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What is the appliance Jack is using to cook his steak?

Discussion in 'The Epi-Paleo Diet' started by ASHO, May 3, 2012.

  1. ASHO

    ASHO New Member

    What is the appliance Jack is using to cook his steak?

  2. janagram

    janagram New Member

    looks like a cast iron grillpan.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Le Crueset cast iron enameled pan......got it for Xmas and I want the whole set now.
  4. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I recognize that! grew up using one.. seriously considering swapping out all my caphelon (old school kind - not non-stick) for le crueset. I bought a dutch oven back in nov 2010 - dh bitched about it b/c of the cost - now its pretty much his go to pot. he loves it and every time he uses it he tells me its the best purchase I've ever made!

    I do have a cast iron griddle by le crueset - but the problem is we don't have a true hood vent... so its a PITA to cook w/it b/c of the smoke points I'm waiting til we do our addition and bump out the kitchen... I'm going to be putting in a real hood vent, as well as a double wall oven... then I can truly fire up that bad boy
  5. Anther aaaaaaaawwwweeeeesome fry pan (tho not cheaper!) is scan pans. Look em up. Get the professional so it's easy to go from stove to oven.

    I wonder if Jack has to do cleanup., I will fire up the grill outside any day (specially in winter!) rather than have to clean the grill pan.

    We now have 4 cook pieces that never make it from the "stove-sink-dry" cycle to be put away, because that is all we use:

    1. 8 inch fry scan pan (eggs, small quantity saute)

    2. 12 in fry scan pan (meats and what that need evaporation room for searing)

    3. 13 in saute w/lid san pan (anything cooked in sauce) -also good for fast meat thaw. Cooks illustrated did some testing, it's ok to thaw meats in warm water if you are going to use them within a couple of hrs.

    4. 13 qt le crueset - NOTHING does a braise, chili, soup or slow cooked item better than this.

    I started giving scan-pans to clients as housewarming gifts - and I've gotten so many great comments and new business from past clients that say "OMG I TOLD SO AND SO TO USE YOU SO YOU WILL GIVE HER THOSE PANS".
  6. Totally agree Cavemam! I love my 9 & 12" ScanPans! I now need to invest in that saute pan it sounds like. The cleanup is amazing and it they are my go to pans for almost everything....as long as it fits!

    Also second HATE cleaning up the grill pan we used to have. Got rid of it last year. I do want a Le Creueset dutch oven though even if I will hate cleaning it up. BF does most of the cleaning anyway!!! ;)
  7. ChristineKleiber

    ChristineKleiber New Member

    you know everyone raves about their Le Cru cookware BUT I was in W&S today to drool vice buy (3kids in college problem). The lids to the dutch ovens/roasters don't have nubs or rings in the lids. And those are key to getting the liquids that condense on the lid to drop back into the pot. I got a Kirkland of all things as a Christmas gift and it gets tons of use. I have a Lodge skillet - 16" - watch out burglars! And my new range came with a Lodge Chef's griddle which has nice high sides to keep the bacon splatter somewhat confined.

    Cast iron... optimal when used to cook, LHT, and ultimately after enough LHT as a home defense system... :)
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I cook wife cleans.....she cooks she cleans.......i dont clean. I dont do laundry, and I dont make the beds......but I bring the bacon.
    Christina Gagnon and Rocky like this.
  9. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    That better be darn good bacon!!
    Rocky likes this.
  10. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Some of the best relationships I've witnessed work just like this. No issue with it if both parties agree...

    I grew up in a "traditional" household and it is lovely to see my mother enjoy caring for my dad this way. And my dad makes sure mom is well taken care of by bringing home good bacon.

    After the kids left the nest my mom was bored and got a job anyways, lol. And I'm not sure my dad even knows how to use a can opener ;)
  11. ginastarke

    ginastarke New Member

    Cast iron... optimal when used to cook, LHT, and ultimately after enough LHT as a home defense system... :) LOl ever seen the Disney movie "Tangled"? There's a great running "pan" joke.

    I used to have scary neighbors. I remember standing behind my door with a phone to the police in one hand and Nana's cast iron skillet in the other!

    BTW how did you ever get the lodge pan seasoned? I heard the surface on them is rough.
  12. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    They're talking enamel pans ($$$). I use all non-enameled cast iron (way cheap). I season by coating in coconut oil and baking at like 350 forever or something (can't remember; it's been a while), but mostly by using them frequently with lots of bacon grease. For the first month with a new pan, after they're clean, we rub some (good) oil in the pan, heat it for a few seconds, then wipe gently with a paper towel and turn upside down on the stove racks to dry. Every day. Poof, they're seasoned.

    I always use fat when I cook, and they just get more and more seasoned. My eggs slide around the pan. So much better than poisonous nonstick expensive crap that loses its nonstickiness in a year. (BTDT) (I learned about nonstick poison when a friend asked me to watch her bird because I was the only person she knew who never used nonstick, which, apparently, kills birds by the fumes)
  13. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    +1 I DO NOT CLEAN! I cook, and will do yard work, to include using power tools... I do laundry (it seems I spend most of laundry time on washing diapers) - However, I do not fold it.
  14. LinD

    LinD New Member

    La Kruse-t !

    Sprint Samsung Epic
  15. tes3@mac.com

    tes3@mac.com New Member

    "You can have my Le Creuset grill pan when you pry my cold dead fingers off it."

    Seriously, only way to cook a steak indoors. And, I might add, I never turn my vent hood on when using it (I have the real deal, too--it will move serious air!) as I'm cooking grassfed beef. Grassfed needs low and slow temps, so my gas burner is on med-low to med. No smoke. Steaks get nice sear marks, but the insides stay juicy, red/pink and tender. My Le Creuset skillets will work in a pinch, but I prefer the grill pan.

    I agree with a previous poster on the dutch oven. I opted for a Lodge enameled one from Target. Much cheaper than Le Creuset and does a great job. As it is getting pot roast and stew, no real difference.

    I found that no matter how well seasoned, I couldn't cook grassfed beef in iron skillets without adding fat. I prefer not to add fat for cooking steaks and burgers, so that's what got me to use Le Creuset. I have some sweet old iron skillets from my hillbilly granny, but without a river of bacon grease, things seem to stick. Bummer. Any suggestions?
  16. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Strip and re-season. That's what we do with garage sale iron finds.

    But steaks & burgers should be cooked outside! ;)

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