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Wendy's journey..to her journal.

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Wendy Harris, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. Wendy Harris

    Wendy Harris New Member

    Hello ( second attempt.I "spellchecked" and lost the first journal...so this might be grammatically bad and under spelt ! )....

    I have always been fit and fairly well ( aside from stomach issues from 20 onwards..took the NHS 17 years to diagnose duodenal ulcers, helico bacteria etc ).

    12 years ago...
    Had a funny turn one night ( never found out what that was, even after investigation but suffered bad insomnia and maybe it was part of that.)
    Enter a spinal tap ( lumbar puncture in UK speak ) that leaked. It was left too late for a blood patch and it was pretty bad.
    From there I had head pains that made me feel suicidal ( honestly ) that lasted for 11 years.
    In that space of time my poor head would twitch ( not a good look ) and I was given numerous awful drugs and steroid injections. And more steroid injections plus botox into the skull, which crept and I couldn't swallow for nearly 4 weeks.
    By then my whole back joined in the party..I had ( and still do ) awful upper trap spasms ( imagine Arnie here on a 5'2" woman. ) apparently this was pulling my scalp back.
    And then the rest of my back muscles just didn't want to work properly.

    I had awful shoulder issues and two operations..first for crystal formation and second for torn tendon ( from spur bones ) plus the bursa was infected and I had oedema into the bone marrow.
    Boy I hurt so much.
    The interesting thing here is that I was an IT project manager and had at least 3 PC screens open at one time on my desk, with a mobile phone constantly on the go plus a head set for the other ear...and yes in an open plan " modern" lite office.
    BLUE LIGHT EVERY WHERE..plus all the defence antennas ( I worked for a global communication company that managed among other things, ministry of defence communications ) were on the roof and my office was at the top of the building.
    All the hardware to run half the booming country was whizzing and pinging around me.
    My body just couldn't regenerate.
    Battery was flat.

    After 4 years of me dragging myself from doctor to doctor a neuro surgeon said that I had 3 foramen in my neck that needed opening but he would only operate on one of them.
    So..C4/c5 was opened and boy my head was 60% better.

    So, I carried on with my fitness classes again and tried to be normal.
    I was given drugs for the remaining pain- BuTrans patches, pregabalin and amitripyline ( which I stopped pretty quickly ) and a few drugs which I believed were for spasms but were anti depressants.
    I was in pain and felt stoned and horrid all the time.
    And then I just had to give up work...I loved my job ( a little woman telling loads of men what to do ..) I took my pension very early and just tried to get myself well again.
    I tried all the exercise cures you can think of. And physio and osteotheraphy and nothing stopped the pains or spasms, I was in bed every night by 6am...with sleeping pills ( zopiclone ) to knock me out.
    What a life ah ??

    I decided if nothing else, I would stop all the drugs.
    Pregabalin took me years to get off even on a minimum dose. Ended up in ER twice.
    And then I stopped being able to eat ..lost 25 LBS in a month and felt so ill.
    After tests they found SIBO, the belief is that it was down to the drugs.
    Tried FODMAP and nothing worked.

    And then I sequestered a disc in my lower back..boy that hurt, a piece of disc broke off and got stuck in the foramen ...I declined surgery but they said I had scolosis ( 28 degrees ) and I was always going to slip a disc.
    I had no idea of any of these things. Maybe some knowledge might have stopped me doing some of my fitness workouts. ( some of them were pretty fast and furious ).

    Then I was told I needed a VBT op on my lower back ( nuts and screws to straightened the little curve in the base)I asked if this would stop my head pains ( now back to 100% ) and my spasms that were never ending.
    Nope was the answer.
    I was so knocked out by all it by now.
    Had rotten sciatica and muscle spasms in the leg at night ( still have that )
    I ate well ( or so I thought, was fit, or so I thought and walked a lot and got out into the sunshine when I could - I live in London area ).

    And then I met a young man ( no, not what you're thinking ) at a breath test for SIBO ( he'd broken his back in an accident and the morphine was believed to have caused his issues ).
    And lo and behold ( it's a 3 hour test, so a long chat ), he helped people rehab their bodies.
    He had had scolosis and fixed it, was having the metal work removed from his broken back as he had strengthened the muscles to do the job ( took a year ) and we talked about VBT..he said if I had it done all it would do is move the problem further up the spine..I had to get my movements right.
    He uses the system of Movement for Humans - Naudi Aquilar.
    So, he agreed ( arm twisted up his back ) to see me. He usually sees athletes and I must have been his token old person !
    But this last year I have learnt so much.
    It seems my 30 odd years of yoga were not right for my body..I am hyper mobile and I've over stretched and loosened my joints.
    Plus pilates , body combat, weight training et al...all not good.
    To think I could have stayed home, watched tv, ate chocolate and been fitter ! Life is funny.

    I have managed to decrease the degree in my scolosis and my back is stronger.
    And then after a while we discussed my continuing pains and my numb fingers and my arm pains and I showed him my latest MRI scans, and he suggested I return to my neurosurgeon as he couldn't fix the pinched nerves in my neck.
    Seems I had stenosis at 2 levels in my neck in 4 joints.
    No wonder I hurt...the surgeon said this shouldn't cause head pain, but the left side was completed closed around the nerves.
    Had the op and head pain is 90 % better and I am now trying to ease the pains from my relentless upper trap spasm with exercise drills most days.
    But fingers and arms are fine now.

    PATH HERE........
    The funny thing is, I had the op in March this year and Gordon, the young man, said watch this Utube of Naudi Aquilar as you have time ( no exercises for a few weeks ) and I did and what a wonderful utube it was...as I meet JACK KRUSE on that interview and I was totally in awe of the things he had to say. I was nodding and agreeing and thinking of cause, of cause...and I immediately read EPi Paleo ooh and realised I had a leaky gut.
    I have osteopenia and could never understand why ( my D levels were okay and I weight trained and walked and moved ).
    So I started to eat meat ( not done so for years but always ate fish..I love fish ) and dropped diary and night shades. Started K2.

    And I had had high liver reading on previous blood work, but the last test was back to normal and the doctor asked how I had done that..I said Epi paleo, read it and learn. ( little women are bossy like that ).

    I still have chronic pains ( but so much improved since the operation ) and am trying CT showers.
    Read John Ott and was astounded that governments stand back while the people kill themselves with technology ( And I was a person who put the platforms in to run the bloody technology ).
    Just got a copy of Robert O Becker.
    I turn my wifi off at night, phone off too.
    Stopped taking my phone out with me and looking at it in the mornings. Never use it to speak on.
    I use PC for an hour a day ( to view this site actually and to read JK's FB bloggs).
    I watch the sun in the morning, not sun rise as I have houses blocking that path, but I ground on the patio or grass and breath the light into my eyes and body...it actually feels so liberating).

    So many paths have lead me here...and it took me along time to find you guys but I know the answer to my health and pain free living are here.
    Thank you for listening to my tales.

    I don't take any drugs. ( yippee )
    I do take supplements as I know I am not absorbing well.

    Sulgar V2000 multi.
    Milk thistle ( liver )
    Goto Kola
    EC ( digestive enzymes)

    Bio identical hormone cream
    T alpha ( testosterone ) - short course to help the muscles.

    Hope the speaking isn't too bad - I won't risk it again.

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