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Warren's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by WarrenT, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. WarrenT

    WarrenT Silver


    I feel grateful to have found Dr. Kruse and this community!

    I’m slogging through all of this stunning information as fast as I possibly can while trying to remember to feed my kids.

    Me: 50 y.o., 6’2”, 215lbs. Born in So. Cal, raised in No. Cal (Sac area).

    Work: I work in an IT role; networks and application administrator.

    Health: Generally good. Pre-diabetic. A bit doughy. I'm a whitey European mutt :)

    Childhood: Grew up in the lucky generation where playing outside all day was the norm. Two brothers, loving intact family. Dad was a teacher, mom a nurse.

    Played a variety of sports…incl water polo, swimming, and rowing in college. In the sun a lot while lifeguarding, swim instructor.

    Major Injuries/illnesses: Dx with mild ulcerative colitis and lasted about 4 yrs, 1982-86. Torn medial meniscus on both knees 10 years apart while running and snowboarding, 1986/96. In 2005, severe lumbar muscle strain and L3/4 L4/5 disk herniation after get this, bending over to lift a tiny little reagent bottle at work. Cause: Over 3 years of a daily 90 min commute to the Bay area shredded my back. Fortunately, I was able to avoid fusion and instead focused on PT and am almost totally recovered except no more running or basketball and very uncomfortable to sit for periods.

    Family health: Mom passed in 2004 at 61 due to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. My mom’s sister passed at 65 with same underlying cause. Neither smoked, one lived in LA and one in Sacramento. Both were otherwise generally healthy. Within past year, my older brother, 53, started having persistent non-productive cough and shortness of breath. Tests show early dx is interstitial lung disease. He’s in Colorado Springs. This has my younger brother and I concerned since I’ve read of possible genetic link with IPF across multiple generations. I currently don’t have any symptoms. My grandmother was a smoker and lived in Mexico City during the last decade of her life. Primary cause of death due to emphysema.

    My first wife passed at age 38 due to sub-arachnoid hemorrhage 4 weeks after my daughter was born and my son 5. Neurosurgeons said there most likely was no connection to the labor of birth and she might have had a weakened arterial wall for years. She was in outstanding health and only complained of a headache a few days prior.

    Interesting twist highlighting that there are no coincidences in life. Someone upstairs was watching over us because, a year later, after very strange circumstances and timing, I met my current wife on-line. It turns out this wonderful woman was my first wife’s OB/GYN. So now we have a big blended family (circus) with 4 kids. Very blessed! These experiences have certainly knocked a few screws loose but also made me hyper-aware of the frailty of life and contributed to my drive to try to make the most of the time here by trying to maximize the quality of life for me and my family. And this has led me here!
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    welcome. I would disagree with the neurosurgeons about the labor and the rupture.
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  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Get your fasting insulin to low single numbers.
  4. WarrenT

    WarrenT Silver

    Yes Sir! I would be very interested in your professional take on possible causes of her aneurysm. I second-guessed everything, racked my brain for a couple of years. I know we can't get MRIs after a couple days of headaches. We were told there was absolutely nothing we could've done differently. In 2005/6 she did work in office environment on computer, at home we had a dect phone and flip phones. No wifi yet. I wonder if she was the canary in the coal mine...
    Thank you JanSz! My wife and I are getting our labs done soon.
  5. WarrenT

    WarrenT Silver

    Colorado Springs- My brother's CT scan confirmed he has IPF damage in lower lobes. More tests to determine which type of IPF and treatment options. Resting O2 is 85%, starting supplemental O2.
    I'm trying to learn what his typical day looks like and work and home...levels of blue light exposure, emfs, diet, etc.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Warren and welcome.

    If you can manage it ..... become a Gold member and you will have access to all the monthly webinars and a follow up live Q&A when you can ask Jack anything. The last one went for over 3 hours. The June Q&A went for over 4 hours!

    I love your story BTW.
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  7. Inna

    Inna Platinum

    Warren, welcome!
    Sorry to hear about your brother, ipf is a nasty disease and usually progresses over several years. Existing treatments are usually just marginally effective. From what Jack said about Colorado, it is a place to avoid from health perspective...
    It sound like ipf might be familial in your family and you and your younger brother might be at risk.
    Short telomeres are sometimes associated with ipf:



    You might consider genetic studies (23 and me) and perhaps telomere length to assess your risk. Though I am not a big fan of testing, in your situation it might be indicated.

    That your grandmother lived to old age in Mexico might be a clue that high quantum yield environment might help to mitigate the risk.

    Best wishes to you and your lovely family!
  8. WarrenT

    WarrenT Silver

    Thank you Caroline! I will definitely consider bumping up to Gold.
  9. WarrenT

    WarrenT Silver

    Thank you Inna! I agree with you about my brother and have been trying to persuade him to migrate off the mountain.
    I'm getting my lab results and will post with 23andme data soon. I should've taken spanish in high school.
    All the best to you!
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  10. WarrenT

    WarrenT Silver

    Labs and more...

    74 in., 211 lbs., 19% body fat

    23 and me:
    Maternal haplogroup = H5a

    Homozygous variant phenotypes:
    COMT V158M , COMT H62H, MAO A R297R, CBS, MAOB, SOD3
    Mitochondrial function:
    COX6C, NDUFS7(rs1142530 & rs2332496)

    CRP-cardiac = 0.54
    Vit D = 42.9
    DHEA = 266.4
    BUN/Creatinine = 14:1
    Fasting glucose = 99
    Triglycerides = 202
    HDL = 80
    Total chol/HDL = 2.5
    SHBG = 61.2
    IGF-1 = 146
    Estradiol = 20.4
    T3 free = 3.5
    Free testosterone = 12.3 (7.2 - 24)
    TSH = 1.35 (0.5 - 1.0)
    Pregnenolone = 34
    Progesterone = 0.1 (0 - 0.5)
    Cortisol: AM = 6.7 PM = 5.6
    Leptin = 5.2 (BMI = 27, range = 1.6 - 14.9)
  11. WarrenT

    WarrenT Silver

    Live at the 38th parallel, 30ft elevation.
    It looks like minimal D production end of Nov - mid January.
  12. WarrenT

    WarrenT Silver

    Sorry, I goofed on my TG. It should read 76.

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