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What happens when CO2 is added with EMF?

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    SINCE the start of the industrial revolution, humans have burned through enough fossil fuels— coal, oil, and natural gas— to add some 365 billion metric tons of carbon to the atmosphere. Deforestation has contributed another 180 billion tons. Each year, we throw up another nine billion tons or so, an amount that’s been increasing by as much as six percent annually. As a result of all this, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air today— a little over four hundred parts per million— is higher than at any other point in the last eight hundred thousand years. Quite probably it is higher than at any point in the last several million years. If current trends continue, CO2 concentrations will top five hundred parts per million, roughly double the levels they were in preindustrial days, by 2050.

    Now consider that there is a carbon cycle that between the atmosphere and the ocean........and when CO2 is energized by the non native EMF is allows for a much easier dissolution into sea water..............For my Aussie friends..........go have a look at the great barrier reef and report back what you find? For those in central America tell us what is going on amphibians there..............
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Although the effects of acidification are generally expressed in terms of pH, there’s another way to look at what’s going on that’s just as important— to many organisms probably more important— and this is in terms of a property of seawater known, rather cumbersomely, as the “saturation state with respect to calcium carbonate,” or, alternatively, the “saturation state with respect to aragonite.” (Calcium carbonate comes in two different forms, depending on its crystal structure; aragonite, which is the form corals manufacture, is the more soluble variety.) The saturation state is determined by a complicated chemical formula; essentially, it’s a measure of the concentration of calcium and carbonate ions floating around. When CO2 dissolves in water, it forms carbonic acid— H2CO3— which effectively “eats” carbonate ions, thus lowering the saturation state.

    Experiments revealed a more or less linear relationship between the growth rate of the corals and the saturation state of the water. Corals grew fastest at an aragonite saturation state of five, slower at four, and still slower at three. At a level of two, they basically quit building, like frustrated contractors throwing up their hands.

    Now consider what I told you is going on in my clinic on land......collagen in your bone outside your brain.....outside the ocean........with respect to the human skeleton. It appears everyone has some degree of osteoporosis. This is a failure of calcification too because of a lack of electrons on the N type semiconductor.

    The exact same process is going on in the Great Barrier Reef in our oceans and seas. Shellfish is vanishing because calcium can not stay "electrostatically bound" to collagen. Electrostatic fields are tied to complex electric and magnetic fields. Space osteoporosis seen in modern human astronauts and cosmonauts (loss of copper ions in bone) can also happen in the sea when nnEMF is present.

    Prior to the industrial revolution, all of the world’s major reefs could be found in water with an aragonite saturation state between four and five. Today, there’s almost no place left on the planet where the saturation state is above four, and if current emissions trends continue, by 2060 there will be no regions left above 3.5. By 2100, none will remain above three. As saturation levels fall, the energy required for calcification will increase, and calcification rates will decline. Eventually, saturation levels may drop so low that corals quit calcifying altogether, but long before that point, they will be in trouble. This is because out in the real world, reefs are constantly being eaten away at by fish and sea urchins and burrowing worms. They are also being battered by waves and storms, like the one that created the atoll One Tree just off the Australian coast. Thus, just to hold their own, reefs must always be growing. It’s like a tree with bugs, It needs to grow pretty quickly just to stay even.

    Now think about what Becker found in bone collagen..........two copper ion bound in two pits of collagen were what held calcium on collagen electrostatically because of copper's D shell electrons. This is allowed calcium to bond to the P type semiconductor called apatite.

    Reef-building corals are sensitive to the saturation state in water, and you skeleton is extremely sensitive to the movement of electrons of copper from it to your collagen to remain calcified on land. The fractal tie? Calcification requires a lot of electrons. CO2 in water is an acid that reduces the EZ in water which lowers electrons. Non native EMF steals electrons from your collagen.

    A recent study by a team of Australian researchers found that coral cover in the Great Barrier Reef has declined by fifty percent just in the last thirty years.

    What have I told you about osteoporosis in my clinic...........explosive in the last 30 years.

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  4. Josh

    Josh Gold

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  5. HoneyChild

    HoneyChild Gold

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  6. Dali Dula

    Dali Dula Moderator

    This is one of the scariest things I have ever read. This not only confirms the effectiveness of EMF , but also confirms that humans can have a tunnel vision coupled with a power of denial that does not serve us well. WTF? Oh, wait, these are the same folks that brought us nuclear weapons. Never mind, carry on.
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  7. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I jumped on Jack's EMF bandwagon quickly, b/c I've worked on Military programs that were leveraging EMF. I know what it can do when you use it as a weapon. Its a great crowd deterrent, its a great weapon as well. And it can also have serious side effect that weren't anticipated.
  8. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

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  9. Terminator

    Terminator New Member

    DTE insanity regarding installation of draconic meters is growing with help of local governments. There is a fight going on but were loosing. I made my own flyers about these draconic meters and my family will become mail family for our neighborhood. My sister replaced hers with analog and locked it with solid welded frame. They have not made it into my area yet.
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  10. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    What county are you in? I lived in Monroe. When I left seven years ago, smart meters hadn't made it there yet.
  11. :(
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  12. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    Wouldn't all this also apply to our drinking water?
    Theoretically, clean RO water has pH 7-8. But reality is often different. Depending on the amount of dissolved CO2 in the feed water, the pH of fresh RO water may be a bit lower, ie more CO2 will be present. Also, exposing RO water to the atmosphere will make more CO2 dissolve in it. In reality, RO water often has pH around 5.5.

    So aerating RO water before drinking it seems pretty counter productive (unless you do it in in atmosphere with low partial pressure CO2), considering the above.

    On the other hand, this is one of the mechanisms in EZ buildup; CO2 is hydrophilic => more EZ. Acidic bulk water is a part of the EZ equation...
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  13. what then of carbonated water?!
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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    it enters you gut and is processed and deprotonated and reelectrified.
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  15. Terminator

    Terminator New Member

    I live in Wayne County. Monroe has them now, my brother lives in it and got it.
  16. in Australia there is a government mandated rollout for smart meters
    so embarassing
    many letters sent, they all just laugh it off
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  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Now add this to the thermodynamic soup I am crafting for you all..........

    Currently about fifty million square miles of land on the planet are ice-free, and this is the baseline that’s generally used for calculating human ecologic impacts. According to a recent study published by the Geological Society of America, people have “directly transformed” more than half of this land in the last 200 years. For those of you bad in math— roughly twenty-seven million square miles. We did this by mostly by converting it to cropland and pasture, but also by building cities and shopping malls and reservoirs, and by logging and mining and quarrying. Of the remaining twenty-three million square miles, about three-fifths is covered by forest. stop right there and remember what I told you about where you should live for a moment. We are radically altering the nitrogen cycle way more than the carbon cycle. Where are the forests of today? And are they biodiverse or not. Where you find oxygen you have a source of electrons to generate complexity because nitrogen is controlled. The trees give us life. In fact, the trees are a marker of a place where one can heal their gut. Why? Coupling of N, C, O, and S. Oxygen leads to diversity.............your gut microbiome needs its diversity to keep you complex as a human should be. Why do bad things happen in cities? Why is camping so therapeutic? This is not philosophy........it is quantum mechanics at work in life. You do not see it. I do. When trees die, so do humans.

    There is a revolution on the surface of our planet of our own creation that is creating a massive evolution under your noses. Very , Very, Very similar to Factor X...............something else tied to this massive idea.

    It is all thermodynamics.
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  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    When you lose O2, lose water, lose electrons, NAD+ drops, thiamine drops, lactate rises, and mitochondrial heteroplasmy gets worse and life dies faster than it should. As a result, you lose complexity and diversity everywhere in all biological systems on Earth. In modern humans, the results can be found in our gut, eyes, and skin. The microbiome on all these surfaces simplifies. We have lost diversity and species because their normal habitat that was originally crafted by evolutionary design, became simple, tending to be species-poor, or, depauperate.

    Eating Resistant starch is like putting lipstick on a pig when you understand the really science behind these mysteries.
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    CO2 in life is an acid........therefore it destroys the EZ of water. Here you have more protons than electrons. What makes an EZ grow? a higher pH.

    Non-native EMF dehydrates us of water decreasing the EZ of water............ Here you are losing both.

    Add both effects up thermodynamically..........what happens to life?

    Life without energy is dying on its way to death.

    See a trend yet?

    When the EZ goes down.............you have a thermodynamic issue. The EZ enlarges when sunlight interacts with it. This is the basis of redox power in cells.
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  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The main predictor of local extinction of species and diversity in your gut is a “small population size” of the microbiota. Once you have that you attain all you need to acquire any neolithic disease you can imagine.

    April 2015 webinar alert: What happens when you lose negative feedback control of predators?
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