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What is CT? What is the prescription?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by adam_, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. adam_

    adam_ New Member

    I'm loving Kruse's insights, and completed a leptin reset last year, but I can't seem to find a summary of what CT is, and what the guidelines are?

    Could somebody please point me in the right direction, as this sounds really interesting.

    Many thanks,

  2. JeffieJoe

    JeffieJoe New Member

  3. marthabob2u

    marthabob2u New Member

    Go read this: http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-two/

    I love this quote- When cold is perceived by skin cold receptors over two weeks leptin is liberated from fat cells in massive quantities. Cold empties fats stores like like a fire empties a movie theater.

    Start out by immersing your face in cold water (50- 55F) and then progress to cold showers and cold baths. There is a lot of info in all the forum threads'

    Read, read read!
  4. Phoenix

    Phoenix New Member

    In a nutshell you need to work your way up to 50-55 degree baths. 30 to 40 minutes in the cold water bath is optimal. Dr. Kruse does up to 3 hours. I read somewhere that 15 minutes at 55 degrees is the equivalent of running for 60 minutes.

    It sounds a lot harder than it is. I'm a wimp, and I worked my way up to 20 mins at 55 degrees in about 10 days. The link that @JeffieJoe gave you will explain it a lot better than I did. :p
  5. adam_

    adam_ New Member

    Ok, I've read the links and I'm now working through the comments, as I think there cold be some gems hidden away in there.

    But one question, there's a lot of discussion omega 3 and 6; do I need to increase the 6:3 ratio,,or increase the omega 3 ratio as is more generally supported with paleo?

  6. Bethany

    Bethany New Member

    Increase Omega 3.
  7. JeffieJoe

    JeffieJoe New Member

    I totally agree!


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