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Vanity and face wrinkles!

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

  2. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Thanks for the heads up... trying to keep up ;) What marine collagen do you use? I think I read about Bakuchiol in Dave Aspreys book. Which one do you use there? Looking forward to plumping!
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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Face dunks [C/T protocol] is great for wrinkles.

    Have you added lots of good fats to your diet?
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  4. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Yes I think... oysters, salmon, avocado, ghee, beef (no organ meats yet).

    forgot: nuts and cheese (France and NZ)
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2020
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  5. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Yes, Mr Asprey had a paragraph about Bakuchiol in Chapter 13 of his book Superhuman.

    In that chapter he discusses quite a few therapies for aging skin and graying hair. Some of his ideas sound practical to me, others not so practical (e.g. cryotherapy, where one strands in air temperature of -270 degrees F for up to 3 minutes).

    I currently use CollagenUP brand, which is sourced from enzymatically hydrolized fish collagen peptides, with added Vit C and hyaluronic acid. Its taste is relatively benign and I prefer it to beef collagen which tastes quite yucky 'gamey' to me.

    You might want to try a beauty hack I affectionately called Inger's Protocol, which is alternating cold water face baths with red light exposures.

    Good luck.
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  6. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I am using DHEA cream from Life Flo - I have also used aloe vera with DMSO - both work great - but I am always in the sun - the key is to get out there in the morning and if you are out there in the middle of the day, stay out there in the afternoon because the sun in the afternoon has IR and it heals any damage caused by the UV rays - also, chase every shower with cold water - it feels amazing on your eyes and destroys inflammation -everywhere - I also swim pretty much daily in the right now very cold pacific ocean - which also feels amazing on everything - I mean all pain is gone...
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  7. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    Paul Newman supposedly stayed lookin young because of ct on his face
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  8. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    @Jamie S . why dont you try 6 inches up on your bed (top)
    it works well for me
    see how it goes

    6 inches up at the top ( the head)
    so sleeping on an incline

    this is how the Egyptians slept.
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  9. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Thank you for the beauty hack… Will try it! Have a blessed day
  10. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Thank you Anne!
    I am doing this based on @Inger recommendation for hot flashes. I don’t think I’ve had a hot flash since... but warmed up to hot a couple times.
  11. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    @Penny where are you on the pacific coast? I’m in Hermosa beach. I’ve been going in... it does feel amazing! Thanks for the continued inspiration.
  12. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Don't most great men age with a masculine dignity? Paul Newman, however, died at at age 83 of lung cancer (he had been a heavy cigarette smoker).

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  13. Targeted red light on the face and probably legs would work as well. Personally I'm a bit sad about my gray hairs! I've got a lot more on the crown of my head but clearly by my picture you can see my hair is dark brown. So its not bad.
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  14. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Why not both?
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  15. @drezy, definitely both! CT was already mentioned just added in the red lights
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  16. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    It seems they are working on slowing down or even reversing hair graying naturally. I expect that one day, if they nail down the processes involved, people can proudly carry their unaltered natural hair color well into late middle age (of course, many of the ladies will choose whatever hair color out of a bottle they fancy anyway-- men too).

    Meanwhile, you do what you can with your beauty hacks, and best wishes there.
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  17. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I watched a older lady as waiting to pay my groceries.. she was maybe around 70 yo, had almost zero wrinkles, but was also pale. Like Paul Newman above ;) She was not healthy at all, had trouble walking, overweight etc.
    I had to think about this conversation... and how I have seen so many older people with almost no wrinkles, but all very unhealthy.
    Then I know very wrinkly people, who are very healthy.

    I am going to stop thinking wrinkles are bad.

    I am still going to do my beauty routine though, I am happy if it helps. But to avoid the sun to avoid wrinkles is insanity to me.
    Also, when you have lots of scars and wrinkles... man you are a WARRIOR. Yeah. Life was hard with you, but you survived and came out better of it. Hell yes, maybe we should be proud of our wrinkles instead ;) :)
    I know, it is hard. All media is so anti-wrinkle!

    Christine, I have some gray hairs too...lol Not going to color my hair that is for sure.
  18. I see my coworker who is 3 year younger than me. She does Botox on her face and still has deep laugh lines. She hardly eats any fat anymore. She used to sun tan in a tanning booth everyday but now she does not. My other coworker is in her 40s with no wrinkles at all. She eats fat and is overweight. They are both very pale. I think the first girl has more wrinkles due to not eating fat and because she avoids the sun now. But what do I know! lol
  19. @Inger I know... I dont want to color my hair darker (well I did get some highlights on the bottom!) but sometimes it makes me feel so old and past my prime. Clearly its not the hair thats the issue!
  20. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Inger, I'm glad you are comfortable in your own skin, and have made peace with signs of aging. That is a healthy attitude.

    Of course we all have our own experiences to draw on with regard to perceptions of people's aging (and I'm guilty like many of confirmation bias in this).

    However, generally I conclude that most people look their age or are even worse for wear in this toxic and stressful modern age. That is, in contrast to your older lady's appearance, they have pale and weathered skin with noticeable wrinkles. To complete the average senior's appearance (> 70 years for exam.), they often look a bit frail and stiff and walk with some discomfort.

    Of course like everything in nature there just have to be big exceptions to the rule (keeps things interesting!). Who hasn't read or heard about very old people who are still active and healthy and yet who claim for example that they have smoked a pack of cigarettes and drunk a bottle of scotch every day of their life? Good genes are priceless.

    Now, it is known that face aging characteristics are somewhat associated with ethnicity. For example, European women can tend to develop lots of fine lines as they age, while slavic types are known more for heavy facial folds and creases rather than fine lines. Interestingly, I have heard that Catholic nuns as a group tend to resist skin aging better and have longer longevity than other women. I doubt they are sun worshippers who strip daily to soak in sunlight outside in convent gardens, but I do think it has a lot to do with their healthy and active lifestyle and their calm spiritual attitudes. On the other hand, who hasn't seen pictures of modern cowboys with deeply carved and leathered skin from a lifetime in the saddle on the range?

    What is indisputable is that sun UV exposure is associated with up to 80% of skin aging (sunsafe rx). I know a lot of Krusians will howl with disapproval at this, and that is okay. It should be noted that Kruse tribe members are doing a lot of other things to help mitigate and minimize resulting skin damage. As a side note, since UV rays are more intense at high altitudes, you get a generous UV dose from rays coming through aircraft windows (flight attendants have an increased risk of melanoma from this, according an analysis of studies in May-June 2006 issue of the Journal of Travel Medicine).

    So, all things being equal there seem to be two main variables (besides genes, stress, and diet) involved in accelerated skin aging-- smoking and sun exposure. And according to one study, your number of wrinkles is significantly related to your total hours of lifetime sun exposure (Sunsafe RX)

    Nonetheless, the tradeoff (for some Krusians with greater sun exposure which may mean quickened photo aging) in exchange for better overall health seems to be a good one. Go for it.

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