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What time of the day do you work out?

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by K123, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. K123

    K123 New Member

    Some places Dr.K recommends best time for activity as 1-4pm and some place else best time to work out as 4-6pm. I am trying to do strength training, HIIT and CT all twice a week with Sunday being the day of rest. Can you share what time you typically work out and what time have you found to be the best if you have tried various timings?
    I work out with pretty heavy weights like Dr.McGuff suggests in Body by science and do HIIT for 25 mins with 2 mins walks (3mi/hr) and 30 sec sprints at 8mi/hr speed. Quite a bit overweight (55lbs) but I am able to do these without much trouble...can finish and not be sore the next day. Would like to hear if you have any insights into what I am doing vs what I could be benefiting more from. Thank you!!
  2. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    For me all day is a workout (fun-in). I always get up in the morning with some activity, mobility, stretching or tree climbing fun.
    Most of my lifting is around 10-11:00 fasted- three days a week- minamist- high intensity. Large meal sometime post between 12-2:00, largest meal of the day.
    I may do some higher intensity stuff around 4-6 just before I have my last meal around 7:00 light protein/ fat meal.
    My cardio is always done fasted before noon.
    But I incorporate movement all day even if it is a quick hand stand, tree hang, walk, mobility, etc.
    I do what feels right.

    I am sure when you workout plays into:
    Your context and lifestyle matters and dictates.
  3. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    Welcome to the forum. Why do you do 25 min. of HIIT AFTER a BBS workout.? You've incorporated two HIT workouts in one day. Thus you're be definition overtraining and at the same time doin gso much quantity of work that you not really doing BBS either. Lying down,or reading forums is post BBS activity, not getting on a tread mill and cranking out 25 more minnutes of HIT. JUst my two cents.
  4. K123

    K123 New Member

    Hi Shah. I did BBS alone for a while but it has been really slow going and especially since I am home all day life becomes too sedentary living in a tiny apartment in London. So I am trying to do BBS Mondays and Thursdays, 25 mins HIIT Tuesdays and Fridays and CT on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Just annoying that I have to lose about 55lbs to be in the ideal weight range for my height and BBS once a week is just not cutting it. Especially women over 30 lose muscle mass fast and I even read McGuff saying that women can probably lift twice a week. I'm just beginning to test this plan so I will see in a week or two how Im doing with over all inflammation and weight loss I thought :) Brilliant plan or not is yet to be seen ;)
  5. K123

    K123 New Member

    You seem like you are really having fun with your body :) Living in London it is still a dream for us to move someplace where we can enjoy the outdoors without first trekking it on the tube for 45mins! So you dont see any difference in your sleep patterns if you workout anytime of the day? I thought the idea is to avoid morning work outs to stop the body producing even more cortisol that what we already have in the morning.
  6. oceanwild

    oceanwild New Member

    well/ on weekdays, I work out for 2 times at night. on weekend I go play outdoor sports 1 time. so mostly at night time for me to do the work out. after that, sometimes I take a massage, It is very helpful adding the Cinnamon oil into the essence oil couple drops. great release on pressures.

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