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What the H--- is Factor X??? Post your guesses.

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by AKMan, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. ruby

    ruby New Member


    I think that's where quantum physics comes into the picture, as Jack mentioned before. My bet is on Many-worlds interpretations, which views reality as a many-branched tree, wherein every possible quantum outcome is realised.
  2. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

    Anna I think one of the points that is most important here, is that if you are riddled with disease, you will need to maintain a real winter experience for your body with a full blown strict keto plan all year round to try and slow your biological clocks, but if you are really healthy based on test results and potentially nice long telomere lengths you can have your summer and carbs in the summer. Even Florida has some seasonality...I know because when I visit in the winter I'm in shorts and my family that lives there wears their pants and sweaters...so eventually you might follow the same seasons we do up north, but while you are keto and cold avoid carbs, then eat them in your late spring/summer and early fall. Does this make sense?
  3. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

    In terms of DNA though the longer a species propogates, the more potentially different types of junk DNA one would amass, and I'm wondering that if as Jack states that, "the more we accumulate the more onconogenesis we might face", could also lead to an explanation for why we have become so sick. Are we muddied by too much junk DNA?...just a thought...
  4. janagram

    janagram New Member

    is that why there is so much cancer now?
  5. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

    I was just wondering about that possibility based on Dr. Kruse's post, but the main explanation so far has been that modern day disease is due to our mismatches, and not following along with mother nature...
  6. youthfuliz

    youthfuliz New Member

    I woke up in the middle of the night realizing there're too many mismatches in our current world... our "civilized" ways don't respect our biology at all... it's even too politically incorrect to say it out loud, but monogamy doesn't seem optimal in terms of passing along the best genes, then what about loyalty in a relationship...what about marriage itself...what about religions, traditions... it takes a lot of courage to be an outlier. how does one live the way he/she believes in while not making too many enemies? having too many enemies is not optimal either, huh? The CW is not just about diet or medicine, it's about almost everything we believed in. Our big brain has cheated us into believing in a lot of things that our body just doesn't buy. When you open to a new idea, how do you deal with your old ones... how do you deal with all the other people who still believe in the old ideas?
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    More RNA/DNA we have the more adaptable we become.......it is the fuel for a sped up epigentics. The trade off is that it allows for rapid expansion of our immune system and of our genome that makes us more susceptible to Cancer from mismatches.......but it appears long term the trade off must be worth it.......to evolution. It sped the rapid developmental changes in our gut and immune system to set the tone for encephalization as one great example.
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Florida has lots of seafood and has tropical oils.......both fit the warm template of what we should eat......not just what we eat these days.......there in lies the mismatch.
  9. LinD

    LinD New Member

    AND, don't forget --

    we are all 21 in the dark.

  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  11. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

    Yet another example of why dark works :D
  12. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

    Does having more fat equate to being more sensitive to pain? Dr. Kruse mentioned that fat concentrates toxins and that without cell turnover there's more pain...I think that's what he said...so I'm wondering are thin people more tolerant to pain? Is it cold in general that makes you more pain tolerant by numbing you, or is it the byproduct of being in the cold as in the destruction of fat cell that has an influence on pain toleration? If that's the case, and once a person's fat cells are irradiated by the CT, are they then more tolerant for life, or do you continue to make new fat cells that must be constantly turned over to keep up the pain tolerance? What was all of your takes on that?
  13. primat

    primat Silver

    I'm a bit thick - almost to the point I couldn't Find Waldo in a five person lineup...

    Adaptation to cold helped mammals survive. The HFE gene mutation helped later generations survive the black death. Diabetes help prepare for the body for the cold of winter. I (think) I understand the concept behind that.

    But does that mean there are no diseases, only mismatches? And MS, autism, alzheimers etc serves to weed out those people who are less adapted to our modern environment? Won't we get a neolithic super-human in a few generations if we just keep killing ourself off with the cozy environment we created for ourselves?
  14. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Sounds like this falls under "making your first decision the best one" so you keep it all just in case but control gene expression by making good choices and avoiding the mismatches that will not support survival. I'm assuming this is very difficult since only such a small percentage of the species will successfully continue. Dr K's process appears to be more successful than CW... I'd say the answer to this is probably hiding in your labs?
  15. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    I thought we're already there... human degree of encephalization? Really, we're animals and compared to most other animals, I'd say we're a super-animal.
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    having more fat does make you more sensitive to pain......MY TEDx experiment was all about that one very issue. Cold reduces your pain......this is why diabetics have so much more pain across the board.
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Because epigentics is sped up you will kill yourself before your genome catches up........it means that environmental mismatches are the most important thing to modern humans and not what is in their genome........This is directly related to Factor X......but most of medicine is still blaming genomic changes when the latest science points to epigenetics as the number one issue.
  18. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

    Ok I understand that fat = more pain from Tedex...so to clarify, cold reduces your pain because it kills off fat cells or because it numbs you, or both?
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Both.......it decrease LR and it decrease your fat cell number which also makes you IR......IR increase your HS CRP and makes you more susceptible to pain

    This is why diabetics all eventually get neuropathy........based upont he length of time they have been diabetic not their contro of their sugars. HBA1c is followed as the CW marker for this reason alone.......and it is also a poor marker in my view......for the real root cause.
  20. MJ*

    MJ* New Member


    I think you understand a lot more than you give yourself credit for! Good job! The idea is that things that we consider to be diseases today will likely be found to have had an evolutionary purpose - this is a huge area of science that is yet to be explored. But I think the short answer is that the things we see expressed as, and are considered to be, disease today like diabetes, may once have served an important purpose in life's quest to further life. In addition there are new viruses that crop up and make changes to our DNA that we have yet to understand just what the biological meaning of will be to our future as a species, and AIDS would be a good example of that...it comes on as a killer, and it's difficult to see such as thing as ever being good, but for those who survive it, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger as a species, and the DNA change from AIDS might be called upon at some point in our future to keep us stronger against a similar pressure.

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