FBI, DOJ ect. Remember also that absolute truths I believed yesterday, believe today, and will believe tomorrow might be completely different, so I try not to yell too loudly.
  5. nyrian3000

    nyrian3000 Gold

    I agree, have you expanded on any of Kruse's thoughts or helped you cross hurdles in your own experimentations or life
  6. I am all in on circadian rhythm. No lights at night, outside as much as possible during the light. I sleep alot of hours in the winter and am usually asleep as the sun goes down. Same in summer. No emf or light pollution where I am. I used to read all the medical stuff posted here, because I was skeptical. Now that I know its true, I have quit reading about the Krebs cycle, hormonal pathways, and all the medically hyper detailed stuff. I can ask a question here if necessary, but I don't think I'm going to make any great medical discoveries. Instead I focus on observing nature, maximizing solar exposure for me and all the plants and animals, improving my environment, reading older books on soil, plant and animal science, producing our own food and living a stress free life. The thought experiment I use the most is imagining myself 10000 years ago. What food was available, what would I think or worry about, what kind of home would I use to stay warm, what would my relationships be like, what tools or technology would I have available? I do have and use technology but am always trying to minimize it and juxtapose my modern life with that of a hunter gatherer. Prayer, meditation, gratitude. Grateful to Jack for leading me in this direction. I have a long way to go I hope, but I feel pretty good overall.
  7. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    ^^^ Love it! I also think there is so much more to it than laying in the sun or a pool and getting tan all day. For myself- when I really turned the corner on my health it was about dirt under my fingernails, sweat and a bright redneck! I might even argue it has nothing to do with the wrist and everything to do with the neck and being connected to nature.The redder my neck gets it’s like I’m back to being the energizer bunny. Working within nature and her rules and the rewards are tremendous!
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  8. nyrian3000

    nyrian3000 Gold

    Me too, its honestly a no brainer for health once you see the light. I constantly view myself living 800 years ago, I feel like an ancient soul trapped in modern times with no way out of the insanity. I tried asking questions on here but they get lost, so I just read and figure it out on my own. Kruse has inspired me so much, I created a health coaching class to try and teach his work, in the very early stages, so I'll see how it goes. There is no way around technology, I keep hoping for a massive CME to fry every electronic on this planet but I won't hold my breath. I did get rid of my cell phone for a month but the way the system is designed anymore, it makes it hard to access certain things so I had to go back to using it. Do you go on the monthly pow wow he has, I been to a couple but never asked any questions, mine are very out there and have nothing to do with health.
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  9. I used to do the pow wow but it messes with my circadian rhythm and circle of 6. I have a real hard time listening to podcasts and stuff in addition to limited connectivity. Better for me to read printed material. I think 800 years is fine if you are looking at an indigenous group untouched by modern civilization. I like to remove all religion, government, market influences, slavery, politics and other forms of control from my experiment to figure out what I want to/should be doing. Relaxing more is a big lesson. I have always prided myself on being able to outproduce almost any worker. I still can and do work 12 hour days often, but it is all for me and my goals, not for Mr. Burns or some guilt inspired greater good. I think you can ask Jack anything on the pow wow and he will answer.
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  10. nyrian3000

    nyrian3000 Gold

    I remember in a podcast, he said ask me anything even the winning lottery numbers lol. Sometimes the pow wows do run a little long and some of the people on there are a little long winded. Since I removed religion from my life and saw thru all the bs in our present reality it has made me see things clearer and stop following the herd mindset. I'm the same way with work, I can go all day and still produce great results. The greater good, the only time life seems to matter is if we can make money off it somehow if not, no one cares. What do you do for a living?
  11. Racheal

    Racheal Silver

    Unfortnately I don’t live in PA, I live in GA, but if you ever would like to discuss anything on here I’d love to. Just message me.
  12. nyrian3000

    nyrian3000 Gold

    Are you into quantum electrodynamics? I just finished the book and want to bounce ideas off people. Everyone I try to talk to in this area looses interest so quick. Like why might a Tau or Muon weigh so much more.
  13. I work on a ranch.
  14. nyrian3000

    nyrian3000 Gold

    Lucky you, you probably get alot of sun time. I work in the medical field and trying to leave it, I want to do a health coaching based on the teachings here bc it would just help out so many people who actually listen.
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