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Vitamin D question

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Stephen W, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

    So, 3 month ago my Vitamin D level was 133 nmol/L, and in a quest to bump this up significantly I got ample sun for 3 months, using Dminder app I got approx 15000UI daily. Now my recent vitamin D blood test come back lower at 126 nmol/L!! What gives?

    My genetic test does show I have VDR mutation- VDR Taq AA +/+.

    So it’s either that, or is it because I’ve been doing a lot of CT? Does CT use up vitamin D? Rings a bell
  2. Dani

    Dani New Member

    I am relatively new, so I don't have any insights into the relationship between CT and Vitamin D; however, I think you should read Tensegrity 7. It's possible that something in your environment has changed which is impacting your body's ability to make Vitamin D.
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  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  4. Novah

    Novah Gold

    What's your RBC magnesium level at? If you don't have enough magnesium in your system, you can't generate enough Vitamin D, from what I understand.



    P.S. Just read your journal - Google the connection between dust mite allergy/allergies and magnesium.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
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  5. drezy

    drezy New Member

    you're burning up the track...
    Hats off.
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  6. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

  7. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

    After researching more I can answer my own question, my bun/creatinine ratio is 18.8 .
    Dehydration the likely cause.
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  8. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    I think it may definitely be possible that CT can have an affect on Vitamin D, especially given the whole increased receptor binding and sensitivity of hormones in the cold. Cold shrinks/condenses our proteins, so perhaps your VDR is smaller from the CT, and less hormone is needed to activate it?

    Obviously exploring other factors is important too such as dehydration from nnEMF in the environment. My mother and I both live as connected as we can to the sun, and actually I would argue I get more naked than she does in the sun, but her Vitamin D levels are always MUCH higher than mine. Mind you I work 40 hours a week in an office and she does not, so of course that plays a massive role too. But I do CT and she does not, and I live in a very low population density area surrounded by trees and she lives in the city. So very hard to say. Lots of factors to consider.
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  9. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

    Thanks Kris that’s good to know. And you’re right, there are so many factors.

    I also noticed my blood test just before summer last year 7 months ago showed my bun/creatinine ratio was 12. Which is pretty good I believe. So I think it maybe more to do with me not keeping strict to diet etc (wheels come off a bit when I don’t see progress, few more coffees and beers) more so than environmental. The dehydration anyway
  10. Novah

    Novah Gold

    Re: Bun/Creatinine ratio // Vitamin D
    Just to play devil's advocate here. You're on the sunshine coast right? So you get tons of strong sun so really you shouldn't need to be super strict to diet (unless obviously you're allergic/intolerant to something that worsens your symptoms - ie beer from what I read for your allergies). But I wouldn't think the food issue is the cause of that bun/creatinine ratio rising - something else may be going on... What's changed in those 7 months? Have you measured the EMFs where you're at? P.S. I love Coolum. But aren't you fairly close to the Sunny Coast airport there?

    Do you CT in the ocean? If not, might be an idea -- At least the ocean has lots of magnesium in it, so it would be interesting to see if that makes any difference. It may not be the root cause, but I still think there might be a magnesium link if your vitamin D is not going up.

    Re: Dust mite allergy
    I'd also say go see a good chiro if you haven't already, a good one can work miracles. I've gone to the chiro all stuffed up in the sinuses with a cold, and one adjustment, sinuses are clear. Obviously a different scenario than yours, but something to consider. And I assume you've tested your environment for mold etc...

    And of course omega 3s/fish are great for allergy issues, and from what I read, you only started eating fish in Dec 2018, so might take quite a while to up your levels - may be an idea to get those levels tested just so you have an idea of where things are at currently on that level.

    Just a few thoughts, I may be totally off, just thought I'd throw them out there...
  11. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

    Thanks so much for your reply. Yes I’m at Coolum sunny coast, lots of sun!
    I would say the biggest change was I gave up doing Buteyko breathing. I was reducing my breathing nearly always, all day for the previous year or so. It got me in tremendous shape (single digit body fat) and I even went through a pretty serious healing crisis/detox for a couple months. I thought it would have eventually helped my nose but it didn’t, so I fell off the Buteyko train eventually. I wasn’t drinking alcohol at all during that time but coffee 3-4 times a day. And my bun/creatinine ratio was 12 in the end. I’ve started having a few more social alcoholic drinks since finishing Buteyko breathing so it could be the drinks.

    Also, That’s when I started up CT (wim hoff originally). I have a chest freezer for CT, ocean is quite warm.
    I pee a lot after CT, maybe this correlates with dehydration? I’ve tried drinking a lot more but I just pee so much!, I’m always the laugh at the party because I pee so much! Always off to the toilet. Been like that for years.

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