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Vitiligo and Vitamin D supplementation

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by K123, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. K123

    K123 New Member

    I understand that it is best to get our Vitamin D from the sun but wondering if there are exceptions to the rule.
    Like a few studies show improvement in vitiligo from very high dose supplementation.
    Not getting much sun in the Northwest for the next few months :(
  2. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    If your vitamin D3 is high enough and your "healthy" this should not be an issue
    You should be able to last through the winter without supplementing

    I have gotten quite a good amount of sunlight this summer and my D3 levels are still very low
    Remeber that if your dehydrated then not even the supplements will help - this is my current problem as I was getting the sunlight while in the city and my I work in IT
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  3. K123

    K123 New Member

    Thanks for trying SlamSlask but my question is not about a healthy person. It is specifically about treating vitiligo with high dose Vitamin D supplementation like they did in the research study I posted.
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think you can try it and see how it goes. Just make sure your D3 has no fake oils as its base otherwise it is a deuterium bomb
  5. drezy

    drezy New Member

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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Fake oils stimulate 4-HNE which is one of the pathways I did not mention in the Decemeber 2017 webinar that matters deeply in a 30,000 ft scheme.
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  7. K123

    K123 New Member

    Thanks Dr.K! I used to take any until I realized most of them are full of crap. Then found this one which only has cold pressed olive oil, (glycerin, gelatin, water in the pill casing) and D3 from Lanolin. I also try to take it with Life Extension K2 and magnesium everyday. Also got some ideas from this post - http://legallyvegan.com/how-i-cured-my-vitiligo-psoriasis-and-eczema-through-dietary-changes/ She pretty much did what you have advised on several on your posts about Leptin Rx.

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  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think that is fine. Key is how many are you doing in the hack?

  9. K123

    K123 New Member

    This is interesting. Looks like the vitiligo study did 35000 IU so just above the safe limit of 30000 IU this graph shows. Maybe I start with 30000 IU just to be on the safer side?

    Also curious about the "no dairy" during the 6 months of supplementation rule. In India people with vitiligo are often told to stay away from dairy and seafood. Always wondered if it was just an old wife's tale.
    Is that logical enough according to you? Kinda sad to eat a ketogenic diet without dairy but if you think that it makes sense I will make it work.
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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