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vit D supplements in autumn/winter

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by Lahelada, May 20, 2014.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    why is supplementation and high levels protective for some people and not for others? What do you recall about the Quantum Vitamin D blog? Consider we evolved with black skin lost our hair in the East African rift. What does black skin do with sun? It blocks UVB better but UVB radiation is very powerful at the equator. Black skin however, absorbs IR better. This does what? grows your EZ using IR. What does it do to Vitamin D levels? It wont stimulate them because because dark sin blocks UVB better because UVB is more powerful in the tropics........WHY? color is one big reason but why else would this homology exist? The magnetic field is most powerful in the tropics to help limit electromagnetic power. So it filters UVB better with black skin. This tells you UVB has a maximum energy scale set by our own semiconductors. It does. Proteins only absorb UVB in the 260-280 nm range.

    What happens as you move to the poles?

    The magnetic field is oriented up and down and is not as strong........The temps at the poles is colder so IR heat is less and so is UVB radiation power, but the amount of EMF is stronger because of the weaker magnetic field. So why does light skin make more sense further from the equator? It reflects sunlight better to lower temps to increase electrons in our semiconductors and their is less UVB radiation that gets to us from the sun due to the angle of inclination. But there is more cosmic radiation that does get to us which cause calcium release even though UVB light is poor. So as one goes away from the equator you would not need as much Vitamin D to resorb calcium in your gut if you could make it due to the higher natural amount of cosmic EMF let in by the shape and size of the magnetic field. In fact, women have light skin tones than men on average to account for higher need for calcium for pregnancy. Polar seafood has higher levels of vitamin D in their skins to offset any other needs. Colder temps means less IR so you should expect a lower EZ to form but cold water also has way more electrons in it to make up for the short fall in IR. Cold water has less mass. Nature can not be sure that is enough calcium.......so where is the rest given to us? Remember since the orientation of the magnetic field at the poles is more vertical more cosmic radiation gets in further reducing the EZ but it increases calcium release to the body. What controls this release? The cold. Cold compresses mass and increase electrons and improve electron semiconduction. What does cold do to the EZ naturally? It increases it because it increases the Hall effect. Cold water has more electrons and less protons with in it and it has less mass in it. This is how you compensate for a lower vitamin D level. So here you can see how you location on the planet is coded for.............

    On Native Earth the latitude and longitude controlled these cycles.........today.......these cycles are varied because of how we use non native EMF to constantly release calcium. This is why we see a pandemic of low Vitamin D world wide.
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You were doing things clinically at that time that was sending mixed signals to the optics of your brain (not working somewhere as much as you were for example)..........so at that time based upon labs that might have been the play........but in this world and where you live in DC that could change day to day every time you walked into a microwave.

    Science works by iteration but biology by quantum mechanisms which favor N=1 locality even at a organelle level.

    Is scientific progress declining on a massive scale?
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  3. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    So as a white one......me. I have been getting pretty tan from the sun.... I sun bath and get out in the sun a lot (I eat it too, LOL).... The darker I get the harder it is for me to get V-D but I get more IR? Natures way of controlling V-D levels and allowing for the use of electrons through IR....? My Zip Code is Northern California where it heats up pretty good. Now each time I CT my skin/ tan gets real dark like a deep rich tan....
    Interesting stuff when applied.
  4. very cool thread

    interesting being in southern australia.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Josh - do you find you get quite dark and don't burn now? I seem to be brown all year now.
  6. yeah i hardly burn at all!
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    go back and carefully read the DHEA CPC and see what I said about sun burn and DHEA..........
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  8. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Got it. my environment, particularly my work area, required additional supplementation to counter act the epigentics for my N=1. given my work location has changed, but my zipcode hasn't I'm still dealing with similar issues - though with more opportunities for natural signaling. which means supplementation might not be beneficial for me, got to look at labs to tell....

    particularly - K+, E2, Pregnenolone, bun:creatine ratio, SHGB, LDL, Cortisol, DHEA, Progesterone, & Testosterone, and HsCRP
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Your issues are more complicated than most.......lots of balls juggling in the air.
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  10. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    yeah I know. broke the mold. But this highlights WHY N=1 is so important, and why WHAT I do can't be translated to what others do and vice versa. As you've been harping for the past 4yrs - CONTEXT.

    While I may live in the same region as Christi, and our issues might be similar our CONTEXT is different.
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    This is what frustrates so many people.......because they do not understand QED they think what happens to the their neighbor should be their result. This also underlies why medical literature is close to useless in studying disease by population metrics.
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  12. Ken23

    Ken23 New Member

    Hmm trying to understand this..... So the further you live from the equator the more important cold is than ir to make energy.... and lower vit d levels are normal the further you get from the equator? so supplementing in Nj might be doing more bad than good if levels are around 40? if EMF also contributes to bad vit d and I live in a microwave that is NJ.... ditch the vit d supps and just eat oysters and get in the ocean and sunlight?

    Or does a person with lighter skin that lives further north need higher vit d levels because they do not capture as much IR? and would then need to supplement
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  13. Tanya

    Tanya Gold

    I am not that far away from you, Ken:)
    I am doing that now, but I will most likely need to be taking it again in the winter.....
  14. Ken23

    Ken23 New Member

    Hi Tanya. Must have enjoyed this past winter? lol
  15. Tanya

    Tanya Gold

    Sure, rub it in.....:D
  16. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Where about in NJ do you both live. I live in central. I actually liked this winter. .lol.
  17. Tanya

    Tanya Gold

    @Billybats, I don't live in NJ, but close enough to it to understand his question at that time.
  18. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Ooooh okay..
  19. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Wow it is starting to make sense why Vitamin D3 pills aren't such a great idea in a 5G world...

    Basically it all has to do with calcium homeostasis? In summer (or tropics) UVB on the skin synthesizes Vitamin D from cholesterol to control it, but in the winter (or by the poles) the cold controls the release?Vitamin D is like an optical switch that is only required in an environment with high UVB, but is not when we are exposed to EMF (i.e. cosmic radiation)? So basically, someone with low serum Vit D levels who lives in strong UVB light is a tell-tale that they are living in a microwaved world, because all the nnEMF is overriding the UVB in the environment to lower Vit D? And on the contrary, someone who lives in a low nnEMF world up North in the freezing cold will also have lower Vit D (due to lack of UVB and more NATIVE EMF)?

    So there is really never a reason to take D3 pills then. Just get it from seafood and mushrooms. Interesting...
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  20. Tanya

    Tanya Gold

    We just keep on learning and adopting to the new information and circumstances.

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