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What is natural/bioidentical Cortisol

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by hope2conceive, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. I am stumped....can anyone tell me what the name for bioidentical cortisol is, and where do you get it? A compounding pharmacy? I need to have a talk with my MD.....

    Here is what I read in one of Dr K's blogs:

    Cortisol supplementation may provide one of the most rapid improvements of all the hormone replacements. The one thing to pay attention to is that bio-identical replacement is always better choice than synthetic options. This is due to the optimal chemical transduction at the receptor level. Moreover, the bio-identical preparation gives a more consistent clinical result in my experience. I see many people on low dose prednisone or hydrocortisone replacement that still struggle. Often changing the med is all that is needed to help the clinical scenario. The higher the initial dose, the quicker the short-term benefit, but it is quite short lived. More often, the requirement for reversal is low doses with over many months to ramp up to effect.

    ~ Thanks!!
  2. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Bio-Hydrocortisone (HC) and yes you get it from a compounding pharmacy. It is fairly expensive. Everything in context, Jack also says that adrenal fatigue can be a brain problem not an adrenal problem.

    Following the light rules can probably get you there safer. Had I known that tidbit about it being a brain problem before I went on it this spring, I would NOT have done so and my af was stage 7.
  3. Thanks for sharing...I will be asking for it for sure. I've been on Cortef also since spring, just 2.5, then 5 and now 10mg just once in the am....but not feeling much different at all. Sigh. I have been doing the light since August 29...but also missed a few days at a hotel in September. We will see....hopefully insurance will help cover it.

    So may I ask...how do you feel now? Are you off it and on the bio-identical one? Or are you so much better you no longer need it? If you have a blog, I'd love to read it :)
  4. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    I hope your ins. covers it. Mine didn't. I was on the bio-identical one. I only used the Isocort for about 2 weeks as it gave me an upset stomach. I attibute it to the lactose in it even though it had lactase too. I stopped for testing purposes and have not gone back on it. There are still days I think of taking small amounts just to see if it takes the edge off. Still fighting to feel better. Haven't tested my adrenals since and really need to. Yes, I have a journal called Better Late than Never. Kinda boring but a way to track what I had been doing as it was hard to know what was affecting what when you do so much at once. When I first started taking it I could tell but then the energy went away quickly iirc and I continued feeling crappy. I took it for 2 months and was taking 35 a day. 12.5, 12.5 and 10. Then I dropped back a bit at noon and in the afternoon as I wasn't sleeping well. It took a bit for me to find a good dose and I don't think I really ever did. My experience with the HC really isn't a good one

    The best I have felt in years is now actually. I have started following the AI protocol meaning no eggs, dairy, grains, corn, etc. etc. I gave up dairy first. Then I gave up eggs. 2 weeks after that I gave up coffee and within a few days I was feeling a little happy. My biggest problem besides being tired, losing my hair, etc. was my mood. I always woke up with a black cloud hanging over me. This has been happening for a few years. My days never changed except when it was pms week and then it was worse. If I got upset over something my dh did, I would be mad for days literally. Could never turn it around. I knew I had a problem. I found out I was hypo thyroid last spring 2011 and this spring found the adrenal issue which I knew I have had for a long time but didn't really realize what I was dealing with. Matter-of-fact, I was told in 2009 I had adrenal fatigue. I wish I would have researched it further back then, oh well.

    You didn't really say what your problems are. Care to elaborate??? Please tell me what labs you have had done too. I think I read something on you a while back but don't remember the guts.
  5. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I'm looking into Apex brand ashwaganda, just because of that.
  6. That is great you feel better now!

    Been doctoring with my gut (and brain, I guess) since 1998 when I got pneumonia and gut flora zonked by Zithromax. Thyroid unhappy (hyper at the time)....then several longer term issues with mono/elevated EBV and chronic fatigue.....later learned it's Adrenal Fatigue. My functional medicine MD helped me get rid of heavy metal issues but my adrenal issues and thyroid issues are still there. I tried for years to go without any drugs and finally started Armour then NP Thyroid in January 2012. Then in April I caved in to 10mg Cortef, just in the am as that is when it's weakest and some DHEA.

    Had SIBO in 2009 and also several parasites since 2001, get the GI Fx about once a year more if an issue...like this year (waiting for results now). My ASI shows a dead flat line the two times I did that (doing a new one today!). My gut has been leaky and I've played with all kinds of diets, SCD, GAPS....no grains in years except in Europe where they have sourdough rye that doesn't bother me (but only eat it when there, as a treat)...but no improvement in energy and especially not HORMONES, my big thing bc I'm still dreaming of having a baby at my advanced age of almost 40. I was doing primal stuff for a while, following Nora Gedgaudas and her book...Primal Body/Mind.....till I found Dr K in August and resonated. Was doing lunaception since February so the darkness at night resonates and I now crave it! Also did Kneipp therapy - hydrotherapy with alternating hot/cold water which is amazing, in Europe too. Was into Ayurveda and acupuncture (still am that) but nothing is going as I want. The hypothalamus is sick and that is what I'm trying to heal...

    As far as labs, I will have new data soon. My FT3 is consistent around 2.7-9 way too low but the MD has no answers except to keep going. My Ft4 has been around 0.9-1.1 also in the toilet, and TSH went from 1.2 in 2009 to 1.5 and 2 and 2.5 till January 2012 and has been down to 0.86 in my August test. TPOs have been low since 2010 but i know means little. Vitamin D with supplementation I have managed to get up to the 60s though hope it will go higher.

    My big problem is also the luteal phase in my cycle because PG doesn't stay high enough...it goes up really late and it is consistently higher than it should be in the follicular phase....which may be from supplementation in the past but my gyn wonders if it is a cyst or endometriosis (though I have no or very very little cramps with periods..requiring no help usually, or if so, a little essential oils)....so I am totally messed up there. But I guess I'm learning I have pretty classic issues, too....being basically in oxidation, not reduction for years, sigh.

    Will do more labs this week, hoping for guidance from Dr Kruse in my very first email consult (yaye! can't wait for his response) and already have an Rx for some of what he suggests generally, like HS CRP, other stuff...so we shall see. I hope to post results from here for sure and would love your input. :)

    Anyway...thanks for asking! :)
  7. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Holy cow! You are dealing with a lot. How can you not be stressed and not have af. Did you do a Rt3 ever along with your Ft3 to find your ratio and see if your t3 is actually getting into the cells? I'm guessing you have a fairly high rt3 with af and t3 is not able to do what it is supposed to. You might need to do the t3 only protocol. Somehow you need to figure out what is driving your af. Until you do, you are probably not going anywhere fast. Do you have Hashi's?

    Do post your labs out here. Others will certainly help read them too.

    I am glad you found Dr. K. He will lead you in the right direction.
  8. Yes, I hope Dr K can help me put some more pieces together and I can't wait to hear back from him....

    Haven't done an RT3 in many years. One local MD refused to do it outright...thankfully my functional one had no issue with it so will have that drawn tomorrow.

    What is the T3 only protocol..you mean in terms of thyroid treatment?

    not sure about Hashi's. I had it in the past....AB have been low this year but I know that's not all that counts of course. Need to study it and am hoping Dr K will tell me how to test for that more globally...or how to figure it out. I wouldn't at all be surprised if I did have it. I cut out eggs too (haven't done dairy in ages, nor grains and never liked corn; coffee I was never into either, and I am free of a sugar addiction - in fact I had my first sweet potato today in almost 4 years...boy was that sweet (with nothing but butter on it))....and maybe my digestion is a little better without it, but not much. We shall see..the saga continues. I enjoy the learning. I have probably read close to 300 nutrition books in almost 15 years. And STILL I know so little :)

    I shall search for your journal now :)
  9. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    If you are doing a blood draw for rt3, you need to do a blood draw for ft3 at the same time. Can't do one and later do another and accurately calculate the ratio. There is a ratio calculator on STTM website that will help you figure it out. Or, post out here and we will help.

    The t3 protocol is to rid one's self of too much rt3 so t3 can get into the cells and do its thing. I have rt3 probably from an adrenal issue. I have been on a NDT med for a year and still have rt3. Course I was actually diagnosed with af this spring but my rt3 is still high. When you take t3 only, you don't have any t4 to continue converting to rt3. Over a few months of t3 only, your body will start to rid itself of the rt3 and eventually the t3 will be useful once again. A lot of people switch back to some sort of NDT, but some stay on t3 forever as they do well with it. Seems like some people have a conversion problem and perhaps never get to the root cause so t3 works for them.

    If you have Hashi's, you still have Hashi's; at least the way I understand it. It is an autoimmune disease and you can never get rid of it - but more like tame it. Sounds like you are following the AI eating protocol. We have a Hashi's thread out here and it has some good stuff in it. A lot of us have recently been told we probably have it. A real blow. I am ok with not eating grains, but take away my dairy and eggs and that's downright depressing; although, I am surviving.
  10. Wow. NO idea about the Hashi's...need to study that. Will definitely ask Dr K in my consult about it.....and I will check out the thread.

    Dairy wasn't as hard for me as eggs are...and nuts. Though I think I ate almond butter so long, I finally got sick of it this summer.

    Thanks for sharing all this again, really appreciate it...and can't wait for labs! :)

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