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Vitamin D supplementation

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by cmegan, May 12, 2013.

  1. cmegan

    cmegan Silver


    Does anyone know the differences, benefits, etc. of supplementing with Vit D on a daily basis (5,000 u) as opposed to the once-per-week mega doses (50,000 u)?

    It's really weird, but when I dose with the daily dose I seem to get side effects like headaches and extreme thirst. When I dosed before on the weekly mega dose I didn't get any side effects. I am wondering if I am just imagining these weird side effects on the daily dose. I am taking LEF formula.

    Thank you!
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Answer your own question.........with common sense. The sun makes Vitamin D from cholesterol in our skin with water........using the photoelectric effect.......do you think we are designed to make it once per week? We are designed to make it daily........If you are getting headaches and extreme thirst in an indoor existence in a blue lit world filled with nnEMF. I seriously doubt it is Vitamin D that is the problem. I believe one cannot make Vitamin D properly when these conditions exist because of a lack of redox.........it tells me you have an extreme light pollution issue and you might have a serious Vitamin A problem due to melanopsin dysfunction.

    Vitamin A issues are rare......but vitamin A in excess can cause pseudotumor cerebri and brain swelling. when the problem is not as severe smaller constellation of symptoms that mimic those in pseudotumor will exist. This is a symptom seen in phase-shifting due to circadian mismatches. Vitamin A is 100% linked to the photoperiodicity in your life......and is tightly regulated in the brain provided the light cycle is being adhered too.......if it is not.......your symptoms are what we see.........an ASI and salivary melatonin tell you just how bad you are. And if you are........off vitamin A links to the RXR receptor and this wires to how we tell of DON'T tell the quantum time in our organ clocks. When this is off it directly ties to PER1 and PER 2 clock genes (Rev erb A and B)........and molecular chaos ensues.........as headaches go on......psych diseases show up next..........and others diseases to follow.
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Here is a an excerpt from a comment I made from a blog called finding your inner masterpiece:To understand the leptin story you need to really read EMF 2 blog post........about how leptin really works in the hypothalamus. The connections will be made for you. PPARG regulates fatty acid storage and glucose metabolism but leptin is designed to interact with it when cellular signaling is working well to make fat.......when we are energy inefficient leptin and PPAR gamma no longer work in allosteric balance to do what evolution designed them to do. The genes activated by PPARG stimulate lipid uptake and adipogenesis by fat cells normally. So high leptin levels make you more fat but storing excess energy. The key thing is you can tap the energy when you are LR. PPAR G is all about filling the dump truck not emptying it. Naturally lean folks never really fill it because their semi conductors use the energy efficiently......so never activate PPAR G. PPAR G needs Retinoic X receptors to heterodimerize with it to work. So this brings in the Vitamin A story to evolution........those who are LR have a real problem with Vitamin recycling that directly impacts the RXR function. Binding of agonist ligands to RXR results in dissociation of corepressor and recruitment of coactivator protein, which, in turn, promotes transcription of the downstream target gene into mRNA and eventually protein. This is broken in the LR. Why? Vitamin A is directly tied to circadian timing and the photoperiod. This means Vitamin A levels should swing wildly in seasonal change and it does. Excessive light pollution from modern technology causes allosteric and homeostatic issues in the Vitamin A cycle in the brain. This directly affect gene expression by alteration in the molecular organ clocks body wide, but the brain really takes a hit because the hypothalamus loses control of its ability to balance hormones because it can no longer tell quantum time using the photoperiod. This answer requires a lot of knot tying in the EMF series and the QB series........but this is the answer you asked for even it does hurt your head. Paying strict attention to light cycles, then meal timing trumps food choices in how evolution really works........
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So people with bad headaches........I always first think of artificial light toxicity that cause elevations in Vitamin A in the brain.......Vitamin A entrains the central and peripheral clock to work......when Vitamin A tight regulation in the brain goes awry you lose control of neurogenesis and control of the hypothalamus..........very complex quantum mess made from artificial light.........now go back and re read BG 11...........and see why fake light is an extreme poison to human life and the brain in particular.
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  5. cmegan

    cmegan Silver

    Got it, thank you. I was in private practice working from home for several years (lots of time outdoors everyday) and then I took a part-time job back in the hospital setting 18 months ago. Since then I have gained weight and feel like shit (excuse my language, but it's true). I know it is the environment...I'll find my way back home! Thank you for taking the time for such an in-depth answer...it is greatly appreciated.
  6. cmegan

    cmegan Silver

    One more thought...I suffered a concussion and c1 c2 sublexation last November (am now seeing a NUCCA chiropractor). I am assuming this is related...I have read your concussion blogs....
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    yep......next blog will link some more of this too..........
  8. Grizz

    Grizz New Member

    Important research on Vitamin D3 being required to rebuild our body at night during REM sleep.

    Vitamin D3 required for good health & Sleep - Stasha Gominak Part 1
    Vitamin D3 & Sleep Part 2
    Vitamin D3 & Sleep Part 3
    Vitamin D3 & Sleep Part 4
    Vitamin D3 & Sleep Part 5

    At Home Vitamin D3 Testing

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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Vitamin D, like carbs, is a seasonal story linked to where you live on the planet and dramatically tied to water structure of where you live. This is why the Aussie are in a tough spot with skin cancer......they blame the sun when the problem is in water due to the altered photoelectric linkage to seasons. How a clinician uses vitamin D has to be in context of his patients n=1 and not historical beliefs about Vitamin D levels.

    When mismatches are present in people Vitamin D becomes even more complex and confusing for most........Vitamin A is easier to deal with. but the RXR for vitamin A and D are designed to be linked to PPAR G. I would tell you the vitamin D council and Dr. Holick advice has to be placed in context and most of what they write is not because they are also clueless about quantized light and biology.
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  10. Apteryx

    Apteryx New Member

    A good few years have passed ... be that as it may, the knowledge produced from--and accumulated in--that corner of the playground has been just getting better and better in the meanwhile. This Dr Gominak's work and curiosity are admirable indeed, and she communicates well ... She does not appear to have relented particularly in the course of searching for more and more fundamental understanding of processes and answers to inform her approach to the issues she tackles with patients.

    She appears to have have been pursuing an interest in, among other things, deuterium's behaviour at the mitochondrial inner membrane nanomotors, going by some more recent interviews, at any rate, which is nice to see.

    Gominak's a great fountain of resources for sleep / headaches / vitamin D / B etc. for sure.
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  12. Thank you Dr. @Jack Kruse - May I underscore a couple of statements from the referenced article:

    "Big Pharma exerts significant control over the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)."

    "FDA advisors are often rewarded financially after new drug approvals, a practice called "delayed incentives," yet the FDA has done nothing to restrict this practice. [Piller, 2018a,b]"
    Thank you for the resource: http://orthomolecular.org
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2021

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