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Vitamin D

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Stephen W, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

    Hi Jack,
    3 month ago my Vitamin D level was 133 nmol/L, and in a quest to bump this up significantly I got ample sun for 3 months using Dminder app approx 15000UI daily, now my recent vitamin D blood test come back lower at 126 nmol/L. What gives?

    Note, my genetic test showed VDR Taq AA +/+.

    Can you please direct me in what’s going on how I should increase my vitamin D?
    Thanking you.
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  2. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

    After researching more I can answer my own question, my bun/creatinine ratio is 18.8 .
    Dehydration the likely cause.

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