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When I am 100 years old.....................

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Jack Kruse, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. jackware

    jackware Kama'aina

    Despite the lyrical content, the music of that song often moves me to tears. One of my faves.
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  2. harmony

    harmony Harmony makes things grow lack of it things decay

    1. I WILL BE LIVING: in walking distance of the ocean and next door to people I care about, many of who can still play a musical instrument and tolerate that I love to play but may not be as awesome as they are. Ditto to open minded thinkers, loving empaths and people who make me laugh.
    2. I WILL HAVE A: say in where I live, what I do, what I eat and what I think.
    3. I HOPE THAT I HAVE: a brain that can still read, analyse and remember what I have learned, the urge to create, the ability to create, and a body that can still swim and walk, cook and sleep. I hope that I have the people I care about still available to me, and that I can still be useful to them, and a family who gives a damn what happens to me, and that I am able to contribute to their lives in a meaningful way.
    4. IT WILL BE AWESOME IF I: die in my sleep when I'm ready to go.
  3. LouiseAngela

    LouiseAngela Louise

    You know my granny said everyone shouldn't get sick and they should just go to sleep one day and not wake up. That's exactly what she did and she lived to 100 just as she said she would. When she reached 100 she got her letter from the Queen and £100. £1 for every year of her life. She grew veg in her Garden, ate butter and lard and salt and drank lots of water and Jack Kruse was not even born. My last child was born in 2000 and she held him in her arms (he's called Jack) a century between them. Gladys Edith Wilde. You rock 1900-2000 RIP. I love you. Xxx
  4. harmony

    harmony Harmony makes things grow lack of it things decay

    Louise, thank you so much for sharing this story about your Gran, it made my heart smile.
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  5. Arsim

    Arsim New Member

    1. I WILL BE LIVING: somewhere remote, possibly near a pine forest! or near the water, I really enjoy sea level being near a beach, I love the salt water & walking on the sand. Also living mostly off the land and growing some plants! I have a rare Japanese fern right now that purifies the air very well! Also somewhere where I can go hiking and get lost in nature.. happened to me once in Sedona Arizona lol such a beautiful place! Has anyone been there?

    2. I WILL HAVE A: Looked back at my life and be proud of everything I accomplished and experienced

    3. I HOPE THAT I HAVE: spread as much positive energy as possible and impacted peoples lives some way, also increased the quality of life for my parents and help them live a longer healthier life.

    4. IT WILL BE AWESOME IF I: become even more aware of this reality we live in, and the person I am at the deepest level. Gain even more wisdom and simplify my understanding by not thinking too much but letting life live through me and not trying to live through life. :)

    Here is Ferny my plant I just got it recently, I put it in organic potting soil!
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2016
  6. Matthias

    Matthias New Member

    1. I WILL BE LIVING: On a coast. Maybe the West Coast because I want to still be in the movie business. But maybe the East Coast because I might still be in politics. It could even be on a coast nowhere near the continental United States. But I'll be living on a beach, and I'll go there every day, and I'll get lots of sun and have a tanned, wrinkly hide.

    2. I WILL HAVE A: Home with specially-engineered fire lamps all throughout--with glass encapsulation. I'll have strong magnets/magneticos that run the water through copper pipes. There will be hardwood floors with flush metal slats that all network together to a grounded outlet in the ground so we all walk barefoot in the house. I will gather my electricity myself and store it with a battery kept away from the house's normal foundation--and the room where the wiring enters the house will be for storage, and not for people--and if I have to be part of the grid, the meter will be away from the house. The "basement" will have two floors, with the upper having a ceiling at least 3-feet above ground, and that's where the family sleeps.

    ...and I'll finally have my damn Quantlet for when I travel.

    3. I HOPE THAT I HAVE: children and grandchildren. Children and grandchildren that exceeded all of their peers. Children and grandchildren that exceeded all of their peers because of how I'd arranged the environment for myself and my family for the past decades. I hope I have enough influence in the Christian Church in America as far as guidance in seeing the future. I hope that I have enough influence over the current US Administration for the same reason.

    4. IT WILL BE AWESOME IF I: Successfully purchased Chicxulub and its environs in Yucatan from the nation of Mexico during my term as President. It would be awesome if I start a city called "Circadia" near the crater--with ordinances about house design, electricity, cell phone towers, design of hospitals, and street lighting at night, etc... It would be awesome if the home I described above were located in that city.

    It would be awesome if Cuba became a state during my administration, too. It would be awesome if, before that, during my term as the Governor of California, I finally banned fluoridation in the water. And it would be awesome if before that, we figured out a way to easily desalinate water in Los Angeles.

    But hell, it'd be awesome if I just got to make/direct movies in Hollywood for a part of my adult life.
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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    dream huge ...... awesome!
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  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Maybe I won't have to wait 100 years after all? Nice to see science catching up to my madness in print huh? Leptin should be the chemical that is light controlled by the central retinal pathways between the retina and the hypothalamus which entangles the molecule to photons to connect between the neuroendocrine and immune systems in the brain to control thermodynamics of the organism. This master photonic hormone acts in the brain as an energy homeostasis regulating factor that triggers a decrease in food intake and an increase in energy consumption by inducing anorexigenic factors and suppressing orexigenic factors by inducing size and shape changes of other photonic hormones in the brain during day and night cycles in a complicated quantum dance. Its own synthesis is mainly regulated by food intake. Food is formed by photosynthesis UNDER THE CONTROL of the sun rays everywhere on Earth. This means food takes its directlive from the sun's specific frequencies which is contrary to the food paradigms viewpoints today. Since leptin is responsive to food it implies it really pays deep attention to spectral frequencies from light in the human environment to alter growth metabolism body wide. This effect causes eating-related hormones dynamism diurnally and seasonally, but also depends on energy status created locally by mitochondrial flux. Leptin also controls fecundity by controlling the sex hormone cascade because leptin synthesis can be suppressed by testosterone and increased by estrogen and progesterone due to a changing light environment. Now you can see science is no longer blinded by the food paradigm..........they are waking up to a new world order. http://sci-hub.cc/10.1111/aen.12264/
  9. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

    1. I WILL BE LIVING: ........... where ever I am at - in simplicity and ease - my yoke will be light (pun)

    2. I WILL HAVE A.............. group of real friends with a multitude of differences yet be totally supportive of one another - yet the thing that will hold us together is knowing what really counts in this life

    3. I HOPE THAT I HAVE...............positive influence and be an inspiration to those around me and be a contributor to life in whatever capacities i retain

    4. IT WILL BE AWESOME IF I................................. can still be able to rock climb (or some equally fantastic physical endeavor ) and be as agile/fit mentally
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2017
  10. Sun-sybarite

    Sun-sybarite New Member

    1.I WILL BE LIVING: at a lovely eco friendly home near the sea!

    2. I WILL HAVE A boat! Plus perfect vision (no glasses!), a good posture( no bent backs for me!), a healthy mane of hair and all my teeth!

    3. I HOPE THAT I HAVE my loved ones with me and like minded friends too!

    4. IT WILL BE AWESOME IF I Have lived a full life filled with laughter, great food, lovely memories, intimacy and a soul deep connection. Achievements are important and if I meet my goals in business and in nurturing the environment too, it would be awesome!
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  11. htw

    htw New Member

    1.I WILL BE LIVING - who knows

    2. I WILL HAVE white hair

    3. I HOPE THAT I HAVE open, fresh mind, and a lot of sun in all my life

    4. IT WILL BE AWESOME IF I will be able to eat bloody steak with my own teeth
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  12. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    1. I WILL BE LIVING: ............surrounded by awe-inspiring Mother Nature, with minimal nnEMF.

    2. I WILL HAVE A..............joyous anticipation for the years to come, along with a feeling of present peace for having changed the course of my life in my 30s to follow my heart, which gave me the ability to teach my children and anyone else who cared to notice, about true health and wellness through my example, even though I had no idea what the F*%! I was doing sometimes, and had to forgive myself the hurt feelings of those with whom I parted ways because they were too afraid or otherwise unwilling to open their minds and hearts.

    3. I HOPE THAT I HAVE...............a body younger women envy and aspire to, and a mind even sharper than that.

    4. IT WILL BE AWESOME IF I.................................have a large circle of friends-wise women, mitochondriacs, spiritual truth seekers, kind people-whom I can regularly visit face to face as we celebrate life's joys and weather challenges together.
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  13. ValerieBee

    ValerieBee Radical Mitochondriac

    Lol me too @caroline. I have a black thumb. My Dude can make anything grow, but I've killed the likes of aloe and cactus. The upside is, I'm wicked good at weeding and harvesting, planning the garden space, and I'm learning more and more about identification and herbal/medicinal uses. So all but growing. Perhaps you have the same talents. Maybe just get into potted plants that are already started :) Of course then you need to remember to water them, which is not one of my gardening strengths (though planning a self-irrigating system doesn't look terribly hard!)
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I think my contribution to gardening will be - laying on the grass watching it grow!

    A friend gave us a potted bush that is supposed to be indestructible ....It only took us 30 days to kill it! I guess my skills are elsewhere.....
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  15. Coldsnow

    Coldsnow New Member

    1. I WILL BE LIVING with gratitude and in a state of connectivity near the ocean with ample guest rooms

    2. I WILL HAVE A deeper understanding of life and death and a bountiful garden

    3. I HOPE THAT I HAVE a deeper sense of humor and an ability to be more of an instrument of healing and a presence to transmute any fear around me

    4. IT WILL BE AWESOME IF I could help people around me live and die with grace and courage
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  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    really, really nice and worthwhile way to live our life ^^^^ very spiritual and very sensitive and dialled in to Mother nature.

    Can you imagine if we all had extra room ...... really nice quantum entanglement.
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  17. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    When I am 100.
    I WILL BE LIVING hopefully with someone I can drag into triple digits with me. At this stage I am not hopeful. All the people I know are bang in trouble regarding longevity.

    2. I WILL HAVE An incredible life story. I mean, living to 100 will see some incredible changes in the world that is rapidly changing. Just think, people celebrating 100 lived through both world wars, a depression, countless inventions that really changed people's lives. Just living through whatever this crazy world throws at us and being even a spectator in the world shambles will be an interest.

    3. I HOPE THAT I HAVE respect from people nearby that think I'm worthy of asking advice and assistance.

    4. IT WILL BE AWESOME IF I have a life that is beyond the ordinary. I think it will be. Because I am not ordinary. Currently I am torn between making my home and business a place I am content and healthy in, and wanting to pack all that shit up and live in a tiny van travelling from beach to beach. I guess there will be time for both when I am a centenarian.
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  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    That is what we are leaning towards - packing ourselves in a ute and hitting the road!
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  19. taiyang

    taiyang New Member

    1. I WILL BE LIVING: in the area where i grew up (and am in now) for Spring Summer and Fall, and traveling around the world during the winter (i've already lived in a tropical country for 7 years- i missed the 4 seasons- i only like winter snow- the rest of cold, leafless, gray winter can go in the garbage can). i will be living with my family who actually want to take care of me.

    2. I WILL HAVE A good plan in place for my dying day so that i will not suffer and my family will not suffer. my family will have learned lessons on how to live from the example of my life.

    3. I HOPE THAT I HAVE become an effective part of a group that works for good in the world. i hope that i have happy descendants.

    4. IT WILL BE AWESOME IF I have learned not to be annoyed with people so easily that i give up on them (ie have a Mr. Grinch transformation), and if i really somehow become convinced for a while before death that i will meet my loved ones in heaven (as opposed to the last days preceding death where i hallucinate that i see loved ones that have already passed).
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2017
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  20. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Living in a community with a bunch of other people who no longer live to work but work on living. Will have a unique perspective on the true ability of humans to coexist without the pressure of competition and evils of money. Hope that I have helped millions of others too see the light and give up there modern views of working to have things instead living in a peaceful coexistence with my fellow man. It will be awesome if we as a species come to realize our amazing abilities and completely discard the monetary system and live in step with our Mother Nature. I talked to her this morning and she really misses us being around.
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