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What are those who know how 5g is being implemented are not telling you.

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Serge Hutton, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Serge Hutton

    Serge Hutton New Member

    My name is Serge. I am posting here for those who desire to know what is real and what is going on in the world. Not just someone’s version of truth.
    5g is a serious issue that various communities in Australia are band together and bringing lawsuits claiming assault if their leaders try to bring in 5g into their community.
    And yet a friend of Jason Bawden Smith was talking with an engineer who is implenting 5g who said 5G COULD BE PUT IN WITHOUT DOING HARM TO HUMANITY.
    What does this say to all of us who are in the indirect line of fire of 5g in relation to those in power agenda toward us.
    What if I say to you that there is a way everyone can minimize the harm that the current 5g, 4g, bluelight, EMF’s that they are creating now. The essence of who we are always wants to harmonize with everything in our surrounding environment. So, what we do is create a new boundary with the relationship to each of these harmful emanations. Being rentful towards any of these is not coming from a dopamine state of mind. Meaning come from love honor and respect in relation to them and deharmonize your frequency towards them so the pass though you without harm. A good word for this is phasing out of the frequency or frequencies they are emanating. Belief in my ability to create this boundary in relation to them is key, so trusting in me is the only way to truly phase out. Hope this helps everyone.
    Thank you,
    Serge Hutton

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