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When hormesis is overloaded

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by AlanaVint, Mar 17, 2023.

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  1. AlanaVint

    AlanaVint New Member

    Hi there, I understand that the benefits of exercise largely come from the process of hormesis, mild, temporary stress on the system that the cells respond to by building up etc.

    I have struggled with weight since childhood when the hatred aimed toward me finally pushed me to become basically anorexic at age 17, where I starved myself in addition to working out intensely for 4 hours max.

    I have never stopped working out, cardio, some weight training... and have always watched what I ate (even understanding now that those molecules are impeded by electrosmog as they approach the electron transport wiring network)....

    Today at 47, I still adhere to an intensive program, but wonder if I am hurting myself more than helping with the standard exercise. I already have a heavy allostatic load (stress from high intensity interpersonal trauma for decades) and feel really washed out after working out, sometimes even sick... I classify as "electrohypersensitive" due to the trauma and suffer symptoms of "chronic fatigue syndrome".... I just wonder if exercise is even helping when there are obvious indications of an already overloaded system there fore, hormesis kicked out of its beneficial process.

    I am honestly considering "quitting" standard "work" exercise and "just" doing qi gong for relaxed energy cultivation and care as well as red light therapy (I have always had extra padding at the belly indicating again, stress overload; I hope the red light can assist with the release of this excess from the cells).

    As well, I am so confused about when to eat and how much.... every time I have tried to gain musculature from working out, I just gained belly fat... plus, I get hungry but no longer feel I can trust that I really need to eat... how do you even know when to eat when your body gets false cues (I refuse to use any wireless tech and have tried to mitigate with numerous "protection" methods as well as catching natural light as much as circumstances permit).

    Any input is greatly appreciated thank you dearly.
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Hormesis - Wikipedia
    the hormesis model of dose response is vigorously debated.
    10 people think about 25 things when hearing about hormesis.

    I classify as "electrohypersensitive" due to the trauma and suffer symptoms of "chronic fatigue syndrome"....
    If you are
    Then the only place on earth that you have (maybe) any chance is living completely naked on equator.
    "chronic fatigue syndrome"

    consider staying with dx of "chronic fatigue syndrome"
    then there is some chance of helping you.

    Live within +-50 degrees of latitude.
    Make sure that sun sees your whole body for many hours, every day.
    Use minimal light when sun is out.
    Probably the best is to use some of the EMR red lights.

    Post any tests that you may have.
    Human body is extremely efficient, you will not lose much weight exercising heavily.
    Eat once a day over one hour, do not fill up.

    Last edited: Mar 17, 2023
  3. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Hi Alana :)

    You have already recognised that what you are doing exercise wise is not healthy for you. You may find that doing less exercise will reduce any "cortisol band" part of the belly fat naturally, particularly if you do any exercise outdoors in natural daylight. I think we have to be healthy enough to be able to do any intense exercise, not exercise intensely to try and get healthy or lose body fat. From my experience, there's a difference between feeling so good that you want to exercise, dance ...or just move around your environment... or forcing your body to exercise with energy it either hasn't genuinely got, or can't tap into. Been there done that, bought the extra large T shirt, fatigue, depression. :(

    Food isn't the enemy, to start with until you get into the science of electrons and protons etc it might help to think of it as a way of maintaining mass that you do want. If you don't eat enough to maintain mass, it doesn't automatically follow that your body will burn the fat you want to lose. There's risks of losing bone mass, muscle etc or not being able to rebuild muscle. I don't agree with JanSz about going to eating once a day over an hour and not filling up. For anyone who is metabolically inflexible (put simply unable to switch to fat burning efficiently) that could be a major problem, and if you have any history of anorexia that would be a red flag. Its also not necessary, and not without potential risk to long term health.

    If you have a look at the 6 healers Jack gives us on this thread

    you will see that exercise and dieting aren't on the list. ;)
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  4. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Hi Alana .... can we have a human pic please.

    Have you read the leptin reset? This is very important for you.
    You seem to be missing all of Jack's most important information.

    Do you see the sunrise?
    Do you see the sunset?
    Do you eat seafood?
    Do you spend time out in Mother Nature?

    Do you have Jack's book?
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Human pick and I will reopen it.
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