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What is REDOX potential fundamentally?

Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Redox potential is the net negative charge developed in the mitochondrial colony you have. It varies from tissue to tissue but in humans the redox in the brain and the heart are most critical because this is where our species stores its mitochondrial density and capacity.

    Do you hear and often forget? Do you see and don't always remember? Do you experience, and still have trouble understanding? If this defines you, your redox potential might be too low in your colony of mitochondria in your brain.

    This is how redox is codified in the mitochondrial inner membrane.


    That -200mV is the limit of cytochrome C oxidase which is the 4th cytochrome. It has 4 red light chromophores. When you drop below -200mV you are in deep shit. For example, blue light overexposure causes high insulin and low glucagon in blood plasma without any food input needed: Here is where nnEMF and blue link to the destruction of beta-oxidation on the inner mitochondrial membrane to foster a Warburg metabolism because redox drops below -200mV as the picture above shows you.

    You do not need food to cause it. Your ketosis and LCHF gurus have no clue of the biophysics above. They just regurgitate bullshit they know and never study things that are really causing diabetes being added to the modern human habitat.....

    How does cytochrome 4 called COX or cytochrome C above for short operate in you? There are 4 key spectral frequencies in COX between 650–980 nm (NIR) are absorbed by components of cytochrome c oxidase in mitochondria. The stoichiometry and absorption spectra of cytochrome c oxidase components a and a3 has broadened based upon NEW DATA.

    The older footprint spectra that showed peak activity was visible light at 550, 605 and 655nm and near-IR light at 830 nm. This is why the new light panels that will be sold at Kruse Longevity Farm will have the new data incorporated into the design while also eliminating flicker.

    Flicker allows too much deuterium to penetrate the mitochondrial matrix via UCP-2 and this slow ATPase spin rate from 9000 protons per second to something lower and that can cause your cognition to slow because the metabolic rate in your mitochondria is slowed by the kinetic isotope effect of deuterium in the matrix to slow ATPase spin rate from 9000/second.

    Deuterium concentrations also lowers the amount of CO2 and DDW the matrix makes and cause the redox to fall predominatly because it destroys endogenous glutathione production. You can see this above too! The only thing worse FOR REDOX that I have found to GSH loss is the use of exogenous glutathione, exogenous redox molecules like ASEA and the use of LED lights that flicker.

    DDW is the only thing I have found to be capable of raising endogenous glutathione reliably without uncoupling the endogneous methionine cycle which creates it. At the Kruse Longevity Center, we have protocols on how to optimize these things for our clients.

    This is why we train light gurus and we tell the public to avoid all food and supplement gurus. They have no idea what they don't know, and your cellular redox is at risk by listening to them.

    Why is water and redox closely linked? Sunlight power has to be transformed by water in living systems and we use it because it has a high heat capacity. Heat = IR light. IR light is the key light that COX operates with and it is the key frequency that water absorbs best between 600-3100 nm in terrestrial sunlight.

    DDW = deuterium depleted water for those who do not know........KEY POINT: that is what the mitochondrial matrix creates @cytochrome 4 from the three legs of metabolism. Those three legs are fat burning, protein metabolism, and carbohydrate metabolism. Of the 3 modes, fat burning makes double the amount of matrix DDW water compared to what glucose makes. The less water made = glucose metabolism. Less water made = low redox. Carbs make 55 gms of water and fat makes 110 gms from the same amount of energy input from food. 110gms of water = -400Mv redox in your cells and 55 gms of water amount to = -200 mV redox in your cells.


    You better make sure you're hiring the right experts who are packing your parachute. Most of the public have no idea how much the food and supplement gurus are missing in this mitochondrial story of life.

  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    All chemistry, whether it be biochemistry or photochemistry work by frequency matching. Emission spectra marry to absorption spectra. People fail to realize that light as an electromagnetic wave is the force carrier of the electromagnetic force. This means that all objects above absolute zero emit electromagnetic waves of one type or another as the molecules in the chemical or atom jiggle about. The exact wavelength depends on how hot or cold the object is. UVC light makes things with a mass much hotter, so this would heat up mitochondria and it causes more heat release in our colony of mitochondria to have major effects on cytosolic water. I want you to think about Carnot theorem now. Hydrogen heat engines that run hotter are more efficient.

    People forget water has a massive heat capacity for electromagnetic radiations so it can absorb massive amounts of heat without its temperature rising much at all. When you can limit how light can be thermalized you are setting up the best conditions of existence to build a quantum coherent stage for a non-linear and far from equilibrium set up. That is the game life plays.

    That "stored energy" is continually pumped in by sunlight and it can be used to build a structure in water that can act as a battery, a mirror, a motor, to move things suspended in it with mass. Protons are that part of "matter" that is suspended in cytosolic water. That is how it affects the things that are hydrogen heat nano-engines in our colony of mitochondria like the ATPase or cytochrome c oxidase.

    My Vermont 2018 talk really showed you how you MUST use UVA or UVB light in terrestrial sunlight to create UVC light using deuterium in your blood as its key substrate in that creation. This is a nuclear effect of light under pressure. The pressure is created by the momentum present in UV part of the visible spectrum and defines why you must have SKIN IN THE GAME.

    UVC light, in turn created ENDOGENOUSLY, becomes able stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis by stimulating autophagy. Autophagy is how we recycle bad engines called cytochromes that are destroyed by melanopsin dysfunction because of the liberated retinal from blue or nnEMF exposure linked to the modern AC power grid and light bulbs. That retinal destroys these photoreceptors because they contain heme proteins. This is why solar light, with water from our matrix, is fundamentally related to healing and is not toxic as we've been lead to believe by the modern paradigm.

    Do we have proof that UVC light might not be the bad guy as we were all lead to believe?

    Yes, we do. So it seems UVC not even much a problem for human mtDNA, granted if autophagic and regeneration programs are somewhat operational. Their operations are highly dependent on the redox power in the cell. They can work between -200Mv and -400Mv. The game is to get your skin in the game of the sun to make sure you can recycle these nano-engines as the blue-lit 5G world keep destroying them as you move through the modern human environment. Big Tech has been removing our native habitats for quite some time now and you need to be aware of it. Human fibroblasts are the key to healing and they make the key N-type topologic insulator in man.........COLLAGEN. To work in us it must be hydrated by DDW made by the mitochondrial matrix. To make that water the cytochromes must be operational. This is the wiring diagram blue print a black swan needs to know.

    What blocks this frequency matching on Earth today? The power grid and anything plugged into it. 5G will be the largest assault to this system. Almost any disease is curable when you understand this perspective well.…… The reality of this situation is just not every patient is curable because many of them refuse to alter their environment to suit their mitochondrial genome needs and requirements.

    This is why Black Swan clinicians have to qualify their clients to avoid rust out and burnout if they are to have long careers.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Now that you understand how the sun and water create redox in unison you might ask, well Jack, if water is so critical where did all the water on Earth come from since most of the inner rocky planets in our solar system have very little, while the outer planets seem to have a lot more? NASA has put forth the solar system formed by accretion discs in the nebular hypothesis that is now consensus in cosmology. Black Swans know that any consensus opinion is usally a time stamp for pseudoscience. What follows here might shock some. What if I was to tell you that the story of deuterium biology is linked to the electromagnetic force and its ability to pinch deuterium with is electric and magnetic fields to create the spark of life that the aromatic amino acids that form melatonin and NAD+ in your cytochromes needed and the planet Saturn, and its water rings.

    Wait a minute........Jack are you trying to tell us that water in Earth has a different solar system zip code and that zip code is some how imprinted into the memory of water here on Earth? You might want to suspend your disbelief now, but it is now no longer hyperbole, it may be a plausible idea because of the 12/3/18 paper in Phys.org on the Saturnian system and its isotopic fractions of water from the rings and moons of Saturn. Titan, one of the moons of Saturn is known to have massive frozen oceans on it. I spoke about this moon long ago in the Cold Thermogenesis series and told you back then that data from Titan might someday be linked to the story of life on Earth. I said back then I believed that sleep was the primordial state of life and we evolved wakefulness as a result. I believed this then because I think it is the UVC light that the brainstem needed to innovate wakefulness in neurons using aromatic amino acids that make up the sleep hormone mechanisms in all plants and animals. Back them I went into little detail because we had sparse data sets to really make total quantum sense of it.

    The link I was referring to back in 2011 was to the isotopic breakdown of deuterium to hydrogen in the water of Saturn's rings, Titan, and Phoebe oceans. They seemed to match Earth's oceans in identical fashion of 150ppm. Sleep is highly linked to redox and as you have seen in my threads Redox is a function of the interactions of water and sunlight. When redox drops sleep efficiency is also affected. It appears poor sleep and high deuterium fractions are deeply related inside of out mitochondrial matirx. This further provides more clues to me what is really behind sleep apnea syndromes in man. The probes we sent out to Saturn left Earth in the 2000's and the data from these trips has now been analyzed and published.

    The nebular theory tells us that the isotopic fractions of deuterium in the outer planets should be ten times higher than water on Earth. It turns out this is false. We know know it is identical. This has some interesting implications. I cannot say I buy all the things in the video below hook line and sinker, but I can now say that the story of water on Earth and inside your mitochondria and in pant chloroplasts just took the most interesting turn in my lifetime.

    Deuterium content and its ability to make full spectrum UV light under pressure marries up wonderfully with the 20 amino acids that DNA codes for on Earth. This link is present but not fully understood in Decemeber 2018. We know in nature everything is linked in some fashion and it is our job as Black Swans to figure out what nature is up too. This new bit of data is exciting to me because it opens the door to new ideas of how life formed on Earth and why life acts as it does on Earth today.

    I have been carefully and painstakeningly been laying out the deuterium biology story on Earth in my Quantum Thermodynamic series on Patreon. This new paper out this month substantially pushes many of these ideas forward and it may mean that UVC light is among the most important non-linear mechanism in all of biology. This makes what I said in my Vermont 2018 talk even more important to the Black Swan in training. Enjoy this link. Nature never ceases to amaze me when I follow her clues for us.
  4. Anita

    Anita New Member

    Amazing to see and learn how much I don't know about all I think I know. Thanks Dr. Kruse for continually offering the wisdom of unbiased and open-minded inquiry.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It’s been said that the greatest power of the human mind is its ability to concentrate on one thing for an extended period of time. It turns out what we focus on is tied to our redox power in our brain.

    If you’ve ever held a magnifying glass in the sun, you know how scattered sunlight can be focused to start a fire.

    Did you know that sunlight in kids increases their focus and decreases their lack of attention?

    Is this why John Ott's Sarasota school experiment of 1977 showed sunlight helps kids focus better?

    Can you imagine what you or your kids could accomplish if you could concentrate your brain power into one bright beam and focus it like a laser on whatever you wish to accomplish! You do know that AM sunlight does this huh? You do know that UV light in sunlight can actually make a laser in us huh? (Vermont 2018 talk alert)

    You may be looking to improve your concentration to perform better at work, to ace your exams, to increase reading comprehension, or to simply make everyday life easier. Sunlight does this for free.

    Fortunately, anyone can develop their ability to concentrate if they know how. It is like brain surgery without a scalpel.

    There are skills you can learn and steps you can take that enable your brain to work better. I teach them all the time. Most do not realize it.
    Sunlight increases focused-attention span in kids, whereas fluorescent light decreases it dramatically.
    The answer is simple.......sunlight increases the ATPase spin rate while man-made light reduces it in your matrix. It also reduces the water and CO2 the matrix makes too.

    Normal redox power is -400mV at cytochrome one = NAD+/NADH. Just pasts cytochrome 2 it drops to -200mV. That -200mV is the limit of cytochrome C oxidase which is the 4th cytochrome. The 4th cytochrome is where humans make water from metabolism. Water absorbs all red light from 600 nm- 3100nm. The fourth cytochrome sits right in front of the ATPase which is the 5th cytochrome. The ATPase is also a red light chromophore. Cytochrome 4 has 4 red light chromophores. Are you seeing a trend here yet with RED LIGHT? Sunlight is 42% red........did you know that? When you drop below -200mV redox power in your matrix you are in deep shit. For example, blue light overexposure causes high insulin and low glucagon in blood plasma without any food input needed: Here is where the nnEMF and blue link to the destruction of redox power from beta-oxidation on the inner mitochondrial membrane to foster a Warburg metabolism. This means blue light and nnEMF only allow you to use glucose for fuel and as a result, your ATPase spin rate slows.........still feel good about technology, screens, and the light that it forces you to use? The take home? Put your kids in the sun...........
  6. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Deep lesson here!!
  7. Corinne

    Corinne Gold

    LOVE that thread!
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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold






    The fact I hope to be able to establish is that from the fifteenth century to the eighth century
    before the present era the astronomical year was equal to 360 days; neither before the
    fifteenth century, nor after the eighth century was the year of this length.
    The modern theory of the origin of petroleum, based upon its polarizing quality, regards
    petroleum as originating from organic, not inorganic, matter. Consequently, if I am not
    mistaken, Venus and Jupiter must possess an organic source of petroleum. On preceding
    pages it was shown that there are some historical indications that Venus - and therefore
    also Jupiter - is populated by vermin; this organic life can be the source of petroleum.
    Worlds in Collision
    By Immanuel Velikovsky



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  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Saturn as our original sun

    steady light on Earth

    No Circadian Rhythm

    Now, Circadian Rhythm is present
    which is for about 10000 - 20000 years
    did we developed third eye in such a short time?

  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I'm not saying it went down as the video believes......but I do think the water isotopic issues is a huge deal.
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  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    This is a podcast I did early in 2018 that was never released in the USA. RF/blue/microwave nnEMF blocks our ability to learn and it MAKES MAN EASIER TO CONTROL for those who employ it to their customers. Humans are not aware their sovereignty has been usurped by light waves. It was released for use in first in Isreal earlier in 2018. Now it is been released here on YouTube on Jan 23rd, 2019.

    Nature built organisms on Earth are adapted to the 24-h solar day. the entire food web was also built this way.

    Predictable daily cycles of light and dark allow for the synchronization of behavioral and biological processes to the external environment. For nonhuman animals, restricting activities to the appropriate temporal niche is crucial to fitness and survival. For humans, the temporal organization of physiology is PRIMORDIALLY important for health and wellness.

    Over the past century, the boundaries of day and night have been obscured by the widespread adoption of electric light at night.

    Circadian disruption has become dominant and is now prevalent among wildlife and humans. A growing body of ecological research points to nighttime lighting near urban areas as a major disruption to wildlife migration, foraging activities, reproduction, and immune function.

    For humans, health consequences of circadian disruption by light at night are becoming increasingly apparent unless you are brain dead. Exposure to artificial light at night is linked to risk of breast cancer, metabolic disorders like diabetes, and psychiatric and behavioral disorders.

    nnEMF blocks our ability to learn and it MAKES MAN EASIER TO CONTROL by algorithms broadcast over screens. This is done by blue light and by RF and microwaves. We focus below on human exposure to light at night and its consequences for circadian rhythms and mood to regain how we can think and make decisions for ourselves once again.
  13. Anita

    Anita New Member

  14. Anita

    Anita New Member

    Nearly 75% of the way through this video Dr. Kruse says "NASA uses light, water, and magnetism when exploring other planets." This hit me like a ton of bricks, and all at once, all of his blog posts and podcasts that I've viewed on his website and Patreon blog over the last year have coalesced into an "ah-ha" moment for me tonight. Thanks Dr. Kruse for sharing your observations and wisdom.
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  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Screen time increases the likelihood of Adrenal Fatigue.
    Screen time is linked to AF via the butterfly effect of light on heme-based chromophores/ferroptosis/POMC/dopamine.
    Most people have no idea it is a topologic defect caused by nnEMF in our environment that alter how the photoelectric can interact with our cells.
    More proof that getting AM sunlight to program your RBCs is the key to avoiding AF?
    This podcast gets into this photoelectric problem.
    When your eyes, skin, gut, or lung surface are afflicted by nnEMF trauma it induces cell damage in heme-based chromophore proteins that liberate something called CpG Islands from our nuclear DNA/RNA or our mtDNA from the cytochrome proteins like cytochrome c oxidase.
    It has also been shown in the literature that RBCs homeostatically bind mtDNA, and RBC-mediated DNA scavenging is essential in mitigating tissue injury after CpG-DNA is liberated from heme-based proteins from destroyed cells. What kind of disease states should we expect to see cf-mtDNA elevated? Any disease where inflammation is induced by heme protein destruction = blue light hazard, ADRENAL FATIGUE, depression, nnEMF, sepsis, trauma and most mitochondrial and RBC diseases tied to alterations in circadian biology. All neurodegenerative diseases fit this bill too.
    What protein controls circadian cycles in our surfaces I mentioned above? Sunlight induces changes in tissues below these surfaces. What gets programmed just below these surfaces? RBCs? What is in RBCs? Peroxiredoxins, cytochrome c oxidase, hemoglobin, catalase. All of them are heme-based proteins. Most of them are inducible proteins too. This means that the environmental EMF or oxygen levels induce their production. This is how biochemistry varies in tissues. Biochemical pathways are not foundational. The electromagnetic fields around us induce the biochemistry in our cells.
    What do heme-based proteins due to the circadian mechanism controlled by PER1 protein? Peroxiredoxins affect the PER protein function by way of ferroptosis in the circadian clock gears of cells and this is where ADRENAL FATIGUE begins in human PVN in the brainstem. If you do not do this, eventually your PVN will become hypermethylated and be recalcitrant to most therapies. Why does the PVN get hypermethylated?
    Tissue damage in the nervous system induce ferroptosis and this liberates Vitamin A in the retinal aldehyde form and this aldehyde destroys the heme-based proteins I mentioned above. What causes methylation problems in the brainstem? The liberation of CpG Islands from our mtDNA and DNA/RNA in damaged cells.
    Red blood cells (RBCs) below our 4 surfaces need to be programmed by sunlight and no other electromagnetic fields. In this way, RBCs are the key modulators of the innate immune responses by scavenging these chemokines from blue light and nnEMF fields and damage.
    Keeping your RBCs in tip-top shape is one of the best treatments for adrenal fatigue I know of. Seeing the AM sunrise, avoiding nnEMF day and night, and STRICT avoidance of ALAN post-sunset is MANDATORY to get better.
    This Black Swan perspective helps explains why parabiosis studies in the literature have shown why young blood shows so many health benefits in disease states. Blood that is younger from a circadian standpoint, has the ability to clear these fragmented heme-based molecules from damaged cells.
    I have hypothesized in my Patreon blog series that RBCs may attenuate CpG-induced inflammation in multiple organs through direct scavenging of CpG-containing DNA released from damaged cells.
    How does our blood plasma link to this perspective Uncle Jack?
    The innate immune system appears to use TLR9 on our blood cells for detecting unmethylated CpG dinucleotides which are liberated during the blue light hazard and nnEMF exposure associated with mental disease. The CpG Islands help tell the immune system how much damage has been done by pathogens and how to react. Why? CpG islands in pathogens vary compared to our own from our DNA/RNA and mtDNA. CpG islands are relatively common in bacterial and viral genomes but are highly methylated and uncommon in vertebrate genomes. People forget mitochondria have a bacterial lineage and this is why mitochondrial damage leads to a hypermethylated state in our CNS and PNS.
    It begins even earlier in kids who come from parents who have AF, because those kids who are afflicted with the blue light hazard in their parent's germline occurs before the kid's brain is myelinated. A lack of myelination makes the child's brain more sensitive to nnEMF. When will we wake up to the power of sunlight over man's drugs?
    The innate immune system in our blood plasma also has another backup system to help RBCs out clear the toxins. It appears to use TLR9 on our blood cells for detecting unmethylated CpG dinucleotides which are liberated during the blue light hazard and nnEMF exposure associated with Adrenal fatigue and the development of cognitive haze and eventual mental disease if the stimulus is chronically present in the environment.
    The CpG Islands help tell the immune system how much damage has been done by pathogens and how they should induce the heme-based proteins.
    THIS IS WHY AM SUNLIGHT IS IRREPLACEABLE WHEN YOU ARE AFFLICTED BY ADRENAL FATIGUE, in my opinion. The sunrise is the surprising best drug designed by Nature to keep us from AF. This is why AM sunlight creates dopamine, melatonin, and POMC make 6 other key brain chemicals it does in the eye and skin every AM you have your skin in the game = This leads to BDNF creation that REVERSES the hypermethylation in your brainstem.
    Don't believe me? ------> https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/11/171130170212.htm
    Ya' still don't? ----->https://www.abc.net.au/news/science...s-vulnerable-to-mental-health-issues/10751264
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  16. What drew my to interest to this site was that from the very first time I heard Jack speak about light I knew what Jack was teaching contained important truth. He shares with us what he has learned about light, water, and magnetism and how it affects our health, how so many things fit together. But what really amazes me is that everything that Jack teaches and explains based on the theory of evolution and the big bang speaks even more loudly to me as evidence in the case for creation as the explanation of how it all began. I have never been able to accept how the theory of evolution or the big bang explains our origins or the origin of the universe. As I listen and read what Jack teaches us about light and water I often smile as I desire to understand it all, to figure out how it all works and how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, as Jack is explaining evolution or nature did it, I am hearing "God did it". I am more convinced every day that God created it all and He is the "Great Scientist without Equal." He is of course so much more than that, but in the context of this site and the quest to learn optimal health, in the context of science and evidence I am persuaded that the Biblical record left to human kind is the most science based document ever written and is worthy of in depth study from that perspective.

    As I read through the pages of the Bible I am amazed at the truth of what is recorded in it for all human kind and how human kind has been in a very long war against God to deny His existence and revere the creation above the creator. Consider the words of Genesis, the creation account, the flood of Noah,
    then think of what Jack teaches us about light, water, magnetism. DDW is even more interesting, consider the creation, the original garden, nothing died, then death, the creation groaned, things started to die, life spans shortened, Noah's flood, the fossil record, the Tower of Babel, the confusion of the languages and the dispersion of the people....every thing makes sense to me, Jack's teaching on light and water have filled in the gap for me on so many questions about how God makes stuff work.

    Thank you Jack for this burden you carry to share with us and teach us how to live in optimal health, you are doing a most excellent job! But as Jack also teaches us, "none of us will get out of here alive" and to "question everything". I can't help but ask myself, how am I preparing myself for what comes after my physical body dies?

    When I read this post and the question was posed by Jack, "where did all the water come from?" He gave us his thoughts and possible explanation, I thought sharing an alternative perspective might spark some interesting conversation.

    Here is the link to "The Waters Above" by John Hartnett:


    Another interesting link to "Does the Bible Describe a Sauropod Dinosaur?":

    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
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  17. note that flicker is an artifact of the AC current frequency, and in Australia AC is 50Hz, meaning flicker will occur at 100hz. Flicker at this frequency is not as bad, as it is indistinguishable from pulsed light sources (a period of ON and a period of OFF) which are utilised in PBM and have been shown to be more effective than constant light for many conditions particularly those involving the brain. 100hz has been repeatedly shown to yield greater results than constant in many papers.

  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Biblical record left to human kind is the most science based document ever written and is worthy of in depth study from that perspective.
    Ruth Dejarnette said:
    Velikowsy assumed that Bible and other holly books are historical records.
    He was able to prove it.
    And then he was attempting to explain what and why this was happening.

    I am hearing "God did" it too.

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  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  20. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray New Member

    Is this image and others in this quote not viewable or How to view if they are still available ?

    RE "You better make sure you're hiring the right experts who are packing your parachute. Most of the public have no idea how much the food and supplement gurus are missing in this mitochondrial story of life."

    I believe this statement and have noted to myself that I will find an expert I can work with. I am getting out of pothole of the human viewpoint focus on food and supplements by learning what I can from both knowledge and wisdom.

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