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Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Jan 15, 2019.

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  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    Could it be a fractal optical ring resonator that does some of the most interesting and unexpected things to light in order to build multiple quantum computers and machines throughout our cells?

    The title of the article is "Physicists Built a Machine That Breaks the Normal Rules of Light". The article should have read, when you change the environment light is in you uncover non-linear effects around light that life has figured out how to take advantage of for 3.8 billion years. I think physicists perspective of what they think light really is, IS THE PROBLEM today in biophysics. We do not know it all yet about light and the more we learn the better people will do in medicine that uses light as the main prescription to get people well using quantum biology.

    Physicists have assumed time-reversal symmetry is how light acts in all environments. Anyone who is alive knows we cannot live our lives in reverse. This should be really solid EXPERIMENTAL proof that you do not understand all the nuances light offers. The arrow time is a reflection of how light operates in a living system when it is captured and used. This is what gives things an arrow of time. Their first assumption stated is thus, if you were to play a tape of light's behavior forward and then backward, you would see it behave in the same way moving in both directions in time. This is called time-reversal symmetry. Outside of life do we have data that shows non-living systems can alter time reversal symmetry? If we do, this means your perspective about light and CIRCADIAN biology is DEAD WRONG.

    When will they learn that cells/tissues are "optical ring resonators" that contain topologic insulators that must be hydrated by water made from the mitochondrial matrix to get these effects in the living state?

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