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What's This Called?

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Huck, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Huck

    Huck Silver

    My doctor is learning a new diagnosis technique and offered me a free analysis since she needs people to practice on. I can't remember what she called it and I would like to do some research on the technique.

    I laid on a table and she stood next to me. She placed specific substances on the table above my head. The she touched certain points on my head, chest, and body. I noticed they were the same as some of the points used in "tapping" and acupuncture. Next, and this seemed rather strange, she raised her arms and slowly swept them over my body, about 10" from actually touching me.

    She compared this to a similar technique where you hold your arms out and do similar analysis. She said the difference was that with the arms out is active and laying down is passive.

    Does anyone have the slightest idea what I am trying to describe and know what it is called? I believe it is muscle something.

    I have been seeing her for about 5 years and trust her. Appointments are typically about 45 minutes long. I think my initial appointment was about 2 hours long.

  2. Clayton

    Clayton New Member

    Sounds like some of the techniques used in certain forms of muscle testing
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    sounds like what U.S. Josh does........
  4. Huck

    Huck Silver

    You're right. She did refer to it as muscle testing. Now if I could just remember the name of the doctor she is learning the technique from!
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    This is Ferberism.
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  6. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Call it what you will....I would try almost anything to avoid having someone "crack my head"......most other medical traditions stopped that 500 years ago or so....I would argue that resonant testing could benefit from more research and more rigorous training for all. If it existed on par with let us say, neurosurgery, we would probably need fewer neurosurgeons. Yes I took the bait as usual...On we go....o_O
  7. Huck

    Huck Silver

    I believe it is a variation of Autonomic Resonance Testing (ART) as taught by Dr. Klinghardt. I have found videos on youtube that were similar to what she did, but not exactly. We only had about an hour, so she wasn't able to run through the complete test.

    The test indicated I had a problem with my teeth and sinuses. When she placed substances in the field (electromagnetically), the indication was I needed substances that are used for detox of heavy metals. I have a mouth full of amalgams that were put in when I was a young child (under 12). I also have 1 root canal that was redone about 3 years ago. If the amalgams are leaking mercury, that might explain a lot.

    Is there a lab test for heavy metals that is considered reliable and not terribly expensive? If it is a standard test, I might be able to get it paid for through Medicare.
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  8. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Go look at Dr. Kendall Stewart's videos and Dr. Amy Yasko's work for some clarity on the issue. Not so simple as Klinghardt and the resonant testing crowd make it seem.......
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  9. Huck

    Huck Silver

    Thanks Josh. I may have to call my doc and ask her who she is studying under.

    What's a good test for heavy metals?
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  10. Josh

    Josh Gold

    You and your doctor need to understand this together. That is what the resources are for. If you are comfortable with her approach, that is your decision. Dr. K's consistent clarification on metals is that they are a symptom rather than a cause. To not understand how you are no longer able to detoxify metals and how to resolve that issue, makes direct detoxification of metals risky and gives you a poor prognosis in the longer term. It easy to find evidence of metals in most people's systems through muscle testing, hair analysis, challenge urine tests, etc.. Figuring out what this means for the individual and whether to start detoxification is a more involved exercise. Dr. Tim Jackson has spoken at length about this in his Heal Your Hormones Series and elsewhere. He is a student of Dr. Stewart who learned a lot from Dr. Yasko and others. Without good context and supporting data, muscle testing and other resonant methods are the equivalent of a "blind man putting his hand on an elephant".....
  11. Huck

    Huck Silver

    We discussed it as it relates to APOE. I have APOE e3/e4 (or e4/e3). This puts me at high risk for Alzheimers and also indicates I have trouble flushing heavy metals. That's if I understood her correctly, which I think I do as the research I have done seems to back this up.

    At 65, I am more interested in feeling good than long term improvement. 10 years of feeling good outweighs 20 years of slow improvement.

    I've been fighting brain fog and fatigue too long as it is. I have trouble understanding most of what Dr Kruse writes because my short term memory doesn't allow me to keep very much info in short term storage. He packs so much info into 1 sentence, I can't even tie 2 or 3 sentences together. I bet there are lots of people having this same problem. I don't have a strong science background; but am intelligent enough to learn, except I can't remember enough of what I read and learn.

    I read what you wrote the same way. It is like a riddle that everybody but me gets.

    I take 100 mg of zinc a day and still test low.
    I take 2 g of magnesium a day and still test low.
    I eat 2 Brazil nuts a day and still test low for selenium.

    My fuzzy brain thinks this might be because something else is binding to the receptacles and the zinc, magnesium, and selenium just get flushed out. Isn't that a classic symptom of heavy metal toxicity?
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  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I get Ferberised on Skype!
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2014
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    really well said Josh!
  14. Grmoline

    Grmoline Gold

    I have APOE3/4 also and huge family history of dementia, along with methylation issues that can interfere with detoxing metals and a lot of years of brain fog. Low metals can also mean gut problems leading to poor absorption, among other things. I've been working with Dr Jackson, and his approach with me before anything else has been to heal the gut and address methylation issues before even thinking about detoxing metals. My approach has been loading seafood, repairing circadian cycling, hydration, and reducing EMF. I probably still have my load of metals but I no longer have brain fog.

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