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What the F an all that..

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by margor_j, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. margor_j

    margor_j New Member

    Hi guys,

    Here's the latest!

    Remember earlier in the year when i stayed in north queensland at the organicy place? Im back there. hey presto - sleeps just divine! FINALLY off melatonin! What ive wanted for so long now! Its ridic how easy it is to sleep! I hang sheets / blankets around my bed, for that bit more darkness, and wake with the sun! yeeha!

    Had some really crappy times the last few months - feeling enormous before my period, ratty, shitty, depressed.. :( its quite remarkable how much 'bigger' i can get at times. yuck :( my last period i felt HIDEOUS before it, so large, moody and generally crappy..

    now, Im into a nice cruisy day time routine here at the organic place. Limiting blue light, no wifi, all organic and a paleo butcher near by! OH, and of course im eating seafood as well!

    Its been awesome to be able to 'stop' to - and finally connect to the inet, and start catching up on things,like labs for starters! I went to the local doctor last week and she was amazing! she didnt tell me to leave, that i was imagining things etc, she ticked all the boxes to the tests i wanted, and gave me a script for dessicated thyroid - which Tim Jackson wants me to go on to. (i self medicated with it a year ago and felt crap, but feel fine about starting it again, with Tims guidance!)

    Amazing, got the tests back - they include low vitamin D, VERY high reverse T3 (the last time i had that test, it was 'normal') , so thats really cool to see - why? cos its a clue! waiting on ASI to come back, and HHV-6. Were starting to look into viral titrates to - to see what other stressors are going on, but so far, nothings showing up. it was a bit the same with the Metamatrix test (2200) - its not full of really bad stuff! Obviously, il go over it with Tim, but ... I have the results here in front of me. im hoping the dessicated thyroid will help.

    So, I have days of up and down, as per usual. Its hot here, but the cold water is from tanks underground - it comes out SO cold, i love my cold showers! its all i can do right now, so i do it! Thats my CT! And i usuallly do it twice a day. OH plus 300 chooks - nice eggs to! We have raw milk here also, but im not drinking it, for now.

    Im also on a mycoplasmic cleanse! Using a herbal formula that tim recommended -this along with ionic silver. I wonder if its that thats making me feel so darned tired a lot of the time! I hope so, it would be nice to have SOME thing happening, from something Im doing.

    My next stint of work is not til december, so in the meantime, Il keep on sleeping, enjoying paleo, grass fed meat, adding duck fat to my bulletproof decaf, earthing, getting sunlight.... and I cant wait to talk to Tim Jackson again! oh, and heres hoping for an easier cycle this month - Iv self prescribed myself back onto st johns wort - I didnt like where my head space was going so chose not to have to live with it! Iv used SJW before and liked it.

    Im too fatigued to be doing much 'exercise' at the moment, which can be a stressor, but it is what it is! still get in some qi kung and yoga :)

    thanks Jack, again, and thanks guys ! xx :)
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Margo! awesome to see your update! seems like you are doing lots of positive things for yourself.

    Where are you exactly? can't remember....

    I am going to be around Byron Bay next week .... more inland - Dorrigo. Do you know it?
    We have an eco cottage in a rain forest .... I can't wait to see the stars at nite and the waterfalls and rockpools.
    Hoping to get an allover sun tan!

    Keep well! xo
  3. margor_j

    margor_j New Member

    hey caz!
    yah, been a long time aye! but im plodding along! im near eumundi! whats the eco cottage - your own? do tell!
    theres a little 'cob cottage' here, no electricity, earthen floor etc, but i know theres 8 legged critters inside so... feck that! lol

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  4. nicld

    nicld Gold

    WHOOOHOOOOOO, glad you stuck with it and are getting better.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    nope - just a rented cottage - with beautiful linens and flowers and bacon and farm fresh eggs etc. - and no people except us!!! - not exactly roughing it!!! I loved eumundi when I was there!

    stay well my friend! xo

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