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Whenever you'll have time...

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Tita, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Tita

    Tita New Member

    Hi, dr.Kruse!

    Am trying to catch your eye again…:eek: if you could PLEASE help me with my labs I would appreciate it BIG TIME – I have no idea if I'm even LR…

    6th week in LR right now, no major changes (less carb cravings for sure, but no bigger sweating or weightloss)

    I’m 34, 5’5’’, 128 pounds

    4 years of hypothalamic amenorrhea (probably stress & dieting)

    Sleep: 8-8.5 h, lots of dreams.

    Easy weight gain.

    Slight constipation and low blood pressure.

    Big appetite (I get the fullness signal after almost an hour of eating).

    5 weeks of CT
    – from 15' showers twice a day to 60 min cold baths 2x day to swimming in 51F ocean 30-40' 2xday.

    Supplements: multivit, K2, Omega 3, vit.D, Maca, vit.C, Narual Calm

    Bioidentical hormonal cream

    Naturethroid (1 grain)

    (waiting to get Resveratrol, PQQ, Krill Oil, Betaine HCL and 7 keto from States)

    I eat 2 meals a day since beginning LR. My BAB is around 70g protein.

    Food: Meat – fish – eggs – CO – cracklings - low starch veggies (no nightshades) - raw cocoa - stevia. Nothing else.


    Post LR?

    Continue with LR?


    FASTING GLUCOSE 86.4 (60-99)

    CHOLESTEROL 286 (59)

    LDL 135 (>130)

    HS-CRP 0.19 (30)

    CALCIUM 9.6 (7.3-22.9)

    TSH 0.024 (0.35-4.9)

    T4 FREE 1.2 (0.7-1.5)

    T3 FREE 2.5 (2.3-4.2)

    ESTRADIOL 48.5 (no period)

    PROGESTERONE 2.6 (no period)

    TESTOSTERONE 0.44 (0.06-0.8)

    S-LH 0.207 (no period)

    S-FSH 2.5 (2-13)

    PROLACTIN 6.12 (3.4-24.1)

    CORTISOL /AM 18.7 (5-30)

    DHEA-S 159.5 (45-270)
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    HIIT alone with post work out CT.

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