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When The Apple Is Ripe It Will (Fall) Be Optimall

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Honey Crisp, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Honey Crisp

    Honey Crisp New Member

    I’m forty-four, 5’4″, wife and mother of seven children. (Yes, I gave birth to all seven. I know you were wondering.)

    I effortlessly maintained my weight at 132 pounds most of my adult life eating SAD. I’ve struggled with my weight since the birth of my last baby in 2005. I ballooned to 223 pounds in pregnancy. I easily gain fifty or seventy pounds with each pregnancy, but easily lost it with calories restriction, avoiding sweets and eating salads.

    The day I gave birth to my last child I was 223 pounds, and remained there post partum. I had to seriously diet and exercise to get back to my prepregnancy weight. It took nine another months to lose it all. But, I couldn’t maintain my weight and gained back fifty pounds in just a few months. My doctor said that because I was older I wouldn’t bounce back the way I had before, though I had in fact lost the pregnancy weight (but gained it back).

    Two years later my family doctor gave me a complete physical. He said I had hypothyroidism and put me on Levothyroxine. I wes diagnosed with insulin resistance, too. I learned about HCG and started Simeons’ Protocol in 2009. I did three rounds and reached 125 pounds, and can maintain my weight following a paleo lifestyle. If I deviate even a little I can gain ten pounds in a few days.

    I've developed binge eating and long cardio session trying to get healthy. I’ve reached the point where I just couldn't do it any more. This apple needs to get optimal before it rots.....
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I love this.......the apple needs to get to optimal before it rots.
  3. vlynnb

    vlynnb Gold

    I applaud you and hope you are able to restore yourself, feel fresh again. This could be my story, 5'3" after losing some height to due to age or osteoporosis. Always lost all of my pregnancy weight after 6 pregnancies and 2 miscarriages. After a third miscarriage or fetal demise I didn't loose and gained 40 pounds in just a few months. Took half of it off with low fat, high fiber and daily vigorous walks. The other half I used fen-phen to lose back to 132. Gained it back over the next 26 years on whatever was considered a healthy diet at the time. Felt depressed, had multiple allergies and developed osteoporosis and high blood pressure, in general felt rotten and couldn't look forward to a productive future with good quality of life. After using hhcg to take off 28 pounds, and feeling much better, I searched for something to help keep it off and found Dr. Kruse. I was especially interested as I really am frightened of the osteoporosis that plagued my mother.

    And I want to be healthy enough to work in my apple orchard (no Honeycrisp but a lot of delicious apples I hope to be able to add back into my diet at some point).

    Glad you are able to start your journey back to optimal 20 some years earlier than I. I also hope your family cooperates. My deceased husband, who was a physician, would be able to be open minded and behind me on this but my very health conscious, athletic, children who try to follow a good diet and hard exercise schdule according to CW as I have taught them don't have time in their young lives to read the literature and are skeptical at this point. I'll be following your progress and cheering for you.
  4. donkjellberg

    donkjellberg Silver

    You will be another amazing story. Just follow the protocol, seek help when needed, and record your progress!
  5. Honey Crisp

    Honey Crisp New Member

    I want to say thank you for the encouraging replies to the start of my journal. Yesterday, I really needed the encouragement. The day got off to a good start, but went down hill. I ended my bad day with a brownie square and a glass of diet soda.

    I started Hcg Protocol on with loading on 4/24 and 4/25. My weight after loading was 138.6 pounds. My lowest weight after starting the very low calorie diet (VLCD) was 131 pounds. I stalled at 131 pounds for a few days. I gained weight from yesterday's indulgence.

    Today's Weight: 132.2 pounds


    Bicep: 11"

    Chest: 32 1/2"

    Natural Waist: 26 5/8"

    Waist (Navel) 30 1/2"

    Hip: 37"

    Thigh: 22"

    My goal is to get back to the lower to mid 120 range. I desperately want to fit into my clothes from last summer. I need to lose 1 1/2" from my hips to fit into the bottoms. I want the muscle definition and energy I had last summer without the endless cardio and strength training sessions.

    Today, I am going keep my menu to strict Hcg Protocol with CT.

    *The mailman delivered my HUGE order of vit/sups. Today, I will start adding those to my routine.
  6. Honey Crisp

    Honey Crisp New Member

    Today's Weight: 131.4 pounds

    I lost the weight gained from Sunday's night indulgence. I did it with strict protocol eating and CT. The extra long walks with dogs and water might of helped, too. My fasting glucose was 73 this morning. The lowest it's ever been since I've started testing it. My keto strip showed large this morning, another first for me.

    I soaked in the tub for 20 minutes last night. That's a record for me. I had shivers for about an hour after my bath. That's a first for me, too. Good or bad? This morning the arthritic feeling is back. Its less intense than the first week.
  7. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Yup, it's OK if you shiver...just means you're not fully cold adapted, but you are working your way to it. One day you might notice less shivering and feel very hot on your face or overall body. Also, with the arthritis, if it seems more painful some days than others, it is the non-linear progression of CT. Overall, you will notice less pain.

    Don't worry about the body composition too much as that will definitely come in time. You will look more toned and for no exercise. You say you're in your 40's, and since you haven't been CT'ing since your 20's (I'm lucky since I get this advantage) then you might consider BHRT as Dr. K suggests depending on your labs. He DID say that CT and keto can circumvent the need for BHRT, but I'm not sure if he meant for someone that's been using this protocol for years (so for someone like me in 20-30 years).

    Good luck and keep up the good work. You know you're not 231 lbs anymore and you WILL get to your condition from last summer WITHOUT the excessive training. Walking is still good to do though no matter what. That's the 'exercise' I do too and instead it looks like I swim a marathon or something.
  8. Honey Crisp

    Honey Crisp New Member

    Today's Weight: 126.4 pounds


    Bicep: 11"

    Chest: 32 1/2"

    Natural Waist: 26"

    Waist (Navel) 30"

    Hip: 37"

    Thigh: 21 3/4"

    I stopped doing CT baths and showers for a few days. The aches in my joints became to much for me. I continued with the face dunks. I plan on resuming the baths today.

    It's hard for to believe the flatness of my stomach and a bit of muscle definition developing in my arms, without any exercise!

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