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What to do about a root canal...

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Jennie747, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Jennie747

    Jennie747 New Member

    I have a tooth that has probably had an undetected crack down in the root for 15+ years. It had a large filling and the tooth was breaking, so a crown was put on it about 15 years ago. Since then I have had pain periodically when I bite on something small and hard. About 5 years ago I had the crown replaced thinking maybe that was the problem. Same thing happened. Then they did a root canal on it about a year ago. Same thing still happens. They are now thinking it is cracked underneath. Nothing shows up on x-rays but the symptoms fit.

    I now know root canals are bad & don't feel comfortable leaving it there, but don't want to open myself to worse problems by pulling it. None of the options for dealing with the empty space seem very appealing. The pain is very intermittent and I have already lived with it a very long time.

    How bad are root canals really and would it be best just to leave it alone?
  2. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    +1! I'd love to hear some opinions on that too. I had a root canal a couple of years ago before I heard they weren't good. It has been tender at times since then. I didn't opt for the crown because it was still tender & I just had a feeling that the crown would make resolving any potential future problems worse.
  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I have two teeths that are "empty". The dentist wanted to make a rootkanal cause it was infected and hurt so badly, pulled the root out and cleaned it and put a cement-filling on the hole until next appointement where the gutta-perka had to be filled in the canal. I never made another appointement. I am not thinking gutta perka is natural at all and don't want it in my teeth. So they are just empty. One teeth is about 6 years empty, and the other one year. I have no problems with the teehts when I eat right. I have no idea if this is really bad desicion but I saw no other option. I figure one day I might have to pull the teeths but that is okay. Until now they are fine.
  4. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    FYI, teeth that have root canals need crowns to protect them as they get brittle over time. I had a friend crack off a tooth at the gum line b/c she decided not to have the crown done for financial reasons. Her bill increased exponentially now needing an implant (front incisor).
  5. Jennie747

    Jennie747 New Member

    I had to get the root canal through my pretty new porcelain crown. Now it looks like it has a filling! Bleh.
  6. primat

    primat Silver

    I'm kicking the old thread alive with me wondering

    Long story short: I had to redo a root canal from a couple of years back due to increasing inflammation under one side of the tooth.

    I got a prescription for pencillin to take if the inflammation flared up and got painful.

    Due to me having a really slow immune system, I'm thinking that maybe I should take the 10 days antibiotics to reduce the risk of the infection not going. I can rebuild my gut flora after; but I don't think I have money for an apisectomy if the inflammation doesn't die. The dentist said it's best to let the body handle it - however, knowing my body, I'm not THAT sure :-D

    I'm in for a followup in six weeks. (For a total of $860 bah...)
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Teeth are my specialty.......I dont talk about them much here but i do on some consults and people are amazed about what they tell us. You want to save a tooth if you can but you need to dictate what the tooth is filled with and how its done.......once you know the details you can shop the endodontist/dentist
  8. TerrierMom

    TerrierMom Gold

    I had a root canal a year ago. I do have a mouth full of fillings and crowns, no wisdom teeth (out 30 yrs ago). I do get recurrent sinus infections (once it led to pneumonia!) every December and May almost like clockwork which has me thinking allergies .... But I wonder with my mouth so close to sinuses, if something else ain't going on!!!

    I will say my gums no longer bleed and within 2 months of the Leptin Rx my hygienist was AMAZED at my lovely healthy gums!! major improvement..... So something's going right!
  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I am listening.

    Ready to get amazed.

  10. Joann

    Joann New Member

    At least he wants to redo it! dentist wants me to pull it. I took antibiotics, and it still the same. I don't want to pull it. wonder if they changed the material they fill canal? had root canal years ago, never bothered me .....this is barely 2 yrs old.
  11. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Somehow I find everything entirely funny today ;):cool::D
  12. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I had a brutal hole in the sinuses root canal replaced 3 years ago. No one would admit it was messed up, so the dentist sent me to my doc and I kept getting meds. My husband insisted that I use his dentist and got another on my own, after talking to the vet and getting antibiotics for my "dog". Anyway, since going vlc, combined with the potassium iodide.... I keep stirring things up for the better around my mouth. I keep finding my decrepitness going away, but kicking and screaming.
  13. Joann

    Joann New Member

    chocolate, do you recall which anti's you used for your dog?
  14. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Same as for my gut, metronadiazole 500 mg twice a day.
  15. Joann

    Joann New Member

    interesting, flagyl, right? thanks
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Looks like you got lots of titanium and grafts to your maxillary sinus bilaterally......Most of your root canals are filled with gutta percha but your Left first premolar might have a silver point.......no apical issues so Id say your probably OK.......but I bet if you drew a heavy metal screen for titanium you'd find it was positive.
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Flagyl works on anaerobes......and it is a very good antibiotic for oral bugs. Just dont drink booze with it........you'll flush red and puke big time.
  18. Joann

    Joann New Member

    I'm amazed! how you could tell it is filled with "gutta percha" from x ray?

    I saw my X-ray ...it looked like a white line in root canal.
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Yes......I can sometimes even tell the manufacturer of the implant sometimes....In this panorex there are two different manufactures......so one thing to think about is the potential EMF that could be made if the alloys were different. This is also true of the post and cores present in the teeth and some of the porcelain fused to metal crowns........JanSz has spent 30-50K on his mouth too.......Typical in Polish immigrants. When I was in dental school I had a polish engineer from United Technologies who had so much work done I graduated a year early on my requirements.......He actually had more work than Jansz did.
  20. Fara

    Fara New Member


    Do you have any frequent tension type headaches? Does your jaw hurt on the right side? Do you feel that your upper right lateral incisor may be loose?

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