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What the H--- is Factor X??? Post your guesses.

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by AKMan, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Doug

    Doug New Member

    quick question about "1. Our thinking".....does anything pertain to not just What we think, but HOW we think or use our brains? is there any part that would suggest the additional protocol(s) of some type of meditation (ie: like the yoga's in a cave that can lower their heartbeat). I seem to remember some links i think you or someone else posted about the effects of positive thinking on the brain. Also, i'm guessing none of this reaches into the metaphysical....that's usually where i get lost (as in i don't believe in it, unless i'm shown a scientific reason).

  2. Doug

    Doug New Member

    traffic has slowed here recently....is there another Cooler thread i'm missing? this is the only thread i've been following.
  3. Melinda

    Melinda New Member

    Most folks are commenting in threads that start with "now that you know what factor X is...applying factor x... knowing factor x what do you change etc....
  4. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

  5. Doug

    Doug New Member

    Whoa! Im way behind...thx for the links!!
  6. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

    you got it!
  7. TerrierMom

    TerrierMom Gold

  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    the current blog is heating up in the comments.

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